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Dear Comcast

Comcast + Time Warner Cable = Disaster

stop comcast and time warner cable merger

Comcast wants to buy Time Warner Cable. This outrageous deal would create a TV and Internet colosuss like no other, run by a company that's been caught violating Net Neutrality.

The FCC is now accepting comments on this merger — grab your chance to weigh in below.

Tell the FCC What YOU Think of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger.


The FCC requires a comment of at least five words.

(Your comments will be submitted to FCC docket 14-57.)

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    • Please stop the merger! Keep the Internet free!

      Zeke from Springfield, MO

    • PLEASE Stop the Comcast- Time Warner Merger! We cannot have a free market when HUGE monopolies are allowed. We should break up the telecoms and the broadcaster corporations like Reagan did. It is time to fracture them all! No more consolidation please.

      Patricia from San Diego, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I have been with comcast a long time, I just started having problems over the last 6 months with Comcast. They missed 5 appointments and the cable box has went out twice also. They can not take care of there customers now. The have owed me a refund for 60 days and in that time the a amount has changed over 6 times to there favor. There accounting is horrible. You pay before you use it but after you disconnect service you get billed 2 months afterwords. Untill they can take care of the customers they have . no merger should be allowed. Our cable wires are over 40 years old and no ugrade of infastructure. Thank you...

      Rick from Elkhart, IN

      Comcast Customer

    • Dear FCC, Net neutrality is for some Americans the only good thing they have. A lot of Americans work all day and when they go home all they want to do is to use the internet. If you take Net Neeutrality away its like taking away freedom and turning internet to a Socialist republic.

      M from Waipahu, HI

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Suhani from Huntsville, AL

    • Monopoly is against the law!

      Carolyn from Willow, NY

      Comcast Customer

    • Please protect me in my right to competitive markets and disallow this merger.

      Brian from San Diego, CA

    • This merger would be against the interest of all american consumers.

      Bekah from La Crescenta, CA

    • As our population becomes more dependent on the internet we need someone to protect the public from monopoly type gouging as a company to big.

      Brad from clayton, NC

    • My business gaming utopia had time warner fiber. They said the market was over sold and nothing I can do about it. As they upgraded the coax side I talked to sales and they agreed to install 2 50 mbs lines. After that they cancelled the fiber contract I had the fiber removed. Then I had some issues with it and after they got the coax resolved they then said sorry you half to go back to fiber then refused to reinstall it and sent me a 8,000 dollar bill. I am now having to sue time warner and time warner is saying we are no longer servicable due to actually requiring what we pay for. They say its a best effort network and if 1mbs is all I get off 50mbs well thats their best effort.

      Doug from new albany, IN

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Comcast is already a completely unethical company that refuses to respect customers. Allowing the Comcast/Time Warner merger would only be supporting terrible business practices, and allowing Comcast to get away with whatever they want. With the merger, Comcast would have no reason to listen to customer complaints, and would be allowed to run rampant. Comcast is the only viable internet provider in my area, and took this opportunity to cap internet usage here and charge ridiculous usage fees. Comcast is already known for terrible business practices and terrible customer service. Do not let the madness continue.

      Darby from Savannah, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • I am a time Warner cable customer. If this merger goes through, bye bye! Will not use WTC anymore. I don't need cable that much and TW has terrible customer service! I can only imagine how bad that will get.

      Shawn from Ny, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Amanda from Mullica Hill, NJ

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop this merger, Comcast does not need to control any more utilities/services. It already has poor service and a monopoly on areas. This business plan does not need to spread and corrupt the internet anymore than it already does.

      Eric from Pittsburgh, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • Comcast is quite clearly an enemy of freedom. One look at their already monopolistic company is overwhelming and frightening. It should be obvious that allowing this monstrous company to expand further would harm competitivity in the media. Additionally, Comcast has shown time and time again that they are against network neutrality, and they would have it so that they could pick and choose who gets fast internet, and so that they could essentially break sites of companies they do not like. The continued growth of Comcast's power is a threat to modern society.

      Christa from Modesto, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Please stop the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable!

      William from New Britain, CT

      Comcast Customer

    • As a student who is currently learning about the negative affects of media conglomeration, this merger would make the media industry a more monopolistic in nature than it already is it. There are already only a few companies that own 90% of the media industry, to give one company so much power would terribly detrimental, which basically eliminates the freedom of choice.

      Tien-Tien from Athens, GA

    • Please stop the merge!! Remember the anti-trust laws! A Comcast-Time Warner merger would block access to information that would benefit the public, such as corporate misdeeds.

      Max from Spokane Valley, WA

    • stop this merger. the internet is a free place. stop trying to control it.

      Jaylyn from Culpeper, VA

      Comcast Customer

    • stop this merger ,it is a bad deal ,it is a horrible idea.

      Richard from bath, ME

      Comcast Customer

    • Enough is enough, you did your job with AT&T back in the 1900's with monopolizing, but as of late......6 large companies owning 90% of the "known" media outlets is outrageous. Do your job and do it right.

      Asher from Canoga Park, CA

    • it's all bout that green like they care what we think power to the people

      Caleb from Forest, MS

      Comcast Customer

    • This is insane. Please do not allow this merger!

      Megan from Billings, MT

    • Stop this absurd merger. This merger has no beneficial attributes for me the common consumer. Comcast has shown there ruthless attitude to the average consumer with their pricing methods and financial disregard for average middle class person.

      Denny from Berkeley, CA

    • Time Warner is bad enough without putting it in bed with the worst company known to the civilized world.

      Gregory from Shepherdsville, KY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • The Comcast Time Warner Cable merger is a horrible idea in its current form. This merger if approved needs a consent decree and massive new oversight and regulatory requirements to protect consumers. I suggest the deal given its anti-competitive makeup should just be denied. Comcast will wield too much market power in the broadband market and can use its clout to stifle competition, silence critics and harm rivals thus hamstringing innovation and small business startups. I am a Time Warner Cable customer not by choice but because they are the only cable provider in my area. We need cable for our broadband. TWC is the second worst cable company in America, Google most hated company in America and your sure to find Comcast. This company should be regulated like a utility and broken up not allowed to get bigger by its swallowing the second biggest provider of pay TV and Internet services. I do not want to be forced to use Comcast but that may happen if this deal goes through. Merging these companies will not improve either's customer service just give Comcast more market power and let it bully more consumers.

      Maneesh from Yuma, AZ

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • USA

      Simon from New York, OK

    • Stop the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

      Cody from Corpus Christi, TX

    • PLEASE VOTE NO - DON'T BE SWAYED BY WHAT THEY OFFER. I have Time Warner here in Virginia and Comcast in S.C. at my parents home. Both are expensive now! Can you imagine if they become a monopoly

      B from Fredericksburg, VA

      Comcast Customer

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • This will make companies too big to fail/monopoly like,which will be in-American and stronger for money to influence things. But who cares right money over humanity. Future generations will praise us highly.......ugh not really.

      Brian from Madison, WI

    • This will make the 6 major media conglomerates and make them into 5 which would be even more like a monopoly making it easier for them to charge more. Not cool!

      Chase from Logan, UT

    • Please Stop the Merger! Think of the Internet users! Please don't ruin the Internet.

      Wyatt from Kenmore, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • This should bring up any anti-trust flags, you stopped google and twich, but not comcast and time warner? These companies already have a monopoly, don't give them even more of one.

      Jack from denver, CO

    • no no no no no

      Monica-Christine from Pearl, MS

      Comcast Customer

    • What about the Sherman Antitrust Act? How can the government have the nerve to allow such a monopoly to control the internet. This is undemocratic. It is not in the interest of what is good for the country.

      Salvatore from Rochester, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Don't let this happen they would have way too much power!

      Myra from Whittier, CA

    • It sounds like the greedy are getting greedier. And the losers will be the American consumers, as usual. These companies are not getting bigger so they can help consumers more, but so they can squeeze consumers more.

      Sharon from West Palm Beach, FL

    • What is the benefit to cable users and internet subscribers if this merger is allowed to happen? What happened to competition in this country? I thought the American people are protected from monopolies.

      John from Mays Landing, NJ

      Comcast Customer

    • please read the definition of monopoly

      Holly from Bradenton, FL

    • Protect the free market! No Merger!!!

      Lisa from Spring Hill, FL

    • This merger is completely anti competitive. You must vote no.

      Leigh from Blowing Rock, NC

    • Stop the merger. Prevent a monopoly.

      Harry from Dayton, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • stop the merger this is capitolism at its worst

      Russell from akron, OH

      Comcast Customer

    • The Comcast-Time Warner should not go through. It will only benefit the corporations, not the customers nor the communities they "serve". We already pay enormous prices for the poor service we receive; and currently we have no recourse since they are monopolies in their territories. We, the consumers, do not need an even bigger monopoly.

      Cesar from Laredo, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • If the objective of this merger is to create more control of open internet usage, please be ethical and DON'T ALLOW IT!!!

      Terrence from norcross, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • Please protect the free market and the consumer and STOP THE MERGER. Thank you.

      Eric from San Diego, CA

    • Monopolies are never in the interests of the people you purport to serve. The only right thing to do is to STOP THIS MERGER!

      Carlye from Kamuela, HI

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please, stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger; i think it will be bad for the American public, ultimately limiting public access, variety of programming, and undermining American freedom by allowing a handful of already very wealthy Americans and extremely large amount of power, in both their ability to influence the public thru their media outlets, and their ability to create political influence with both that same access and the increased wealth this merger will bring. In America the airwaves are owned by the public, this includes all television, cable, as well as radio and the internet. The FCC was put in place to ensure the publicly owned airwaves would serve public needs, and be accessible by the public. Unfortunately, due to recent moves by the FCC toward so called "de-regulation," we've seen our radio airwaves taken over by a handful of corporations. There are far fewer locally owned radio stations, which has resulted in limited access to our airwaves by local, ordinary citizens; and a dearth of variety on our radiowaves in terms of programming, such that, most people now listen to radio on the internet. We have seen in radio, that the less variety of ownership, dilutes variety of media output. Allowing this merger will do much the same thing, consiladating more of the media under one group of individuals. The less people that own the media, the less variety of voices controlling content, the less the media will truly be able to *serve* the public. If the media is entirely owned by billionaires, billionaires who are overseeing all the output that the public has access to, it will have a diluting effect on our choices, just as the consolidation of the radio airwaves has diluted our choices, and left the public with less access to their airwaves, and driven them, instead, to find more variety on the internet. Unfortunately, the loss of access is much harder to overcome, and the local, fun radio shows, with local entertainers, featuring the kind of content geared to the local culture, that only locals would really understand or enjoy, is simply: gone. As an older American, i remember when there were only three television stations, which provided an extremely narrow content. If "cop shows" garnered higher "ratings" in the sponsors' targetted audience, then cop shows were on every station in nearly every time slot, regardless of whether larger numbers of Americans watching television, outside the ratings targetted audience, liked cop shows or not. (The Nielsens, on a side note, can also be called into question, regarding whether they actually reflect the makeup of all Americans). Advertisers don't regard people over 50 as a financially viable audience, so ratings for this audience don't "count" when it comes to sponsoring programming. When there was only three networks, we were presented only with programming the executives of the owning corporations felt was suitable for viewing, that was also specifically targetted at the audiences potential advertisers saw as financially viable. Now, with the advent of cable, plus internet streaming and pay per view, there is a far far great variety of content for people to choose from, and that has a great effect on broadening American freedom and democracy, as we have moved thru the 21st century. Plus, lo and behold, look at some of the content that is incredibly popular and is garnering a great deal of audience - like "Orange Is The New Black," a show taking place in a women's prison, thus with an almost all female cast, with characters of all age groups, sexual orientations, sexualities, and cultures, including a black transsexual, actually played bya black transsexual. A program like that would NEVER have been aired twenty years ago. There is also the matter of monopolies, and while there are many wealthy families in America - who have a great deal of power, who can afford to fund PACs, and donate to federal political campaigns, and thus have more access to elected officials - who are, understandbly, given the financial gains, in favor of corporate consolidation and virtual monopolies; most of the American *people* and thus, historically, Federal policies, have viewed monopolies negatively. Monopolies strangle American capitalism, they consolidate resources, finances, political access, power and influence into the hands of a few, which threatens the very concepts of American freedom, and the base of our democracy. Especially with a media corporation, where access and influence extends in both directions. Today, our society is, on the one hand, more open and accepting - so called minority cultures face less prejudice and are protected by Civil Rights laws, women and the LGBT communities also have more freedom and are protected under the law - but on the other hand, our social structure is designed in such a way that those who are born with a talent for business or are born within corporate owning families enjoy a huge advantage, while those who have talents in other areas, no matter how important to our society, are almost financially punished (one example: pre-school and afterschool teachers, without whom our society could not function, yet are vastly underpaid). The proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger will hugely benefit and serve to advantage those in our society who are already part of corporate owning families, it will advantage CEOs and other adminstrators whose talent lies in how to make and move money, it will advantage many people who work in media - most of whom are already vastly overpaid, and hardly need any more financial gain; while it will disadvantage people at the bottom of these companies, whose services will be seen as "duplicating" other services, who will lose their jobs. It will also disadvantage the public, in that it will create a media giant controlled by a small group of people, that will ultimately dilute vartiety and choice, as we have seen recently with radio "de-regulation" and corp consolidation, and in the past, when only three networks provided limited content. Plus, it will create a corporation with a vast amount of influence, both in it's ability to create political access and political power, and in it's relationship with the public. This media outlet would have a great ability to influence what the public sees, and how the public views what it sees. The FCC, in some ways, is like this lil lone lion, standing at the gate of OUR airwaves, the airwaves that belong to the American people. The FCC's job, as gatekeeper, constantly puts it in the line of fire, between a huge public with vastly different views across the political, cultural and social spectrum, and very wealthy, powerful people in control of very wealthy, powerful corporations. It cannot be an easy position, but We, The People, need our lil lone lion to protect us, to serve us as the gatekeeper it was meant to be, to ensure that our airwaves serve PUBLIC - not corporate - needs. Thanx for all the work the FCC does in ensuring the American airwaves serve American democracy and freedom, and for this opportunity to comment.

      Kit from McKinleyville, CA


      Megan from Kingston, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • No, just no!

      Donna from Oxnard, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • USA

      Ymjwgwezf from Gaithersburg, MD

    • I HAVE THE UNFORTUNATE EXPERIANCEWITH BOTH THESECORPORATIONS They have only one thing in common a keen disinterest in thier customers an a stong sense of greed they should not be allowed to merge God help America if you allow these giants to mergeand further beat up thier customers. The last problm I had with Comcast took over a year to resolve and they refuse to credit me with the full year of services not delivered even though four separate times the schedule to correct the fact that theyinstalled the wrong equipment till a year laterafter having me wait at home four different times and then didnt show. I suggest you call them for repair service and see how long it takes toget any response other than"we are experiancing unusual call volume with 15-20 minites wait time and then you get an Indian who doesnt have command of our language but is getting an American citizens paycheck.

      William from Saint Augustine, FL

      Comcast Customer

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • PLEASE do not allow this merger.

      Tara from Centralia, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • There is zero competition in my area and with that, Time Warner doesn't act to innovate, rather they prefer to raise prices for lackluster service. The merger will not spur innovation, it will stifle it, and with that, the US will remain very far behind other countries in not only their quality of service, but the speed of service. Please do not allow this to go through.

      Jordan from Erie, PA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I am against the Comcast/Time-Warner merger. I am against one company controlling that much of the market.

      James from Graham, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please stop the Merger otherwise many people will lose their job in TWC and Comcast

      Priya from Littleton, CO

      Comcast Customer

    • Nothing would change

      Judy from Salt Lake City, UT

    • Comcast, a company with an abysmal customer service record and a history of gross price gouging is already a psuedo-monopoly with record breaking revenues. Yet, the US comes in far behind many third world countries in internet speed relative to price point. Allowing a Time Warner merger would solidify this lopsided monopoly further while yielding few benefits such as: continued infrastructure buildout, last mile access, more affordable pricing or increased speed, etc... The FCC's job is to protect against this kind of condensed control and power. Hey FCC, do your job...stop the merger!

      Theresa from Philadelphia, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger

      Natalie from Grand Prairie, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Let it happen. It has nothing to do with net neutrality or open internet, except that Comcast can apply their already compliant standards to the TWC area they will then control. Comments about poor customer service, while likely true, have nothing to do with the merger and net neutrality, which is being confused with open internet. People don't even know what they are protesting against.

      Paul from Drexel Hill, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • I don't like the idea of a merger that will hurt many people by raising the cost of Internet services

      Geneva from Philadelphia, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • It is not good especially since Comcast Customer Service is horrible as well as their service.

      Nathan from Springfield, NJ

    • The Comcast-Time Warner should not go through. It will only benefit the corporations, not the customers nor the communities they "serve". We already pay enormous prices for the poor service we receive; and currently we have no recourse since they are monopolies in their territories. We, the consumers, do not need an even bigger monopoly.

      Suzanne from New York, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer


      Laura from Brooklyn, NY

    • Stop this merger. It serves no one except the Comcast-Time Warner Executives at bonus time.

      Brett from New York, NY

    • Don't let this merger happen. it will be disasturous for the consumer

      Jennifer from toms river, NJ

    • Freedom anyone???

      Darren from Conway, SC

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • This merger is a bad idea because it will create a very large monopoly in a field which is vital for any modern economy and society. Bad idea, do not allow it. Thank you.

      Helen from Tamarac, FL

      Comcast Customer

    • Dear FCC: I don't trust you at all without net neutrality. Remember when the Catholic Church did this writing everything in Latin? I'd rather be vulnerable to evil men than to be subject to them.

      Yellow from Roswell, GA

    • Do not allow this merger. It will be disasterous for consumers, as well as create an even larger monopoly for most of the country that have no other options for cable.

      Cynthia from Copperas Cove, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I this is approved you agree there should be no consumer protections against corporate monopolies.

      Graciela from Los Angeles, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please stop this merger between Comcast and Time-Warner cable. It would create a dangerously large monopoly, especially given the already enormous media interests of Comcast and Time Warner, in addition to their large share of internet services respectively.

      Russell from Orland Park, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • 1. We need a free and open internet, not the oligopoly or regional monopoly this merger will bring. It will harm the American economy. 2. Time Warner's service is lousy. It stinks. I have had Time Warner's service people tell me how bad they are. I have not heard anyone say anything good about them. Time Warner cannot manage what they have. They are just the result of Wall Street financing some buyout, not a developing business. 3. In other countries such as SOUTH KOREA internet price is much lower and speed is much faster.

      James from Louisville, KY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please do not allow the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger to go forward. It defies logic that this will in any way benefit their customers. It will only limit choice and inevitably increase costs for their subscribers.

      Lloyd from Austin, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I have written before and I just want to say this again, this merger would be a disaster, please tally another letter for NO!!! Thanks!

      Katya from Tucson, AZ

    • Please continue to protect our free internet, it has evolved into a free independant being and needs to remain this way. This is "the peoples" main tool to be able to express themselves and to innovate in a free environment. Thank you.

      Niklas from Stockholm, PA

    • USA


    • Absolutely Not! Do not do this! No not allow this merger!

      Pamela from Sherman, TX

    • Do you really think consumers -- aka the American people -- will benefit from a consolidation of the two companies that rank the lowest in customer satisfaction? Where are the anti-trust laws? Europeans pay a fraction of what we do for internet because they have a wide selection of providers to choose from. If this monopoly is allowed it will place even more of a financial burden on Americans, which is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing right now.

      Robyn from Portland, OR

      Comcast Customer

    • I think it is a bad idea if cable companies continue to make mergers because it increases monopolies not freedom of choice or competition.

      Amy from Sherman, TX

    • Only the most corrupt of corporate whore could approve such a merger attack on the welfare of the citizens.

      Chris from North Wales, PA

    • Ten years ago we busted Microsoft for breaking antitrust laws because the bundled Internet Explorer with Windows. Now we're going to sit back and let the biggest monopoly since AT&T and the Bell companies just slide on by? this isn't right.

      Edwin from Coquille, OR

    • Please do not go through with this merger. Please stop making everything in the world about money!

      Robyn from Tiffin, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • As a non american,living in asia, I find this a most extraordinary turn of events. Where is 'the land of the free?' In a democracy how could this happen? Monopolies and free choice do not sit well together. It would be such a grave mistake to allow this merger.,and a betrayal of democracy for the ske of profit


    • In the American job market in the decades to come, the opportunity for people to start their own small businesses will be the primary driver of new jobs. A transparent & neutral internet environment is absolutely vital to this process of self-empowerment for the underemployed. A Time Warner-Comcast merger is a tyranny, not a meritocracy.

      Michael from Cedarburg, WI

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please don't do this. The internet should be a free and open place not your personal bank. Stop trying to exploit it and make more money a top of the millions you already have ass fucks. So stop

      Carson from Ny, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • In the hopes that it is not too late to add my comment, I wish to express my strongest objection to the Comcast-Tie

      Kathy from jamaica plain, MA

    • i think its a terrible idea and should not go foward

      Matthew from Fairbanks, AK

    • I'm all for choices. Especially when it concerns so many choices. Education, information, round-tables, news, indie movies, dumb movies, my movies. I don't want only one huge company making all my choices.

      Patricia from Santa Rosa, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • FCC please save net neutrality!

      Timothy from Medford, OR

    • Please prevent the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Customer service appears to be the lowest priority in practice if not through public relations. No good will result from this merger for the end user, the citizen.

      Mark from Saint Paul, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • I am already angry at the fact that Time Warner Cable essentially has a monopoly in my area but to have it merge with Comcast would be even worse. My service from Time Warner Cable is atrocious and I have friends with Comcast who have said similar things about their service. Both companies have awful customer service and merging them together would just make things worse, not better.

      Kris from Rochester, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Democracy requires choice. Monopolies don't give you choice just greed you can't stop. These companies should be broken up, not made bigger. Comcast does not care about their service they just want to charge more for reruns and the same movies over and over. This is not a free market, it is manipulated so that a free market cannot exist with actual competition. Ted Turner, I heard you on Oprah's master class, this does not seem like the person I saw on that show. Can you not fine an altruistic endeavor to pursue with all your riches instead of striking democracy with a big stick in the gut. I am thinking of not watching TV anymore because it costs too much on cable and I can't even pick the channels I want. Fox news is on the less expensive list and MSNBC you need to pay more to get. Little by little they will choke the life out of our decision choices and they will just expect us to pay and shut up. This is not the America I grew up in. Greed for a few will eventually kill us all and our planet.

      Marie from Albuquerque, NM

      Comcast Customer

    • This is most likely a direct violation of Anti-Monopoly laws already in place. A merger like this will give the combined company the ability to control the industry in unlawful, unjust ways. This merger must be struck down here and now!

      John from Brush, CO

    • The list of available internet and cable providers is short as is; these companies should not be allowed to merge and create a juggernaut dealing out high prices and poor service.

      Sam from Brookfield, WI

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • This Merger is as much a Monopoly as one can be.

      Merrill from New Port Richey, FL

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • A merger such as this would creat a near absolute monopoly on cable services, as well as giving these two companies the ability to raise prices even more. Do not let them do this!

      Jordan from Marietta, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop this potential monopoly. We need choice.

      Beth from Albuquerque, NM

    • If your interest were to truly represent and protect the interest of the general public and not to assure a continuing climb of corporate profits, you would not turn a deaf ear to the 100's of thousands of people who have voiced their disdain for your proposed actions.

      Cleve from Franklin, TN

      Comcast Customer

    • Should never, never, ever be allowed...end do discussion

      Sharon from Eastham, MA

      Comcast Customer


      Tony from Overland Park, KS

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • As a Time Warner Cable customer, a merger between two of the biggest cable/internet providers only spells out bad things to come. Bigger DOES NOT equal better. I am wholeheartedly against this merger.

      Jerish from Los Angeles, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Keep the net neutral, open, and free. Classify ISPs as common carriers. Do not allow a monopoly of shady businesses like TWC to form.

      Nicholas from Bismarck, ND

    • This will be the demise of human kind if something isn't done to stop this. When the world has no resources left, then what will money become to you?

      Jennifer from Denver, CO

      Comcast Customer

    • Please stop this merger, it would be terrible for everyone.

      Jim from Buffalo, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Isn't there a law against monopolies? Why is the government even acting like this merger is an okay thing to do? Is it because they know Comcast plans to sell off the tiny towns to lesser companies resulting in poor service to rural areas? Get with it. This merger won't be good for anyone except the head of Comcast.

      Erin from Barbourville, KY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • The idea that this merger has even the slightest chance of being approved, the fact that anybody even feels such a thing is worth proposing, is a prime example of why the head of the FCC should not be a former lobbyist for the industry that the FCC is supposedly regulating.

      Frank from Brooklyn, NY

    • Please stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger. It is not in the best interest of the American people.

      Darryn from Portland, OR

      Comcast Customer

    • I see no way that a merger of Comcast and Time Warner would benefit me. I already get crappy service from Comcast. I already have no choices. This is a bad idea for Americans. It may be a good idea for some good old boys... Who's side are you on??

      Susan from Clovis, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop this merger!! We need competitors that can offer fair rates and as a consumer I have right to choose. I want my choice to be mine and not be bullied into a monopoly own company!!

      Jessica from Chaparral, NM

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • You know why this is a bad idea. You've denied the merger of T-Mobile and AT&T and this is no different. As these mergers increase, the formation of duopolies and triopolies loom ever closer and competition falls and prices rise with little to no increase in services. Don't let this happen.

      Jack from SAINT CLOUD, MN

    • This deal will violate our rights as customers due to the nature of both Time Warner and Comcast's business models.

      James from Efland, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I oppose this merger because the fewer companies own access to the information, there is no competition and they control the prices


      Comcast Customer

    • I oppose the merger of Comcast and Time Warner, because I opppose the concentration of communication services in the hands of only a few companies.

      Susan from Ridgefield, CT

      Comcast Customer

    • Please stop the merger. It is a terrible idea.

      Ciel from Livermore, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Please do not allow this merger to go through as it would create an uncompetitive market.

      Avelaka from Temecula, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I remain concerned, however, that the Federal Communications Commission may act in a way that would permit broadband providers to discriminate against the content consumers and innovators create and enjoy. Innovators prefer bright-line rules and worry the proposed rules would force them into commercial arrangements that require payment of tolls in cash or equity to get their ideas on the Internet. I oppose special Internet fast lanes, only open to those firms large enough to pay big money or fraught enough to give up big stakes in their company. Fortunately, the court’s decision gave the Commission a clear path forward to prohibit discrimination and paid prioritization. The law allows the Commission to protect consumers and innovators with strong, but tailored rules defending the open Internet from a wide variety of threats. I believe the FCC should follow the court’s guidance and reclassify broadband as a Telecommunications Service under Title II of the Communications Act. Importantly, Title II designation also gives the FCC certainty to protect consumers from fraudulent billing practices and privacy infringements while maintaining the guarantee that Voice-over-Internet Protocol calls and other data will reach their destination without interference, as called for in the Network Compact. The law’s forbearance mechanism is an appropriate tool to refine modern rules and will prevent the FCC from overburdening broadband providers.

      Brandon from North Dartmouth, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • Do not censor, restrict, "throttle", or in any way limit my experience of the internet. Net neutrality is what I want. A source for my decision is from an NPR program I heard earlier in 2014 (I don't recall the program, date or time). From this program, I learned that the path ISPs are taking is due to a regulatory decision long ago. The decision related to how the then new ISP's infrastructure (the wires going into our homes, if I remember correctly) was to be categorized. Was it to be treated like a telecom or something else. The basis for that decision was a poor guess and has led to less competition and higher prices. If that decision was changed, we effectively wouldn't be dealing with the net neutrality issue since customers would be able to vote with their $. But, because of the fate-full ruling, too many people have but one choice for their service... a built in monopoly. I strongly request your decisions support less consolidation and more market diversity and competition. A merger of TWC and Comcast parallels the "too big to fail" banks that were (and I'd argue, still are) the achilles heel of our greater financial problems. No more "too big to fail" anything!

      Christian from Richmond, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Your business practices have been exposed. Time to answer to the American public you are trying to get over on all the time. Your being watched and warned.

      Robin from las Vegas, NV

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • End the merger. It's dangerous to have that much control with one company. Same reason monopolies were banned in this country!

      Alex from Saint Peters, MO

    • The Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is a horrible idea. It will benefit no one but the two companies involved. Monopolies are BAD, competition is GOOD. We need MORE players in the cable biz, not less.

      Lewis from Tucker, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • A merger of companies imposes a dictatorship for Americans to deal with. Stop the merger.

      Deborah from Loveland, CO

    • Please do not allow this merger to go through as it would create an uncompetitive market.

      Brian from Charlotte, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Whatever happened to Shermans Anti-Trust Laws? No compatition No Pressure? No Choices? No Matter?

      Lynne from Ventura, CA

    • Allowing 2 mini-monopolies to form a singular, larger monopoly will only make the service, customer service, and pricing worse than it already is.

      Max from San Francisco, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • A monopoly is defined as just one seller in the marketplace. When a single company controls the market, that company can then set whatever prices they choose for the product they sell, as there is no competition. Not only can that company set ever increasing prices, they have control over internet speeds, programming, etc. A monopoly is inherently bad for the consumer. A monopoly is also inherently bad for the economy. Isn't competition what drives our economy? There are also variables that are "below the surface" so to speak. For example,what subsidiaries are owned by Time Warner? Because Comcast will now swallow those companies up. So it is not just two very large cable companies merging as it appears to be at first look. Not to mention the stocks, investments, etc. This is not a simple merger. The FCC has a chance to intervene at the ground floor, and represent the consumer. Or pave the way for this and create a monopoly.

      Marlene from Glenolden, PA

    • The Comcast and Time-Warner merger is a huge mistake that will destroy equality on the internet between domain owners/Companies and ISPs.

      Matthew from Bluefield, VA

      Comcast Customer

    • We have laws in this country. Anti-trust in this case. This government makes me sick.

      Radu from Bellevue, WA

    • What are you thinking??? Stop the merger, if you allow this you have failed to server the people who you represent.

      Mark from saint louis, MO

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • READ MY LIPS, ANTI-TRUST!!!!!!!!!!

      Lynne from Ventura, CA

    • Stop the mearger. What ever happen to anti-trust laws and no monoplies?

      Chris from Arleta, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Comcast is already a monopoly in large areas of the US (including mine, where I have no other option). To increase their monopoly would be irresponsible, and quite frankly, un-American.

      Daniel from San Jose, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • I am TWC customer. I alsolutely HATE the idea of being a Comcast customer. You broke up AT&T as a monopoly. Why are you wanting to go back to a Monopolist environment. The USA has one of the worst Internet price/performance ratios in the world. What are you wanting to allow it ot be even worse by reducing further competition in this industry?

      George from Tipp City, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Preserve internet equality and stop pulling people's money! Internet works way better & faster in most other places with more competitors, so merging Comcast with TWC is going to increase the problem of internet availability at decent prices for a decent service for a broad public. Don't do this!

      Katharina from Salt Lake City, UT

      Comcast Customer

    • This will basically create a Monopoly, TWC and Comcast already force out local competition. This is that on a National, even Global scale. We can't let special interests group and large companies be what controls this nation. This nation was built by the people and for the people, and it truly saddens me to see it dying a slow death by the hands of the those who can't be bothered to think ahead. In conclusion Comcast is the posterchild of corporate greed and corruption, and to let them have control over anything more than a county is too much.

      Alexx from Cincinnati, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please prevent this merger of companies into an even more powerful monopoly. Classify cable as a utility service to prevent unwarranted monopolistic price hikes.

      David from Smithsburg, MD

      Comcast Customer

    • Protect a free and equal internet

      Jada from Newbury Park, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Anti-trust laws were created in the US for cases like these -why aren't they being applied?

      Alexandra from Rensselaer, NY

    • You KNOW this merger is WRONG! Please act accordingly.

      Walter from Concord, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • A merger/monopoly is a really BAD IDEA.

      Arthur from Eureka, CA

    • This plan to merge Time Warner witb Comcast is a terrible idea that will hurt the consumer. It will hurt the consumers because it will result in decreased competition and the consumer will have less choice and the rates will go up. Also, the variety and quality of good programming will decline. I remember the era of the Telephone company monopoly. Learn from that history. When an essential monopoly exists, the rates always go higher than average. Competition eliminates waste and raises quality. We will lose faith in the FCC if you allow the merger. D NOT approve this merger!

      Colin from Charlotte, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer


      Jordan from fountain hills, AZ

    • Monopolies are illegal. Start acting like Roosevelt would want you to.

      Amanda from Delano, MN

    • Please do not allow this merger!

      Brandi from Lebanon, PA

    • They have enough. The internet is the only place that is free for all. They do not need more. Please do n ot go alongwith what they want.

      Nikki from Makawao, HI

    • Please stop the proposed merger of Comcast and TWC. Larger is not always better, particularly with 2 companies that have existing poor customer service. Competition keeps companies eager and responsive. Monopolies do not help the consumer.

      Craig from Shelby, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • This is the obvious beginings of a Monopoly over telecommunications and needs to be prevented.

      Chris from Pasadena, MD

    • Please defend the rights of US citizens and consumers to be spared such an outrageous monopoly of service.

      Lauren from Santa Monica, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Merged companies provide no competition and less value for the consumer.

      Stephen from Gaithersburg, MD

      Comcast Customer

    • I am against this merger. It would create a virtual monopoly if the merger goes through. I am not a customer but a concerned citizen.

      Frank from O Fallon, MO

    • I remember the days when Ma Bell monopolized telephone service and the upsurge in competition and drop in customer expense when that monopoly was broken. A merger of Comcast & Time Warner would truly be a monopoly in opposition to fair trading practices. Please do not allow the merger.

      Carol from Washington, DC

    • It is your duty to keep this from happening. read the damn constitution.

      Scotty from berkeley, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Shoot down both of them, Comcast prices are highway robbery Don’t know Time Warner.

      Anton from Plymouth, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • A Monopoly should only be a board game. We eliminated Monopolies and the idea of lack of consumer choice more than 100 years ago. Are we really so unintelligent or ignorant of the past that we're going to take a step backwards? "Those who fail to learn to the past are bound to repeat it."

      Sean from Glen Burnie, MD

    • This is a huge problem for all of us regular folk and our Democracy! Don't you people care about anything but money!?

      Deborah from Alexandria, MN

    • Monopoly is illegal, don't get closer to breaking the law and ruining perfectly good internet.

      Jesus from Mission, TX

    • We need to foster competition, not feed monopolies. NO TO THE MERGER!

      Jeremy from Logan, UT

      Comcast Customer

    • Do your job. Cable companies in this country are among the most clear examples of monopolies in existence today. I personally live in a major metropolitan area, and have one option for high speed internet. Last year, I lived in an entirely different major metropolitan area, and had one option for high speed internet, and guess what... it was the same company. The argument that Time Warner and Comcast have very little overlapping areas of service, in addition to admitting that they already have local monopolies, and collude with eachother to maintain them, does nothing to support the claim that the merger will not turn them into a monopoly. Comcast and Time Warner together, would capture more than a third of all internet supscribers, and almost a third of cable subscribers, all while maintaining dismal customer satisfaction. Why would this happen in a free market? I wouldn't. The market isn't free, it's rigged. DO YOUR JOB and stop this merger.

      Calvin from Shoreline, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • STOP THE MERGER. Its time to think of the greater good. If a proposed merger will not benefit the public in pricing or quality of service then it certainly should not be considered; and if comcast will be operating in 17 of the 20 top markets for advertisers the amount of influence here is unscrupulous.

      Brian from lakewood, CO

      Comcast Customer

    • I seem to remember something called the sherman antitrust act maybe you need to read it.

      Alex from orange city, FL

    • If there were a federal act that gave all broadbands common carrier status it would be no problem for Comcast and Time Warner to merge. We went through this type of situation with the railroads, it created a terrible situation when the tracks were privately pwned. This can not happen to the internet. The FCC needs to make it clear that all band widths have common carrier status.

      Anne from Sherman Oaks, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I dont think the definition of greedy monopoly could be any clearer with this merger deal. America already suffers from the oppression of only TWO cable providers nation-wide the results of this can be shown by looking at the international statistics the US pays more than any other country for internet and yet our internet service isnt even up to par with Estonia's which is a FORMER SOVIET REPUBLIC they just set up their internet infastructure in about a few years and are already ahead of americans because if Comcast and TWC there is no one else to blame not to mention those two companies are hated more than any company in America its obvious that Americans are being forced to pay high prices for bad service simply because its all that is abailable thats not competition that nothing more than the result of a brutal monopoly

      Jordan from Wilmington, DE

      Comcast Customer

    • Haven't we learned now that monopolies = bad? How often does it mention that in history?

      CJ from Bolivia, NC

    • Stop it, right now. we're becoming a communist/socialist country just like we've fought against in the past. you are all horrible people and will pay for your crimes against humanity. fucking crooks. you're worse than any gang in the world. don't believe me? look at Ferguson Missouri. organized crime has not been stopped, just adopted by the government and major corporations. we all hate you and would love to see you all tried for treason.

      God from Trafalgar, IN


      Christopher from encino, CA

    • Do not allow this monstrosity to occur.

      James from Topeka, KS

    • The merger of these two companie would result in a monopoly of service in a number of areas and is therefore harmful to a free market economy. Please disallow this merger.

      Cody from Davis, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Here it is again in case you missed it the first time. To all but Mr. Tom Wheeler who I feel is beyond reason and so the inevitable insult may herein ensue. However, if all I can hope for is a vote then please count mine for the regulation of isp's as telecom carriers. Stop the Comcast merger. There are people who try to engage interest and persuade agreement on issues while employing tricks from the Book of Fallacies and do appear to be reasonable, as these practitioners of gobbledegook and sophistry generally go undetected due to the most sophisticated means known as mandatory public education (m.p.e). Undoing the ill effects of m.p.e. has been a lifelong object of my own efforts to be educated and the Internet has been an important tool for it. Sophistry and gobbledegook are well exemplified by Mr. Tom Wheeler's nonsense offering of allowing a finite pie to be divided unequally and telling those who receive smaller portions that they aren't. That some slices of pie are just like all the others that can be taken from the same pie in terms of flavor, and we are meant to extrapolate this equality of flavor to generally apply to all other abstracts of the whole. Indeed, if the pie was made of cherries even the smaller slices will have the flavor of cherries. This flavor is what Mr. Wheeler means when he states, “The proposed rule is built to ensure that everyone has access to an Internet that is sufficiently robust to enable consumers to access the content, services and applications they demand, as well as an Internet that offers innovators and edge providers the ability to offer new products and services.” Here the flavor is access, and this is qualified by the weasel-worded "sufficiently robust" which merely obfuscates further the abstract of size. Size doesn't matter in this world of abject sophistry and gobbledegook. Add to this the appearance of balance with his concern for innovators and edge providers, even though they may provide innovative ways to screw us out of a fair piece of pie. Wheeler also said, “If anyone acts to degrade the service for all for the benefit of a few, I intend to use every available power to stop it,” Here he appears to make a righteous stand against anyone acting to degrade the service which he has gone at length to prevent from being defined in terms of size, and therefore, he should use every available power to stop himself since the degradation of the Internet is intrinsic to the proposed rule.

      Dalin from Temecula, CA

    • No one company should have this kind of control over any individual's choice and ability to access a wide variety of information via the internet and cable.

      Gia from Placerville, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • STOP! No more big business. Comcast internet service already poor and expensive. We need to keep competition open!

      Serena from Bellevue, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • This would put way too much power in the hands of one company. Even worse, it's a company that is notorious for working against its captive customers!

      Shona from IOWA CITY, IA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please stop the merger as there is already not enough competition in TV service providers. This is readily seen by the increasing prices and the lack of control consumers have in paying for only what they want to receive. My current cable company charges me $5 a month as an increased fee due to their costs for carrying sports channels I don't even care about. With Comcast's recent news related to extremely poor, if not down right hostile, customer service, merging them with Time Warner (another poor customer service company) is not likely to increase customer service. I was a Comcast customer for many years and switched to satellite due to the poor service and high expense.

      Richard from Waccabuc, NY

    • Stop the merger of Comcast & Cable. We don't need any more companies to monopolize our services.

      Nancy from Charlotte, NC

      Comcast Customer

    • Time Warner Cable bought my former internet provider. Service was quickly terrible. Reducing competition is not good.

      Dallin from Lexington, KY

    • Comcast is already scamming the General Public by providing incredibly poor service and lying to its customers siting poor connection issues as being tied to "old wiring" everyone I know is tired of Comcast's grip on their internet service but have no other choice than to stick with this Monopoly. I'm tired of living in a country where corporations have more rights than individuals.

      Ramona from San Francisco, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Do what is best for the people, please do not let this merger happen.

      Bethany from Vancouver, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger! NO monopoly!

      Teri from Austin, TX

    • Haven't we learned our lessons about "too big" being the causative principle behind the loss of our "Bill of Rights", and the current pittieful state of our economy for the "many". Big business is NOT America's business. The preservation of the Bill of Rights is America's highest order of business!!!

      Robert from Swisshome, OR

    • Comcast already owns NBC and Universal. They also have little competition right now. As a Comcast customer, I worry that this merger would turn customer service experiences that are poor into customer service experiences that are degrading. And Comcast would not have to answer to anyone for it, because they would own the largest majority. Owning the largest majority is why we have rules against monopolies. It kills competition. Right now, I am only able to choose between Comcast or downgraded DSL service (fiber isn't in our area yet). We already live under a monopoly here, with slower DSL as our only option. I beg you to please block the merger between Comcast and Time Warner.

      Tony from Tualatin, OR

      Comcast Customer

    • Companies are already too large!

      Carly from Tacoma, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • DON'T FEED THE GREED!! I'm a FORMER Comcast customer. Their unbridled greed, manipulation and disregard for actual humans is already appalling. A merger will make them MONSTROUS.

      Christina from boston, MA

    • We need Net Neutrality!

      Russell from Norcross, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • NO, NO AND NO.

      Joe from Melbourne, FL

    • Competition is the basis of our economy

      Chase from Atlanta, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • I oppose to the comcast-time warner merger. Stop the monopoly!!

      JamilexA from Miramar, FL

      Comcast Customer

    • We really need more options as consumers not fewer when it comes to media, internet providers, etc. Big corporations just keep getting bigger without any benefit to the general public or consumer.

      Elizabeth from Houston, TX

    • It is sadly clear that allowing this merger would be effectively turning a blind eye to the makings of a monopoly and corporate greed. As a teacher at a school that is moving towards a paperless classroom, I know that reliable and affordable internet access can be key to my students' future success. Allowing this merger would completely open the gates to even poorer service and higher prices on a service that is quickly becoming vital to our country's future.

      Christie from Victoria, TX

    • Please PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY and block the merger. While living in another state, I was a Comcast customer and service and quality were so poor, I finally dumped them.

      Cindy from Pasadena, CA

    • I think iy not only in our best interest to stop this merger, I think it is time to dismantle these corporate cartels. Too big, too much power! Time for immediate dismantle!

      Duane from Austin, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • What happened to no monopolies? Protect the little person - not the company and profits.

      Melissa from Buffalo, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Hear this well. STOP THE MERGER!

      Antonio from Mountain View, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • I oppose this movement because I thought the people were supposed to be the governing force in this country- not just the people with the most money.

      Ashleigh from Kalamazoo, MI

      Comcast Customer

    • This is a monopoly, plain and simple.

      Tom from Dayton, OH

    • The internet is a means of communication, education, entertainment and cultures innovation. With this merger a monopoly would be formed which would stifle competition and innovation. At a time when America needs to compete on a global scale this would greatly hinder our ability to do so.

      Tobias from Austin, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please stop merger. I was and still are AT&T member.

      Billy from Granbury, TX

    • Let's give a reprieve to our prostituted sacred constitution on this RICO attempt on what it declared as our 'freedom of press'; and let us not misinterpret it as an inference to 'really mean', "To PAY for Play"? COURAGE-This One Time!!(?)

      Char from Los Angeles, CA

    • I am writing to convey my disapproval of the potential TimeWarner Comcast merger. It is common knowledge that the ownership of media is already highly concentrated among five or so conglomerates (Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, CBS Corporation). As it is, to many people there seems to be a definite narrowing in the range of viewpoints expressed compared to 30-40 years ago. To further concentrate ownership seems to be inviting only a further narrowing and constraining of an already impoverished public discourse. The notion that a merger between Time Warner and News Corp. is possible is further alarming. Critics claim the FCC is dominated by industry lobbyists, to permit such a merger would only seem to confirm these views when it is apparent that such an action is against a clearly stated majority view. Please heed the call to prevent the further consolidation and concentration of media control in our country.

      Barry from Ridgefield Park, NJ

    • Please stop the merger! Less competition is seldom in the best interest of those being served. I thank you in advance for weighing the interest of corporate America against those they are supposed to serve to the best of their ability. Respectfully,

      William from Reidsville, NC

      Time Warner Cable Customer


      William from Denver, CO

      Comcast Customer

    • Please prevent the merger. This merger will in no way help consumers. It will only place greater limits that those that already exist. As a Time Warner customer, I already feel limited since this is the only carrier which can currently provide me with decent programming. My only other option is Verizon, however, they don't offer Fios in my area, thus I would be stuck with a satellite outside my window which would be sensitive to weather conditions. It is absurd that in this day and age, we have such limits with choosing cable carriers. It is already frustrating that I'm stuck with Time Warner cable's prices and antics. We are still recuperating from the recession and many of us have not gotten wage increases due to this recession which apperently ended for some folks but not for others. For an economy to thrive, you need consumer spending and if this merge occurs I'm sure our pockets will get slimmer and not in a good way.

      Mylin from Flushing, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Stop this merger. It is monopoly at its finest. That ultimately hurts everyone, even you, as it weakens the FCC's credibility to stop destructive business practices.

      Rasleen from Darien, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • Remember the opening trailer for that old '60s sci-fi series "The Outer Limits"? Now, just replace the phrase "for the next hour" with "until further notice". (if you're too young to know what that is, maybe you can Google it, or ask someone over 50). Then ask yourself - is this really a good idea?

      Niels from Liberty, PA

    • Stop the merger!!!

      Jarrod from BLAIRSVILLE, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • Please do not let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gail from Los Angeles, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Stop this merger. This will create a media monopoly more powerful than we one we already have.

      Jeffriey from Long Island City, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Happiness is freedom. Keep the internet happy.

      Jordan from Fort Dodge, IA

    • My service with Time Warner is already terrible, lets not make it worse!

      Amanda from Clearfield, KY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • As it stands my cable bill has gone up almost every month, that is only going to increase more often now. It is time for us to do what the FCC apparently cannot or will not: protect net neutrality.

      Cherie from Madison Heights, MI

      Comcast Customer

    • stop the merger

      Said from hollywood, FL

      Comcast Customer

    • Don't let it happen these companies are out of control. They cost way too much and they get away with it. We need to bring back free and affordable TV. My paycheck has not gone up in 3 years but comcast cable goes up three times a year. How are we supposed to keep up with that? You need to stop these and other companies from ripping us off. Please stop it know.

      Cheryl from Fayette City, PA

    • The FCC should be protecting consumers from corporations that seek to monopolize industries, and both cable TV and the Internet should be regulated as utilities.

      H from Chicago, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • It is already hard enough to find another provider. I had to wait almost a year before Verizon was available in my area. If Comcast mergers with Time Warner, Comcast will be even bigger and be able to treat more customers like crap.

      Roni from Baltimore, MD

    • There are already virtually no options when it comes to choosing an ISP. Competition between companies is necessary for a healthy economy and it drives innovation. Allowing one company to hold all the cards kills creativity, drives costs up, and in the end it is the everyday American who ends up having to foot the bill. A merger between two of the largest ISPs will make a bad situation for us consumers even worse than it already is.

      Ben from Arvada, CO

      Comcast Customer

    • I think it is a bad deal the only ones which will receive benefits are the top people.

      Glenda from Port Chester, NY

    • Please stop this proposed merger. I feel it would be bad for customers (prices going up, service going down) if history is any guide. In addition, it would consolidate power in fewer hands, which is very bad for democracy. It leaves me fewer choices and discriminates against smaller companies. Protect our right to choice. As with all monopolies it will lead to higher prices and less choices for me. So Please, Do the right thing and deny the approval!

      Joe from Kerrville, TX

    • Last I recall. monopolies were against the law. so dont break it and allow this to happen.

      Josh from tonawanda, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Mergers like the one proposed for Comcast and Time Warner are destructive to the political and economic structure of the United States. They deprive capitalism of the competition required to bring innovative ideas and products to the marketplace. They place disproportionate power in fewer and fewer hands.

      Michael from Mesa, AZ

    • We are already paying too much for these services. If they merge there will be no end to the price increases.

      Scott from Cuyahoga Falls, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • mergers always result in less choices for us customers, please don't allow it

      Patrizia from guilford, CT

      Comcast Customer

    • There needs to be Competition law in the market in order for companies to not have tyranny over others.Please stop this merger and let the internet be free and open, internet is the most greatest media of all other media's.

      Kevin from deltona, FL

    • further industry consolidation can only make the current "Internet neutrality crisis" situation worse. The more concentrated the broadband market becomes, the more leverage broadband providers like Comcast will have over small backbone providers. That gives the FCC a good reason to be skeptical of Comcast's proposed acquisition of its largest rival, Time Warner Cable. Blocking that transaction will definitely save the FCC larger headaches in the future.

      Andres from Atlanta, GA

      Comcast Customer

    • My problem is with our government. We are supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. It is obvious that the majority of the people do not support this merger specifically, and do not support monopolies in general. So why does it seem our government never does what the people want, but always does what the special interests want. Do not allow this merger!

      Nicole from Canton, MI

    • The free internet is a MAJOR means of communication, education, exchange of ideas and information. The Comcast-Time Warner merger would create a monopoly which would virtually eliminate competitiion and very greatly reduce the availability and utility of the internet for the American public. This at a time when many third world and developing countries offer much faster and many times lower cost internet service to their citizens. America cannot afford to fall behind any more.

      David from Vallejo, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • The free internet is a MAJOR means of communication, education, exchange of ideas and information. The Comcast-Time Warner merger would create a monopoly which would virtually eliminate competitiion and very greatly reduce the availability and utility of the internet for the American public. This at a time when many third world and developing countries offer much faster and many times lower cost internet service to their citizens. America cannot afford to fall behind any more.

      Robert from Sapulpa, OK

    • in an era of " too big to fail", how about doing your job to protect the public airwaves? Comcast was given a monopoly to develop infrastructure and almost immediately began jacking up service costs to clients. within a short time, service costs increased five fold, and Comcast ammassed such huge amounts of cash, they bought NBC!

      Lon from Oakland, CA

    • I respectfully plead with you to stop the merger of Comcast-Time Warner.

      Janet from Berkeley, CA

    • If they slow my connection, I will cancel my cable and internet and do without. I’m sick and tired of companies taking advantage of their customers. It’s just plain greed. If they want to do this then everyone needs to boycott them.

      Danny from Citrus Heights, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop The Comcast Time Warner Merger

      David from Mount Airy, MD

      Comcast Customer

    • Please stop this merger it will create a monopoly in the telecom industry.

      Anthony from Ontario, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • This is the worst thing that can happen to consumers.

      Dulce from Miami, FL

      Comcast Customer

    • Time Warner has among the worst customer service, creating a larger entity will further erode and ability to connect with this company. Larger is not better.

      Kyle from Cincinnati, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • There is already too much big business. We need choices! do NOT do this! The control and lack of choices, is already out of control. We are all struggling in one way or another. This will minimize our choices and raise prices. We are Americans. STOP the control.

      Amy from Jerusalem, OH

    • Stop the merger! Monopolies are never good for the consumer. Last week I called Time Warner and it took 25 minutes to cancel my HBO. The call before that I was on hold for over an hour ... I drove to Time Warner office on hold and was helped and done before they ever picked up. Service is THAT BAD already, don't make it worse.

      Suzanne from Garden Grove, CA

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I'm adamantly opposed to more megacorporations ruining USA lives.

      Kristen from Marshall, WI

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Don't Let America's economy suffer by letting comcast reign!

      Tristan from Midland, MI

    • I have to suffer with Comcast with no other options in my area for cable. Having Comcast/Time Warner merge would only mean that millions of American users will have to suffer this same fate.

      Robert from Minneapolis, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • I think the merger is a great idea. They provide some of the fastest internet speeds available and a great TV experience.

      Dustin from Clackamas, OR

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger between Comcast and Time Warner. This merger is another example reduced competition in big business. The little guy loses in this equation due to lack of competitive pricing in the market.

      Brandt from Miami, FL

    • Stop the merger. What incentives do cable companies have to innovate when they lack competition? Communications lobbies have already created a near monopoly in most of the US in terms of Internet Access Providers, the FCC should be doing more to encourage diversity in the marketplace, not provide a foundation for monopolization of the most important technological advancement in modern history. The Commission's dictate is to implement "measures that promote competition in the local telecommunications market," enabling the TWC/Comcast merger would undermine this objective in the plainest way possible.

      Joshua from Santa Clara, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Customer service will suffer, something that TWC has improved over the last 2 years after pressure from it's customers. Prices will go up, as Comcast charges more that TWC for the same service levels.

      Mark from Cincinnati, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Do not proceed with this merger It is folly and you will be proving your selves as having been bought by these big companies.

      Dan from Sugar Land, TX

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger1

      Lisa from Tucson, AZ

    • sounds like a way for them to make money and for me to lose mine. imagine what would happen if Apple and Microsoft merged? bye bye affordable computers. This isn't any different if not worse.

      Time from Carlton, OR

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • We have little media of depth. Corporations and pr rule. Sad and unfair.

      Elizabeth from Kansas city, MO

    • We broke up Ma Bell for being a much smaller conglomerate - why on earth would we allow such a complete monopoly like this? DO NOT APPROVE THIS MERGER!!

      Christa from West Jordan, UT

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the Comcast-Time Warner cable merger. It would further privatize the Internet, which is public domain.

      Elliott from Riverside, CA

    • Once you guys merge, service will be so poor with high prices and bad service. Don't want to even see our democracy to depleted because you don't want to have competition in the market. Don't let your greed effect your customers.

      Veronica from New York, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please block this merger. Competition would provide for better service for all. Monopolies breed contempt for the consumer and shoddy service.

      Barbara from Toledo, OH

    • Stop the merger between time warner and com-cast.

      Angelica from oakland, MD

    • You will be the world a terrible thing!!!! You are there for the public, NOT TO SCREW THE Public for Corporations GAIN!!!! Do the job you are there for, FOR THE PUBLIC!!! Do not allow them to merge, you and whatever government agency already allowed their no compete clause, don't make it worse by allowing them to merge!!!

      Steven from Canastota, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Competition is good for the consumer...and there is already a lack of competition, as it is.

      Jeff from Minneapolis, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • There is no need to further consilidate our media in to the hands of the few and powerful. We need competition to provide better services, better products and most importantly better access to information.

      Chris from Prescott, AZ

    • Represent all of us, not the few

      Colin from Elgin, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • Is there any question that this compromises open access to information? One gatekeeper to control them all. Come on FCC, live up to your mandate, protect the people's right to a competitive media market place. .

      Ali from Aliso Viejo, CA

    • Please DON'T let this happen. Stop the merger.

      Connie from Santa Monica, CA

    • STOP the merger! Thanks.

      Paul from Santa Monica, CA

    • The proposed merger would be bad for customers (prices going up, service going down) if history is any guide. In addition, it would consolidate power in fewer hands, which is very bad for democracy. Finally, it would not leverage appreciably any economies of scale, since they are already maximized by the companies very large size. Do the right thing and deny the approval!

      Mario from Newton, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • The Comcast-Time Warner merger is bad for consumers because of the sheer scale of the combined company. It would reduce competition and rates would increase even further than they already are.

      Brad from Osmond, NE

    • STOP the merger! This is NOT good for the American people!

      Juanita from Lorain, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Stop the merger. It is awful. People need access to information and ideas.

      Sam from Chicago, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • this is all about money to be made by comcast by controlling the net . comcast has the worst custormer serivce . they all ready control must of internet in the USA. so i say no way should be allowed to merge with time warner

      James from Oak Grove, MO

      Comcast Customer

    • stop the merger. we need net neutrality. no discrimination against content or against applications

      Pam from blaine, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger, protect consumer interests.

      Tara from Swansea, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • I think this would be a complete disaster for the people that will be using the internet... which is pretty much everyone over the age of 2. Don't let this happen.. it's hard enough getting a fair shot in the US as it is already. Please don't take the internet away, as it works now. Our government has killed enough things in the past 10 yrs already.

      Joseph from Beaumont, TX

      Comcast Customer

    • Remember Ma Bell. They got too big and were broken up, monopolies never work for the consumer. They also harm jobs, and the economy. If there's no competition, then there's no innovation.

      Michael from Big Rapids, MI

    • Please show me where ANYTIME in history that a monopoly this large did not hurt the consumer or competition. This merger would destroy businesses and jobs, like all mergers do anyway, and allow one company to dictate to the FCC instead of the other way around.

      Edward from O Fallon, MO

    • Monopolies only bring higher prices for the consumer.

      Chris from Lowell, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • This merger is a terrible idea for the customers. Media is too concentrated as it is and this will just stifle competition.

      Mick from Santa Maria, CA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger! We are losing freedoms, truth and our rights.

      Diane from Prescott, AZ

    • Stop the merger!!! Speak for the PEOPLE!

      Chris from maplewood, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger

      Paul from Newport News, VA

    • Two large companies that merge into one huge company spells trouble for its customers who will have no alternative to turn to in amny areas. So the customers lose out on less competition. This economic principle is understood by most folks. We customers don't want more corporate concentration

      Betty from Lock Haven, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • Mergers like the one proposed for Comcast and Time Warner are destructive to the political and economic structure of the United States. They deprive capitalism of the competition required to bring innovative ideas and products to the marketplace. They place disproportionate power in fewer and fewer hands.

      Diana from Socorro, NM

    • Stop the Time Warner and Comcast merger. We need more companies for increased competition to preserve capitalism in this country, and not monpolistic policies that will stifle capitalism.

      Benjamin from Vacaville, CA

    • Stop the merger we need local competition

      Peter from Ithaca, NY

      Comcast Customer

    • This is completely against the American history of preventing the monopolies that stop fair pricing. NO MERGERS.

      Suzanna from Medford, OR

    • I reside in Virginia where the only source for internet is either Verizon DSL (pathetically slow) or Comcast. As I refuse to do business with Comcast, I will never experience true broadband speeds above the 7 Mbps that DSL offers........

      Judy from Stafford, VA

    • another tax paying citizen against this merger!

      Barbara from new york, NY

    • There is no reason to create a monopoly in this critical area of our economy. Do not let this merger happen. The consequences will be terrible for everyone.

      Helen from Tamarac, FL

      Comcast Customer

    • At one point and time my family was Comcast customers. We were ignored when we needed service, we were greeted with automated calling when we needed help, and we were skipped by the repair crews when they scheduled appointments for that day. Their [Comcast] not going to get better their going to drain more money from people and given them back nothing but awful service. Stop them NOW!

      Farzad from Bethesda, MD

    • Sorry to be so Blunt but it was the worst 2 years of Internet ive been on I would not recomend those animals to my worst enemy I was down 90% of the time I finally switched to AT&T and its been 18 months now and I am very happy and satisfied I have not been down a once in the past 18 months.I Vote No on this Merger.

      Peter from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • We have had Time Warner for years. Because of the lousy service, we have cut back to just the cheapest cable TV program and no longer use them as an internet provider. We have many friends in Fort Myers who have Comcast and have also had exceptionally poor service. Allowing two substandard providers like this to be combined would give them more power and would be an enormous disservice to this country. We need more competition, not less.

      Thomas from Shaker Heights, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • You ned to stop this merger. Large companies will be unstoppable if this is allowed to continue to go through. There are already a tiny portion of people owning most of the money there is, and a huge chasm separating them from everyone else. Don't further that gap, and in the process diminish the basic human right of access to the internet by allowing this merger.

      Matt from Randolph, NJ

    • please don't let this happen! They don't need any more power!!!

      Ray from Englewood, CO

      Comcast Customer

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • please don't let this happen! They don't need any more power!!!

      Ray from Converse, TX

      Comcast Customer

    • USA


    • I work for a 41 branch library system (Hennepin County) which uses Comcast for all internet access thoughout every county service department. Having experience with Comcast for the library and our patrons needing internet access, I can't think of a worse idea than letting Comcast have even more industry power through this merger which effectively creates even more of a monopoly than they have right now. They already are very poor in delivering quality service at a reasonable cost, and being able to charge even more for higher speed access will be very bad for our nonprofit government services.

      Gail from Minneapolis, MN

    • The merger would allow a effective monopoly to be established which is illegal it is potentially dangerous for the well being of Comcast and it's employes allowing this will anger millions but unstable citizens may take action and danger the lives of comcast and their workers if such a thing was to occure the FCC will surely be to blame

      Robert from Rochester, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Keep these companies separate, please.

      Christopher from Centerville, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Stop the merger. These giant media companies need to be broken up, not merged. A near monopoly is never good for the customer. I don't want to see my cost go up while service declines.

      Dava from Roseville, MN

      Comcast Customer

    • This merger will stop needed diversification in communications that our democracy increasingly needs!

      Anita from Columbia Station, OH

    • USA


    • Please stop the merger. We need more diverse media voices and not a monopoly. As a Comcast customer, I can tell that they need more competition and not less.

      Eric from Hattiesburg, MS

      Comcast Customer

    • Please do not allow the merger. There are more than enough mega-corparations already.

      Sean from Mc Gregor, TX

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Please prevent this merger from happening

      Hazelle from Lombard, IL

      Comcast Customer

    • Concentrating the media into even fewer hands moves us even closer to fascism. Too few people are influencing the message. We need more voices not fewer. NO MERGER!

      Monique from Minneapolis, MN

    • During the 1980's it was decided that AT&T was a monopoly (too big) and was broken up. How is this not the same if The Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger allowed to happened? Why is the will of the majority being crushed by the will of a few? Please do not allow this debacle happen.

      Diane from Jackson, MI

      Comcast Customer

    • US has very poor quality internet service as compared to other developed countries. And, we pay MUCH MORE for the service we do get. This hurts our economy. We need MORE competition not less. Isn't that the basis of capitalism?

      Fran from Cleveland Heights, OH

    • please don't let this happen! They don't need any more power!!!

      Julie from Conway, AR

    • USA


    • I urge against allowing the merger because of Shermans antitrust act for one. Big businesses are taking control away from the people. Once the market is monopolised, prices would skyrocket. Let's keep the American economy free and open and competitive.

      Jesse from Sheffield Lake, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • Merging these 2 companies into an even larger cable company will do a disservice to the American people.

      S from Bellevue, WA

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger, please I'm combat military veteran and like staying intouch with family and friends and streaming with my military brothers

      David from Uniontown, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • This merger is not in the best interests of the American people. If Comcast & Time Warner merge, they will have very close to a monpoly. This is fundamentally against what the internet stands for. Free speech for everyone and equal access for all. Small businesses, budding artists, a free press are all in danger with this merger. Please vote against it.

      Kalynda from Las Vegas, NV

    • If you allow the merger of Time Warner and Comcast, when will the merger mania stop? There is way too much concentrated power in the media industry. As the voices of the big media get louder, they drown out even more those of the average citizen.

      Bob from Brecksville, OH

    • Say NO to the merger!

      Kimberly from Rochester, NY

    • I sent before i commented. This merger is a bad idea. The larger the merger the worse the customer service, the higher the prices, jobs will be list. There is no reason but corporate greed for this merger to happen. Please say NO!

      Joan from Kapaa, HI

    • We don't need more corporate monopolies. Our anti-trust laws were meant to stop them because of unfair pricing & poor performance.

      Lois from Cleveland, OH

    • Monopolies are ALWAYS a bad deal for consumers; we must have fair competition to make sure the right thing is done. I live under the monopoly of an energy utility; it refuses to allow solar energy here in a state& city with 261 days of sunshine annually; in addition, its rates go up and up and up. FCC, protect the public! No merger of these cable companies.

      Marjorie from columbia, SC

    • I am opposed to the merger between Comcast and Time Warner. We need more competition in cable service, not less.

      Deborah from Kent, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • I highly recommend that you watch the

      Richard from Evans City, PA

      Comcast Customer

    • Please do not permit the merger of Comcast with Time Warner. It would be a disaster.

      Carla from Cleveland Heights, OH

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • The U.S. has too much monopolization now. No more1

      Tom from San Diego, CA

    • Both companies have (1) a history of allowing political favoritism to color their content and service, and (2) a history of being the last and second last in customer service. When a massive communications company is politically active for it's own benefit, and public-service-poor and deceptive to great mass of citizens, how than that be good for America? How about times two?

      Roger from Cuba, NY

      Time Warner Cable Customer

    • There is absolutely nothing good about a monopoly! The service is terrible and there is no alternative.

      Susan from Lincolnwood, IL

    • Please stop this merger. It is creating a monopoly, which is against what the FCC should be protecting.

      Mike from Los Ranchos, NM

    • Comcast already holds a monopoly on the internet in many places, this merger would only make it worse. The anti-monopoly laws were enacted for a reason, support them.

      Susan from COLLINSVILLE, MS

      Comcast Customer

    • Stop the merger

      John from Fairfax, CA

    • Mergers eliminate competition and stifle creativity.

      Barbara from Cambridge, MA

      Comcast Customer

    • Comcast has the worst customer service imaginable. With this merger it will only get even worse, if that is even possible. Not to mention controlling the internet, slowing down certain websites, charging more money, not providing up-to-date technololgy to generate faster and more efficient speeds of transmission.

      Tom from Indianapolis, IN

      Comcast Customer

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