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Keep the Chicago Tribune Local:

We oppose the sale of the Chicago Tribune to owners based outside the community. We are particularly opposed to the sale of the Tribune to Koch Industries, which reportedly wants to use media outlets to further its political agenda.

The upcoming sale is the best opportunity to make the Chicago Tribune accountable to its readers. We demand that you sell the Tribune only to a local owner who will commit to the following principles:

  1. The Chicago Tribune will serve the news and information needs of the whole community. The Tribune should not exist to serve an owner's political agenda.
  2. The Chicago Tribune will act as a watchdog against corporate abuse and political corruption.
  3. The Chicago Tribune will hire more local reporters and editors.
  4. The Chicago Tribune will produce credible and fair journalism that reflects our community's diversity.

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    Koch News Is Bad News for Chicago

    The Koch brothers may be on the verge of destroying the Chicago Tribune.

    The billionaire brothers reportedly want to buy the eight Tribune Company newspapers and use these outlets to promote their extreme political agenda. This means turning the Chicago Tribune into a platform for Koch Industries at the expense of everyday Chicagoans.

    The Koch brothers have repeatedly misled the public on a range of social, economic and political issues. They don't care one bit about journalism or the Chicago community.

    Still, the Tribune Company is reportedly taking the Koch bid for its newspapers very seriously.

    We can't let the Kochs win this one. The Tribune Company needs to hear from the people of Chicago and beyond.

    Take action. Tell the Tribune Company: Don't sell the Chicago Tribune to the Koch brothers — or anyone who would put ideology before fair, objective and hard-hitting journalism. We'll deliver your message to Tribune Company executives before it's too late.

    500 Total Signatures (Recent comments appear below)

    • We don't need a large version of the National Enquirer.

      Coral from WAUCONDA, IL

    • Unbiased reporting and news coverage. Just give me the facts, I will choose if and how I want to respond.

      Sylvia Jo from Chicago, IL

    • I will immediately cancel my subscription.

      Christopher from Chicago, IL

    • Selling the Tribune to the Koch Brothers is a huge slap in the face to loyal readers.

      Jacqueline from Chicago, IL

    • The Chicago Tribune will continue to produce investigative journalism that has consistently resulted in major, positive changes across a broad spectrum, most notably in governmental and legislative arenas

      Sandra from Chicago, IL

    • Fair, objective news reporting for which the Koch brothers as possible owners of the Tribune are incapable of delivering. Consider my subscriptions cancelled if that horror happens.

      Shari from Chicago, IL

    • Objective coverage of the news - - not just repeat of GOP lies!

      Ronald from Chicago, IL

    • The Tribune should surely exist to provide watchdog for corporate and political corruption as well as fair well researched, and unbiased reporting reflecting the readership's diversity. The paper should report to the community it serves, NOT the political agenda of the owners. PLEASE don't let the Tribune fall into disreputable, biased hands!

      Terri from Coral gables, FL

    • I will cancel my subscription and my mother's subscription to the Trib if they sell to this right-wing, anti-science enterprise. The newspapers would subsitute right-wing propaganda for the truth.

      Andrew from Morton Grove, IL

    • What we need is engaged, open-minded news reporting that is not afraid to criticize any standpoint that has fallen into corruption or is strictly ideological. It has to be based in facts and science as well as local interests and problems.

      William from Chicago, IL

    • 5. The Chicago Tribune will strive to be an environmentally sustainable business.

      Richard from Chicago, IL

    • I want a newspaper that serves the community it services.

      Ed from Chicago, IL

    • If the Kochs become owners, the Chicago Tribune will be as truthful and accurate as Fox News.

      Timothy from Chicago, IL

    • Really like the paper sure would hate to cancel,butI couldn't read garbage

      Gary from bolingbrook, IL

    • As a 30 plus year subscriber to the Trib, I will cancel in a heartbeat if you sell to the Kochs.

      David from Evanston, IL

    • If the Koch brothers become the owners of the Chicago Tribune, that will be the end of my long time subscription to the paper. I will refuse to pay to be exposed to views that are anathema to me. Newspapers were supposed to represent the fourth estate, exposing the truth wherever it is to be found, free of opinion and coercion. It isn't happening now, let alone if it is going to reflect the fringe right views of the Koch brothers who are accustomed to buying the truth, their truth.

      Alba from Homewood, IL

    • The Tribune will lose the endlessly pro-corporate, pro-big business agenda which they have embraced for so long.

      Kevin from chicago, IL

    • Unbiased journalism that is free from conflict of interests and agenda.

      Jason from Chicago, IL

    • I have been reading the Tribune for 48+ years, with a 20-year "time-out" when I lived in North Dakota. I read the whole paper from front to back, seven days a week. When I returned to Illinois, I starting reading the Tribune again, but was VERY disappointed to see how much the Tribune has slid into the journalistic ditches from the Tribune I used to know, wallowing in the piles of wasted newsprint devoted to merchandising and sales of everything under the sun. I still read the Tribune on occasion; however, if the Koch folks buy it up, I guarantee the Tribune WILL BE DEAD to me. Leave the Tribune alone, Kochs! It CAN return to its former glory — and beyond — and I sincerely hope it does, under the aegis of the right people.

      Charles from Antioch, IL

    • The Chicago Tribune should interview and report Green Party and Independent Party Candidate and refrain from supporting neoliberal and machinist politicians. Also, the Chicago Tribune should not donate to neoliberal campaigns that harm or demean communities of color, low-income, queer, disabled, and trans*/gender-non-conforming.

      Lucky from Chicago, IL

    • Balanced editorials, unbiased investigations, timely and serious reporting. I subscribe now; whether I continue will depend on what happens now.

      Jean from Chicago, IL

    • I am a long time subscriber. I keep my subscription, even though I can get news easily on the internet, because of the investigative reporting you do. I will not continue to subscribe if the owner becomes someone as biased in one direction as Koch.

      Marty from Evanston, IL

    • I have been a reader for most of my life and a daily subscriber for more than 2 decades. That will come to an end the second The Tribune is sold to the Koch brothers

      Christopher from Palatine, IL

    • Chicago doesn't need the Koch bros to politicize our newspapers anymore than they already are. Keep those billionaire's views and money away!

      Pat from darien, IL

    • Keep those STINKING ROTTEN CREEPS OUT OF CHICAGO. We Do Not need or want those SCUM BAG BROTHERS any where near Chicago or Illinois for that matter. koch = WORTHLESS SCUM BAG

      John from Round Lake Beach, IL

    • I expect journalism not far right, corporate propaganda and will not read or support a paper owned by the Kochs!

      Ted from Chicago, IL

    • Being as honest as is.

      Gabriella from Chicago, IL

    • I just might donate money to a Chicago Tribune owned by a non-profit concern like the group that wants to purchase the LA Times. See

      Scott from Chicago, IL

    • I intend on going back to college, majoring in journalism. I would like to work for a paper such as the Tribune--but not one owned by the Kochs.

      Robert from Chicago, IL

    • Protect factual news pappers.Do not sell the 'TRIB' .To the ultra biased Koch brothers.

      Charles from Shorewood, IL

    • I love the Chicago Tribune's current investigative , analytically written journalism. The Koch brothers are very involved in politics and appear to only promote agendas that will benefit their business interests. If the Koch brothers purchase the Chicago Tribune, I will be cancelling my subscription to the Tribune.

      Maureen from Wheaton, IL

    • The Chicago Tribune will cease to be considered a serious source of information if it is sold to the Koch brothers.

      Andrew from Chicago, IL

    • I plan to cancel my subscription if the Tribune is sold to Koch Industries.

      Julie from Chicago, IL

    • If they buy, I'll NEVER buy the Tribune again!!!

      Sharon from Bourbonnais, IL

    • We don't need yet another right wing propaganda outlet. Let's keep some integrity in these difficult times...

      Yvonne from Chicago, IL

    • Providing a reliable news source to the citizens of your city should be more important than the Koch Brothers' dirty money. Please don't cave in to them!!! Stay strong, for all of us. <3

      Andrea from Chicago, IL

    • Jackie Skarpiak

      Jackie from Oak Lawn, IL

    • I have been reading the Chicago Tribune since my Dad taught me to read it. Please don't sell out to the Koch Brothers. This would be a sad day for journalism and Chicago. Thank you for your consideration.

      Mary from Morton Grove, IL

    • 5. The Chicago Tribune will continue its tradition of investigative journalism without corporate or political bias.

      Aaron from Chicago, IL

    • We are truly in trouble if the Koch brothers can not only affect the outcome of elections, but also control the news we receive. Since we support a free press, opinions belong on the editorial page only - not throughout what claims to be a source of unbiased reporting!

      Margaret from Westchester, IL

    • As a daily reader of the Chicago Tribune, I would like to see it continue with fair and objective reporting and not become a political rag promoting the Koch Brothers right wing agenda

      Richard from HazelCrest, IL

    • Our local news shrd serve out community and the Koch Brother believe in serving themselves We here in Chicago have always relied upon out news being trustworthy

      Marie from Chicago, IL

    • Chicago is my hometown. I have always read the Tribune, even though I didn't agree with its Republican leaning editorial pages. The Koch brothers are oriented so much farther to the right that Their influence would be toxic. And they don't know anything about newspapers!

      Donna from Richmond Heights, MO

    • We need real news not Right Wing propaganda! DO NOT cave into the Koch takeover. We will cancel our subscription if the Koch's own the paper.

      C from McHenry, IL

    • The Chicago Tribune Company will take the unprecedented step of taking a financial hit to preserve the integrity of the Fourth Estate. The people of Chicago and the nation (when other news outlets follow suit) will be forever in their debt. Not.

      Maryann from Chicago, IL

    • I agree completely with the above four principles. The Trib has improved greatly over the last 2-3 years in serving the Chicagoland communities. Let's keep it that way.

      RuthAnn from Chicago, IL

    • 1.The Chicago Tribune will serve the news and information needs of the whole community. The Tribune should not exist to serve an owner's political agenda.yep

      Bryan from berwyn, IL

    • I want news. I don't want infotainment. The Koch cartel is not welcome in Chicago. They're nothing but a bunch of thugs.

      Lowanda from Itasca, IL

    • Frantz M. Remy guys keep it real and do the job the way it, should be done by giving the hard working people of Chicago what they deserved. Thank you hope you reconsider and do the right thing.

      Frantz from Dolton, IL

    • A free press is a free Nation. People cannot be truly free making decisions based on propaganda.

      Barbara from Cary, IL

    • Journalism is a public trust. The Koch brothers have demonstrated that they are not concerned with the needs of the public and that they cannot be trusted.

      Ann from Chicago, IL

    • My husband, his parents and I have been subscribing to the Tribune's print copy for years. The moment I learn if it has been purchased by the Koch Brothers, those subscriptions will end and I'll advise all the rest of my friends/families to discontinue their subscriptions to the newspaper.

      Irene from Wheaton, IL

    • We do not need to hear the ranting of the Oligarchy outside of their County Club.

      Franklin from Plainfield, IL

    • I want a local paper, that's it. One owned, run, and read bby locals. A local perspective, with local integrity.

      Andrew from Mundelein, IL

    • Go ahead and sell to whomever you choose. It's your newspaper, after all.

      Dave from Antioch, IL

    • Chicago needs a newspaper with integrity. Don't sell us short.

      Diane from Chicago, IL

    • The Chicago Tribune will put forward the views of its readers in letters to the editor without bias.

      Kerry from Maple Park, IL

    • I'm a Chicagoan who reads the trib every day. That will end if these guys get it. The Trib has a very illustrious history for good journalism and an important legacy. Don't throw it away!

      Mimi from chicago, IL

    • Should you sell to the Koch brothers, we and our friends who currently subscribe to the paper will immediately end our subscriptions.

      Donald from Wilmette, IL

    • I would like responsible, insightful local and international news.

      Barbara from Wilmette, IL

    • If the Koch brothers buy the Chicago Tribune, I'll consider it an unreliable source for news and will shun it as I shun Fox newscasts.

      Rick from Chicago, IL

    • I have been a 7-day Chicago Tribune subscriber for over 20 years, but I will switch to the Sun-Times if the Koch brothers buy the Trib.

      Steven from Woodridge, IL

    • will never buy trib again if those 2 buy the paper.and neither will many others.

      Thomas from Huntley, IL

    • I will no longer read the Tribune if sold to the Koch brothers.

      Liz from Chicago, IL

    • I will cancel my subscription to the Trib immediately if sold to the Kocks.

      Laird from Frankfort, IL

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