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    Make the Call: Tell Assembly Leaders to Schedule a Hearing on the Civic Info Bill

    In just the last few weeks, activists have gathered in both Camden and Newark to take action in support of the Civic Info Bill, which would pour much-needed resources into local news and information.

    Lawmakers are listening — and now we have a huge opportunity: We have insider knowledge that if enough people contact the legislative leaders' offices before the end of the year, the Higher Education Committee will hold a hearing on the bill.

    Our stories are important. And we know that stronger local news and information give a boost to civic engagement.

    By passing the Civic Info Bill, the New Jersey state legislature can invest resources in making all of this a reality — but first, we need a hearing.

    Call Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Majority Leader Lou Greenwald now and tell them that the Civic Info Bill deserves a hearing before the end of 2017  just like our communities’ stories deserve to be told.