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    Tell Sens. Durbin, Reid and Schumer: Stand Up for an Open Internet

    Negotiations over a must-pass budget bill that could threaten the survival of the Net Neutrality rules have now moved to the highest levels. While the conversations in Congress are still taking place behind closed doors, our sources tell us that anti-Net Neutrality riders are part of the latest proposal. These riders would flat out prevent the FCC from enforcing the Net Neutrality rules.

    Congressional leaders need to hear from everyone who supports an open Internet.

    Democratic leaders Sens. Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have all said they support real Net Neutrality and the FCC’s right to enforce its rules. Now they need to prove it by standing up to those who want to kill these protections.

    Tell Sens. Durbin, Reid and Schumer: Don’t let any of your colleagues threaten Net Neutrality.