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    Tell Congress: Remove CISA from the Budget Bill

    Congress just released the text of its must-pass spending bill. Buried within the roughly 2,000 pages is the privacy-killing CISA legislation.

    While appropriations bills are meant to determine funding for government agencies, they have increasingly been used as vehicles for sneaking in controversial riders that might not survive an actual debate. We were able to get the anti-Net Neutrality riders removed from the spending bill but CISA was forced through.

    Varying versions of this so-called “cybersecurity” bill have passed both the House and the Senate and the chambers were on track to settle the differences. But instead of following standard procedures, leadership decided to fast-track the bill by attaching it to the budget.

    And to make matters worse, the newly negotiated version is even more dangerous than the previous bills.

    Pick up the phone: Tell Congress to strip CISA from the budget bill.

    Original image by Flickr user Pictures of Money