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    Make the Call: Tell New Jersey Lawmakers to Support the Civic Info Bill (S2317/A3628)

    GREAT NEWS: Thanks to you the Civic Info Bill (S2317/A3628) passed through committee votes in both the state Senate and Assembly and is expected to come up for a full vote any day.

    The fight to revitalize local news in New Jersey has been long and hard, but we have to keep pushing if we’re going to get this critical legislation over the finish line.

    Lawmakers have told us that phone calls from New Jersey residents are the number-one thing they respond to. In fact, some of the officials backing the Civic Info Bill signed on in response to just one phone call from a constituent.

    Years of out-of-control media consolidation have left many communities throughout the Garden State with no local news coverage. That’s why media-makers, tech innovators, organizers and higher-education institutions are partnering to support the Civic Info Bill (S2317/A3628) — which would transform how our communities stay informed.

    This bill would invest millions of dollars in innovative projects designed to strengthen local journalism, foster community engagement, and amplify the voices of people of color and other marginalized communities.

    One call from you could make all the difference. Contact your lawmakers in the statehouse now and tell them that improving local news and information is important to you and your community.