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    Jeff Sessions Must Resign

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to have committed perjury and lied under oath about meetings with Russian officials, according to a new report in the Washington Post.1 This is the same Jeff Sessions who was outspoken about perjury during former President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial.2

    Jeff Sessions has got to go. Since taking office, Sessions has attacked the transgender community3 and stated that a recent increase in violent crime stems from increased scrutiny of law enforcement officers, many of whom have been captured on cellphones while engaging in violence against communities of color.4 In his first major speech, he said the Justice Department would “pull back” from Obama-era investigations into these kinds of abuses.5

    Hostility toward people of color, women, immigrants and the LGBTQ community have been a central theme of Sessions' long, disgraceful Senate career. As attorney general he is in a position to increase mass surveillance, target whistleblowers and the journalists they talk to, sign off on dangerous corporate mergers, and decide whether to prosecute law enforcement for civil rights violations.

    The Senate shouldn't have voted to confirm him and now it has no choice but to demand his resignation. Call your senator today.

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    Original image by Flickr user Ryan J. Reilly