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    Defend the Win: Donate to Protect Net Neutrality

    We won a huge victory for the public interest when the FCC voted to protect real Net Neutrality.

    Which is why the cable and phone companies will stop at nothing to destroy it.

    The fight now moves to Congress, where Internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are among the biggest campaign donors. These guys are used to getting their way in Washington and they won't take this defeat lying down.

    The next few months in Congress will be intense. We'll see legislation designed to undermine the FCC's new rules, attempts to defund the agency, endless hearings intended to prop up ISPs looking for new ways to rip off consumers.

    But we aren't giving up an inch of ground. In fact, there's more we want to win.

    Defend the Win: Donate Today to Protect Net Neutrality in Congress.