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    We're Suing the FCC to Save Net Neutrality

    We’re suing the FCC over its shameful decision to destroy the Net Neutrality rules.

    Chairman Pai and the two other Republican commissioners voted in 2017 to destroy the open internet, ignoring the voices of tens of millions of people and handing control of the internet to companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

    These companies are now free to carve the internet into fast and slow lanes. They could block or slow down any content, services or apps they choose — and even silence political speech they disagree with. This is terrifying for anyone using the internet to organize for justice and challenge the powerful.

    We won’t stand for it.

    Let us be clear: Ajit Pai will not have the last word on Net Neutrality. We're suing the FCC on the basis of its broken process, deeply flawed legal reasoning, willful rejection of evidence that contradicts its preordained conclusions, and absolute disregard for public input. We have a very strong case in court.

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