Summer of Internet Freedom


The release of the Declaration of Internet Freedom has sparked a vigorous global discussion about the role of the Internet in our lives — and how we can keep it free and open.

So this August we’re encouraging Internet users to continue the conversation by organizing a series of events — Internet BBQs, you could call them — across the country and around the world.

This is a great chance to eat good food, meet people from your community and discuss what Internet freedom means to you. The more that we engage with the Declaration and show public support for Internet freedom, the closer we’ll get to policies that protect our right to communicate online.

Want to host a Summer of Internet Freedom event? Take the first step and sign up below.

(Something you should know: When you create your event it will be "public," meaning that Free Press will promote it along with other Summer of Internet Freedom events. In addition to people you’ve personally invited, attendees may include other Free Press activists from your area.)

    1. Name Your Event

    e.g., "BBQ-ing for Internet Freedom," "Declaration Remix & Grill"


    Free Press can help you recruit people for your event. However, if you decide to make your event private, you will be responsible for recruiting all attendees.

    2. Find a Location

    e.g., "My House," "Local Park," etc.

    NOTE: Event addresses are public.

    Double-check date, time, and location before you submit!
    3. Describe Your Event

    If your event is public, people will see this description before signing up for your event.

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    Your Contact Information

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    Thanks for filling out all that info — you’re almost done! We’ll email you a link to confirm your event.