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    People Need Net Neutrality: Send a Comment to the FCC

    Everywhere you turn, major media are reporting on Net Neutrality1 as a battle of the CEOs, featuring “Comcast vs. Netflix” and other big names. It’s a false narrative — and we’ll be letting the world know that any discussion of internet freedom should be defined by the communities impacted most: People of color. Small-business owners. Artists. Organizers. College students. Immigrants. Formerly incarcerated people. Low-income people. Rural communities. These are the faces of Net Neutrality, and they need your help.

    Let FCC Chairman Ajit Pai know that destroying Net Neutrality would actually destroy lives.

    Every day, people depend on the open internet for education, employment, health care, civic power and so much more — in spite of institutional barriers like racism, homophobia, gender discrimination and poverty. That’s why dismantling Net Neutrality is a major part of Trump’s authoritarian agenda.

    Now is the time to RESIST: Share your internet story and let the FCC know that Net Neutrality is about people. Tell Ajit Pai, Trump and their corporate friends to get their hands off your internet freedom.

    Your story could make a difference.

    1. “Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now,” Free Press: