To Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch:

Fire Tucker Carlson once and for all.

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    Carlson and other white supremacists may have a right to freedom of speech, but they are not guaranteed the privilege of a national platform.

    Tell Fox News: Fire Tucker Carlson Once and for All

    Tucker Carlson is back at it again: being super-racist and anti-immigrant on his Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight. This time, he’s doubling down on how “demographic change” in the United States is diluting his vote as a white man.1 Demographic change, in this context, is an obvious dog whistle for “more people of color = bad.”

    Carlson has a long history of making revolting comments about Black people and other communities of color — going so far as to justify Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder of Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha.2 Carlson has also defended the violent insurrectionists who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6.3

    It’s very clear that Carlson is racist and anti-immigrant — but what’s less clear is why Fox News continues to employ him and amplify his lies about people of color and immigrants.

    Racism and xenophobia that surface online and on TV can translate into real-world violence. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. In the Atlanta area. At the U.S. Capitol. In El Paso. In Kenosha. Sadly, the list goes on and on. And yet Carlson continues to stoke fear and hate on a regular basis under the Fox News banner.

    Enough is enough. Demand that Fox News fire Tucker Carlson once and for all.

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