Dear Member of Congress:

The resolutions of disapproval Rep. Doug Collins and Sen. Rand Paul have introduced would destroy Net Neutrality and invalidate the new FCC rules.

Millions of people urged the FCC to pass these protections, which are based on decades of solid law and a bipartisan legal framework.

I urge you to stand with Team Internet and speak out in opposition to these resolutions.

Thank you. 

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    Congress Is Trying to Destroy Net Neutrality. Again.

    Congress is at it again. Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Doug Collins have both introduced "resolutions of disapproval" that are designed to overturn the FCC's Net Neutrality rules.

    Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress has the power to review — and invalidate — any new rules issued by federal agencies.

    Tell your member of Congress to vote AGAINST these resolutions.