To FCC Chairman Ajit Pai:

Your recent FCC orders, issued without any public input, target key consumer safeguards and make it harder for families with low incomes to get online.

Chairman Pai, listen to the people, not Trump. Reverse your harmful orders and stand up for those you swore to serve.

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    Tell FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: Listen to the People, Not Trump

    Trump's new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, just started dumping our communication rights out with the trash.

    Taking a page out of Trump's playbook, Pai issued his own version of executive orders, targeting key consumer safeguards and limiting the Lifeline program's support of broadband access, making it even more difficult for millions of people with low incomes to bridge the digital divide.

    Chairman Pai is making it harder for needy families to get online. Tell him to back off.

    Pai claims he wants to improve transparency at the FCC, but there's nothing transparent about undermining democratic policies with ZERO public input. Even worse, he tried to cover up his hypocrisy by releasing these orders under the radar late on a Friday afternoon.

    Pai is showing his true stripes: Instead of helping people, he's falling in line with the Trump administration and favoring the same powerful corporations that threaten Net Neutrality and other consumer protections.

    Everything we've fought for at the FCC is in jeopardy. Tell Pai to quit pulling a Trump and start representing the public.