To New Jersey Gov. Murphy

The state of our local media reflects the health of our communities and democracy. In New Jersey we need new thinking and big ideas to give people the news and information they need. And the Civic Information Consortium has the potential to incubate some of the most innovative journalism and storytelling collaborations in the country.

The Civic Information Consortium would unite journalists, tech innovators and higher-education institutions to partner with communities and create quality information and impactful reporting.

New Jersey needs to invest in its information infrastructure. Newsrooms are disappearing and our communities are struggling to get what they need to stay engaged. The need for the Civic Information Consortium couldn’t be more urgent.

Please strengthen New Jersey’s media by creating and funding the Civic Information Consortium in your inaugural budget.

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    Tell Gov. Murphy to Strengthen New Jersey's Media and Fund the Civic Info Consortium

    Prime sponsors in the New Jersey statehouse plan to reintroduce the Civic Info Bill this year.

    This legislation would establish the Civic Info Consortium, a proposed collaboration among journalists, organizers, tech innovators and higher-education institutions designed to transform how our communities stay informed, strengthen local media, provide impactful reporting, and amplify the voices of people of color and other marginalized communities.

    But our best chance of winning is to get Gov. Murphy to include the Civic Info Consortium in his first budget. Murphy’s budget will outline his priorities for the coming year and send a message to legislators.

    This is our chance to create a media landscape that supports us all — no matter what corner of the state we live in. Our stories are important, and we know that stronger local news and information creates stronger communities.

    Tell Gov. Murphy to listen to the thousands of New Jerseyans who have made calls, signed petitions and lobbied at the statehouse to support the consortium. By including the Civic Info Consortium in his inaugural budget, Murphy would help empower our communities to tell our own stories. And our stories deserve to be told.

    Help make it happen: Urge Gov. Murphy to include the Civic Info Consortium in his first budget.