Dear Majority Leader Schumer and Senator Durbin:

People in the United States have seen their civil liberties and civil rights violated due to routine abuses of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). There is documented evidence of agencies like the NSA and the FBI getting warrantless access to communications from tens of thousands of peaceful protesters, racial-justice activists, small-dollar campaign donors, journalists, judges, local police and even members of Congress. This authority is sweeping and dangerous.

We urge you to refrain from including Section 702 reauthorization in spending bills or any other must-pass legislation.

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    Unwarranted and Unwelcome: Government Surveillance Has to Stop

    Tell Senate Leadership: Do Not Reauthorize Warrantless Surveillance

    Agencies like the NSA and the FBI have abused Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to violate the civil liberties of everyday people in the United States and abroad. Our government agencies should not be spying on us, plain and simple.

    Free Press Action has joined with more than 20 partner organizations like the Brennan Center for Justice and the ACLU to call on Congress to reform Section 702 instead of carelessly reauthorizing it — and allowing the government to spy on protesters, journalists, activists and more.

    Add your name to our petition urging Senate leadership to keep a reauthorization of Section 702 out of government-funding packages.