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Dear President Obama and
Gov. Romney:

You may not agree on everything, but Internet freedom is one issue on which you appear to find common ground.

Earlier this summer, Internet advocates of all political persuasions drafted the Declaration of Internet Freedom — a bold call for online freedom that transcends partisan politics.

Your signatures — alongside those of 2,000 organizations representing millions of people across the globe — would go a long way toward showing that Internet freedom is a nonpartisan priority for the country.

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    Presidential candidates sign declaration of internet freedom

    Presidential Candidates: Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom!

    For the first time, both the Democratic and the Republican parties have included Internet freedom in their official platforms.1

    What's more, President Obama just recently stated his support for Internet freedom in a Q&A on reddit.2

    Now it’s time for President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney to kick their support for Internet freedom up a notch by signing the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

    The Declaration of Internet Freedom is a vision for protecting Internet freedom for good. It was drafted by Internet advocates of all political persuasions who agree that the need to protect expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy online should transcend partisan politics. Since its release earlier this summer, the Declaration has been signed by 2,000 organizations and companies and translated into 70 languages. 

    President Obama's and Gov. Romney's signatures on this document would send a message that Internet freedom is a nonpartisan priority for this country. Take action to urge President Obama and Gov. Romney to sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom.


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