2. Make the call.

    3. Tell us how it went.

    Who did you call?

    Do the #CallYourRep4theNet Karaoke Challenge

    Help get the world talking about Net Neutrality — and calling on U.S. House reps to bring it back! Follow these simple instructions:

    1. Change the words to your favorite song into a pro-Net Neutrality anthem. Include the line “Call your rep for the net.”
    2. Make a video of yourself jamming out.
    3. Post your video online with the hashtag #callyourrep4thenet.
    4. Tag a friend and challenge them to participate.

    And that's it! Note: It’s totally cool to do just part of the song. Check out the Free Press staff videos on this page for inspiration.

    Who knows? You might go viral. And you might just save the internet.

    This challenge is a fun but important way to get folks talking to the House as time runs out to pass the Net Neutrality CRA.1

    Why the House? We’re just 41 representatives away from forcing a vote there that would restore the Net Neutrality rules.

    Your voice will help get people singing, talking and — most importantly — calling their reps to stop Big Cable companies from destroying the internet, a vital platform for people of color, students, activists, rural residents, small-biz owners, seniors and just about everyone hoping to participate in society.

    Use creative props. Recruit some backup singers. Get as creative as you can; we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Dust off those vocal chords and make a karaoke video for the #callyourrep4thenet challenge — then use the form on this page to call your representative.

    1. “The Way to Win Net Neutrality in the House,” Free Press Action, July 31, 2018: https://www.freepress.net/our-response/expert-analysis/explainers/way-win-net-neutrality-house