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    Make the Call Today: Don't Let Congress Ruin Our Internet

    There are four attacks on the open internet moving through the House this week:

    1. An attack on the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules.

    2. A move to delay the FCC’s set-top box proceeding, an effort to lower your monthly cable costs and expand the programming choices you have on your devices.

    3. A giveaway allowing giant media conglomerates to run multiple TV stations in a given city, which would shut down independent broadcasters and lead to major job losses.

    4. An attempt to stop the FCC from protecting the privacy of broadband users.

    This is a power grab, plain and simple. A gift basket for industry and a blow to people like you and me.

    Tell your member of Congress these attacks are unacceptable: Stop undermining Net Neutrality and other FCC reforms.

    Original image by Flickr user Allie_Caulfield