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    Tell Congressional Leaders: Stop Any Sneaky Attempts to Kill Net Neutrality

    Some members of Congress are exploiting the quiet workweek by sneaking bad Net Neutrality riders into a must-pass government-funding bill. These riders would flat out prevent the FCC from enforcing the Net Neutrality rules.

    Right now congressional leaders are negotiating behind closed doors — and some are trying to work in language that would reverse the FCC's historic Net Neutrality ruling.

    We worked too hard for that win to let anyone undo it — let alone in secret.

    Please call at least two congressional leaders and tell them to keep anti-Net Neutrality provisions out of the financial services funding bill.

    Most of you won't be calling your own members of Congress, but that's OK. These offices need to hear from people like you!

    Original photo by Flickr user Tim Sackton