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    Make the Call: Tell Congress to Save Net Neutrality

    It's official: FCC Chairman Pai will call for a vote to kill Net Neutrality in December. This means we’re running out of time to save the open internet.

    We need to do all we can to get as many members of Congress as possible to speak out against Pai’s plan to gut the open internet. But we’re hearing from lawmakers who are on the fence that they need to hear from more constituents in order to act on this.

    We need to make their phones ring off the hook.

    If we get enough calls into Congress, lawmakers can pressure the FCC to drop its plan. Chairman Pai has made it clear that he answers to Verizon and Comcast — not the public. So we need to make sure that members of Congress — the people we voted into office — are speaking up on our behalf.

    Many congresspeople oppose the FCC’s plan to repeal the Net Neutrality rules because they know that voters from across the political spectrum want to keep these protections. But with everything else going on right now, lawmakers aren’t going to act on this unless they’re getting hammered with phone calls from constituents demanding they speak up for Net Neutrality.

    Our call tool will connect you to your members of Congress with just one click! Will you call your lawmakers and urge them to speak out against the FCC chairman’s plan to end Net Neutrality?