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    Make the Call: Tell Congress to Save Net Neutrality

    The FCC vote to gut the Net Neutrality protections — willfully ignoring the outcry from millions of people — cannot stand.

    That’s why we’re urging Congress to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to pass a “resolution of disapproval” to overturn this vote.

    The CRA empowers Congress to review new regulations and pass a joint resolution of disapproval to overrule regulations it doesn’t approve of. Think of it as a double negative: If we repeal the FCC’s repeal, we could end up right back where we started — with the strong Net Neutrality rules we had before.1

    All we need is 30 senators to get the bill to the floor, and then a simple majority to pass the resolution. And we’re so close: 29 senators have already signed on to the effort to restore the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules using the CRA. We need just one more senator to join in.2

    Call your senators today and tell them to join the effort to restore the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules.

    Using the CRA to overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality vote is the best option we have to restore the open-internet rules. This would also bypass the threat of Congress passing an industry-friendly bill that would leave us with a watered-down version of the rules we once had.

    Urge your senators to use the CRA to reverse the FCC's Net Neutrality-killing vote today.

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