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    Tell the Senate: Don't Destroy Net Neutrality

    On deck in Congress is a dangerous, sweeping package of deregulatory bills1 that threaten some of our most crucial government protections — including Net Neutrality. We need your help to stop these bills in their tracks.

    This legislation would allow Congress to rig the rules for big business, making it even harder for federal agencies — like the FCC — to protect consumers in the future.

    This package also threatens existing rules safeguarding the environment, ensuring Wall Street oversight — and protecting Net Neutrality. And if we don't speak up now, Net Neutrality will likely be one of the first rules on the chopping block.

    Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are supporting these destructive bills, and we need to tell them enough is enough. We can't afford to lose the open Internet — not now and not ever.

    Pick up the phone today: Tell Congress to stop any deal that threatens Net Neutrality.

    1. Senate Deregulatory Package Fact Sheet: freepress.net/sites/default/files/resources/senate_deregulatory_package_fact_sheet.pdf