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    Make the Call: Tell the Senate to Fire Ajit Pai

    It’s time for a break-up.

    Any day now, the Senate will vote on whether to reconfirm FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — and we’re urging senators to dump him.

    Since Pai joined the Commission, he's worked to undo policies designed to protect internet users, communities of color and poor people. While he's supposed to protect the public interest, he's continuously voted against it and sided with the deep-pocketed corporations — like Verizon — that once employed him.

    Pai has made it clear that he doesn’t care about protecting the communication rights of everyday people. Time and time again he’s failed to stand up for those he’s sworn to serve. This is unacceptable. And now the Senate has the opportunity to intervene on the public’s behalf.

    Call your senators and tell them a vote for Pai is a vote to:

    • End the internet as we know it by destroying Net Neutrality protections.
    • Let Trump's favorite media empire Sinclair known for its racist coverage and anti-Muslim "must-run" broadcasts gain even more reach and power.
    • Shut off phone and internet service for people who are struggling by attacking the Lifeline program.

    Not a single senator should support that agenda.

    Tell the Senate to stand up for what's right and fire FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. (He does a better job of representing Verizon’s interests anyway.)

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