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    Last Chance: Urge New Jersey Legislators to Pass the Civic Info Bill

    We’ve built serious momentum around the Civic Info Bill, which would finally fix the state’s local news crisis and infuse $100 million from the sale of old public-media stations into projects to revive, strengthen and reinvent local news and information.

    But now that momentum is in jeopardy, and it’s possible the bill won’t pass by the budget deadline of June 30.

    The Civic Info Bill is our best chance to transform the future of New Jersey media, but it needs your support to move forward.

    Every community deserves a voice. How can we improve schools, make decisions about local elections and be better neighbors when we don’t know what’s happening on our block?

    Local media — when it’s done right — makes it happen.

    But thousands of local journalists in New Jersey have lost their jobs. Newsrooms have shut down. Most communities get only a constant loop of Philadelphia and New York City news. Some get nothing at all. 

    We may never have a chance like this again and our allies in the statehouse need to know we're behind them. 

    Stand up for the media you and your neighbors deserve: Pick up the phone and urge legislators to pass the Civic Info Bill.

    Many of you won't be calling your own legislators, but that's OK. These offices need to hear from everyone.