Democracy Delayed

In the post-Citizens United era, wealthy corporations and individuals think democracy is a trophy they can buy, stuff and mount on their parlor walls.

But now Americans are reclaiming democracy with an important victory: the recent FCC decision requiring broadcasters to post data about political ad spending online.

Now it looks like a bureaucratic process might ruin our chance of getting the information we need to make informed choices this election season.

The obstacle is the "Paperwork Reduction Act." The Act requires the Office of Management and Budget to review every new rule to ensure that it reduces paperwork and minimizes bureaucracy. But if the OMB delays its review of the FCC rule, it's possible we won't gain access to valuable online data about political ads until after the November vote.

Clean elections require media transparency. Take action today.

Sign the Petition

To the Office of Management and Budget:

Don't let a bureaucratic process stand in the way of the information Americans need to make informed decisions this election season.

Please expedite your review of the FCC's landmark decision requiring broadcasters to put their political files online.

The rule brings transparency to an election season that's been overrun by special-interest money. We must let the FCC implement the ruling well in advance of the November vote.

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