Don't Let Congress and Broadcasters Keep You in the Dark

A House Appropriations Subcommittee recently ruled on a measure to decrease transparency for political ads aired on local television stations.

If signed into law, this bill would deny the public better access to information about the wealthy corporations and individuals that are inundating our airwaves with misleading political ads in 2012.

The FCC decision was a milestone in the fight for better democracy. Yet as with any hard-won reform in the age of big-money politics, this change is being attacked by unscrupulous members of Congress who put the interests of corporate lobbyists before those of everyday Americans.

Please sign this letter to your members of Congress and demand that they serve the public first.

In this post-Citizens United era, we can't let broadcasters hide their political profits.

Read more about the Committee vote and the legislators who voted to bury transparency:

Sign the Petition

Dear Members of Congress:

Some of your colleagues, working at the behest of the broadcast industry, want to keep the public in the dark. The House Appropriations Subcommittee recently passed a draft budget that strips the FCC of its ability to enforce popular new rules that require broadcasters to post online their political advertising files so anyone can see them.

Voters have the right to know who is trying to influence their Election Day choice. I urge you to support media transparency in the age of Super PACs and massive ad spending. Please put people before broadcast lobbyists and oppose this budget provision. Our democracy demands it.

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