To Policymakers:

We call on you to enact the Disinfo Defense League’s policy platform — a roadmap endorsed by dozens of civil- and human-rights organizations. The platform lays out a set of solutions to quell disinformation and build a media ecosystem that promotes accurate news and information, protects civil and human rights, and fosters an informed electorate.

The Disinfo Defense League policy platform calls on:

  • Congress to adopt comprehensive digital-privacy legislation that protects digital civil rights.
  • Congress to pass legislation to tax social-media companies for polluting the information ecosystem and direct those monies to support high-quality noncommercial and local journalism.
  • The Biden administration to leverage existing authorities to rein in disinformation.
  • The United Nations to document and analyze the harms that disinformation has caused to Black, Indigenous and Brown communities around the world, and set in place the building blocks for repair.

Please take these proactive steps to protect our democracy and society.

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    Tell policymakers to adopt the Disinformation Defense League’s policy platform

    Tell Policymakers: It’s Time to Tackle Disinformation

    Social-media platforms and other tech giants have been at the epicenter of a growing disinformation crisis. These companies’ business models incentivize amplifying the worst content because that feeds their bottom line.

    That’s why we need policymakers to step in.

    Disinformation has disrupted the ability to organize and disseminate accurate information — leading to real-world harms such as voter suppression, an insufficient public-health response to the pandemic, hate crimes, violence, harassment and the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

    Online platforms have shirked responsibility and accountability for their roles in spreading dangerous disinformation.

    We have a roadmap for policymakers to center civil rights, transparency and privacy online. The Disinfo Defense League has introduced a policy platform to support the following reforms:

    • Banning discriminatory algorithms
    • Limiting Big Tech’s use of our personal information
    • Enhancing data transparency
    • Enhancing platform transparency about the impacts of the platforms’ business models
    • Protecting whistleblowers
    • Establishing individuals’ rights to control their own data
    • Expanding Federal Trade Commission oversight
    • Enlisting the assistance of other federal agencies that protect the public with specialized expertise
    • Establishing strong consumer protections

    Tell policymakers to adopt the Disinformation Defense League’s policy platform today.