To Congress:

The government is bypassing the Fourth Amendment by buying location-tracking data on immigrants and U.S. citizens without a warrant. We cannot let this continue under a new presidential administration. We demand that Congress close this loophole and protect our privacy by passing the Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act.

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    Think Your Location Data is Private? Think Again!

    Tell Congress to Protect Your Privacy and Pass the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act

    Right now, federal agencies have access to your moment-to-moment location data. They get this, in part, from the apps you download on your phone or tablet. Something as innocuous as a flashlight app can access and sell your data to various actors. One of the most atrocious examples of this is the revelation that the U.S. military has been extracting location data from a Muslim prayer app to surveil the Muslim community.1

    A harsh truth is that regardless of which party is in power, immigrant communities and people of color are disproportionately targeted, surveilled and tracked. ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection regularly purchase location-tracking data from shady “data mining” tech companies.2 The privacy and civil-rights implications of this are staggering — and mean that the communities that were targeted most by the Trump administration remain at risk under the Biden administration.

    This kind of tracking is an abuse of power and a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights to privacy. Sen. Wyden has just introduced a bill that would stop this practice and others like it in their tracks.3 Tell Congress to pass the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act.

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