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Dear Comcast

Comcast wants to take over the Internet. How Does That Make You Feel?

Comcast — aka America's Most Hated Company — wants to buy Time Warner Cable.

If this happens, Comcast will have even more control over our online experience and how we connect and communicate.

You can stop this takeover. Speak out now.

We'll deliver your message to Washington.

(Your comments will be submitted to FCC docket 14-57.)

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    • It is a shame how we have been sold out in Florida by our politicians and how COMCAST is running roughshod over all of us. Annoying!

      Jacinth from Lauderhill, FL

    • Price hikes for service are already unfair. Stop the merger.

      Jose from Miami, FL

    • Unconscionable liars, thieves and con artist

      Kenneth from Portland, OR

    • comcast cannot buy time warner.

      Erin from ozone park, NY

    • It's absolutely ridiculous what Comcast has been allowed to get away with in Alexandria, Va in particular. However, I blame the representatives of the citizens of this city and country. They do not represent the people. They represent the various lobbyists. Other countries in the world give free wifi to its citizens but we keep our citizens in a fog. Shame on Comcast, Shame on Congress. This could be stopped but we have too many money hungry representatives.

      Kathleen from ALEXANDRIA, VA

    • leave the internet alone. stop doing these huge mergers you guys completely suck

      Kenneth from boca Raton, FL

    • Stop The Merger Its Makes things worse

      Jose from North Miami Beach, FL

    • I already have limited options for ISP's, this merger will only exacerbate this issue. What will be the next company bought by Comcast after they purchase TWC?

      Jeff from Odessa, FL

    • Really, really awful company to deal with. Do not have the time even to explain. It would take hundreds of pages. Please fix this! Let Google through! Corruption keeps this monster alive. Please fix this!

      Dragan from Marietta, GA

    • COMCASTTTTT!!!!! y u do dis

      Comcasttttt from Marietta, GA

    • There will never again be a great America. As long as you allow these monopolies to expand and price couch the American citizens.

      Tristan from Yuba city, CA

    • Please do not allow Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable. The customer sevice level is the worst in the industry and this would guarantee it remains the same or even worse. Comcast will not allow service calls to be transfered to a US representative when the problem is not being resolved. The ticket will simply be closed and the customer will have waisted thier time with no results. Comcast offshore support has a close to 99% reputation of using no logic during a call. If your complaint happened to be intermittent Internet trouble with the call you are on being internet dependent, Comcast would gladly reset your modem with that knowledge clearly in hand and force the call to be dropped so the customer can waste more time calling back in. If you are having email problems and Comcast verifies that they can see your email coming in to thier server, but not being deliverd to the recipient, Comcast has told it's customers to call Microsoft. This complete and total lack of applying any logic to customer problems will only get worse when there is less competition.

      Steve from Littleton, CO

    • stop trying to take over everything!!!!! I DONT USE CABLE TV AND WILL NEVER DO SO. STOP TAKING MY HBO AWAY FROM STREAMING....

      Roshan from DOUGLASVILLE, GA

    • We need to put a stop to monopolies, Don't allow this merger. what we NEED is more COMPETITION!

      Norman from Englewood, FL

    • Stop comcast. They are an unethical company

      John from jobstown, NJ

    • please stop merger. thank you

      Maurine from Williamsburg, IA

    • how can Comcast pay for their employees to protest against the President? I believe they have a right to express freedom of speech but no company should be able to pay for this right. the merger would allow them to monopolize the market , and have a lager base to buy more protesters to express their political agenda!

      Arthur from Pittsburgh, PA

    • You must prevent this merger in order to maintain what limited competition remains!

      Adam from ANNVILLE, PA

    • Don't let them buy Time Warner or any other ..

      Barbara from Hartford, CT

    • We need to stop the MERGER.

      Ron from Lula, GA

    • Please stop this merger because these two companies proven over and over again that they care nothing for the customers they serve; the only thing they care about is money.

      Svetlana from Ridgefield Park, NJ

    • Stop the merger with Comcast!

      Erin from Ozone Park, NY

    • I see a big differance in the billing of my service it has more than doubled with no improvment, I belive this merger would be very bad for it's customers.

      Johnny from Chicago, IL

    • Stop The Media Merger now

      Linda from Hollywood, FL

    • please don't let this happen it will hurt many Americans

      Muaz from Katy, TX

    • I live on social security disability and my only discretionary income comes from a part-time work at home job using the inernet. 40% of my net pay goes to Comcast to pay for internet access, which leaves very little left. There is no competition for Comcast where I live and they can charge whatever they want and give you bad customer service because they know you don't have a choice. Please stop the merger so I can continue to work and not pay more for internet service.

      Patrice from BYRON CENTER, MI

    • More competition makes a freer press.

      Joann from Wonder Lake, IL

    • please stop the merger. there is no advantage for the average citizen.

      Greg from Brooklyn, NY

    • DO NOT allow AT&T to become a monopoly again. This is a basic anti-trust position. Prove that this country is NOT an oligarchy. Thank you.

      Rick from Austin, TX

    • Alone they're already too big

      Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA

    • Stop the merger. This type of acquisition reduces competition and gives these corporations too much control over price. This also could reduce the quality of service because people can be locked into contracts and reducing Time Warner/AT&T's incentive to increase services and quality.

      Angela from San Francisco, CA

    • Stop the merger. AT&T is taking over the Internet and Cable choices leaving the Consumer with no real choices. AT&T has already taken over Direct-TV now they want Time! AT&T is once again becoming a Monopoly. Stop The Merge!!!

      Vincent from Houston, TX

    • Make the ISP business a free market again!

      Nathan from Champaign, IL

    • Please stop the merger between Comcast and Time Warner because this country needs to have representation of its demographic, which will be even harder if there is less competition in the media.

      Yara from Fall River, MA

    • If you don't stop Comcast from acquiring Tim Warner Cable, then you are essentially supporting anti-capitalism. Do something.

      Ashley from Minneapolis, MN

    • Please don't allow the merger.

      Matthew from Gladstone, MO

    • stop comcastfrom taking over any areas of penna too much control,means higher rates,lousier services.bad service agents,mean lousier and lousier sneaky takeover.....too much controlling factors,makes them think their AWESOME???not as long as "WE the people continue to say NO"

      Doris from green lane, PA

    • stop comcastfrom taking over any areas of penna too much control,means higher rates,lousier services.bad service agents,mean lousier and lousier sneaky takeover.....too much controlling factors,makes them think their AWESOME???not as long as "WE the people continue to say NO"

      Charles from red hill, PA

    • Agencies like Comcast, Cox Cable and Time Warner cable are not service providers, the are predators. They sign exclusivity agreements in towns where residents are overwhelmingly poor, young or unable to use monetary resources to fight the quixotic fee structure and policies that gouge those with no money for every last cent. Please do not hand the most powerful companies in America another victory at the cost of the poorest and most endangered American citizens. You are a government of the people for the people. For once, please act on that promise.

      Jonathan from Burlington, MA

    • Stop this merger, it isn't fair to Americans

      George from Houston, TX

    • Comcast already owns Hillary and her establishment cronies. Break up these greedy corporations now to revive the free press and a government by and for the people.

      Cary from Yuma, AZ

    • Do not allow this comcast merger to proceed. Consumers need more choices, not less.

      Frank from Stephenson, MI

    • Unfair increases on cable services, should be banned... Stop this Merger immediately !

      Eileen from Staten Island, NY

    • Do not take over the Internet.

      Hermine from Glendale, CA

    • Proposed Comcast merger will destroy free press! Please don't approve.

      Adam from New Orleans, LA

    • A practical monopoly that will be too big to care and too big to fail. buy its chief rival, Time Warner Cable. If approved, this deal would create a television and Internet colossus like no other. Comcast is the country’s #1 cable and Internet company and Time Warner Cable is #2. They both regularly rank at the bottom of the barrel in customer-service surveys. Put them together and you get one subpar giant offering service to two-thirds of U.S. homes. Putting this much power in the hands of one company is dangerous. This deal would lead to less consumer choice, less diversity and much higher cable bills.

      Richard from Waimanalo, HI

    • Ive had internet service through Comcast for 8 plus years. Im booted off of the internet at least every other day. Their service is a Joke. Im only with them because there is no other. Im already paying too much for a service that i dont get.

      Nissa from Everett, WA

    • Comcast in my opinion is not consumer friendly and is hard to deal with. Please do not allow this merger.

      Gayle from Delray Beach, FL

    • Stop this merger--they are already too big.

      David from Boone, IA

    • Help us (senior citizens on fixed incomes)Comcast now raises its prices once or twice a year. Comcast changes the name or title of a item listed on your bill. An outlet adapter for a second tv (which is limited content and HD) was free , now they charge $3.99mth. Going on vacation, too bad pay still pay for service. Want internet only and not a triple play plan, look at what they get away with charging. Your number one priority is doing the right thing for WE THE PEOPLE

      Elisa from The Villages, FL

    • Enough is enough. Do not merge.

      Marty from OKC, OK

    • I am Not a subscrber to either party but am thinking of getting one or the other. In the past extremely expensive and now only internet affordable. So I Do Not want a Goliath in the cable industry. Many years ago you broke up AT&T for just that reason. True there are many options available. But what happens when COMCAST/TIME WARNER start to buy out the competition? Some mergers buy out a BIG or Small company but keep the name to make it look like their are other providers. If merger allowed, then I suggest ALL internet,cable etc. have a set limit of price NOT to exceed $19.95 for single service (a.k.a. only interent or only cable, etc.) and $50 in a combo package ( internet plus cable tv, etc.). These prices at end of year CANNOT be adjusted higher for any reason. And make sure there are NO LOOPHOLES!!

      Kyle from Milwaukee, WI

    • Comcast internet ONLY is a ripoff. I'm a senior citizen with a low monthly income. Internet access is a necessity today and that is especially true of seniors. Comcast is making internet access an expensive utility and being the only one providing internet access I feel like I am getting robbed. And the arrogance of customer service is deplorable. Something, somebody, needs to stop this fleecing of the American public. Why is this allowed to continue. It makes me a little suspicious of the politics that might be involved that allows this issue to continue. It has been long enough. At least allow competition where there is none. Allow competition without the pressure to stay out of Comcasts areas. It is all a disgrace.

      Jim from Attleboro, MA

    • Whenever Charter is able to act unilaterally, it raises prices, lowers the quality of service, removes choice from customers, lowers the quality of customer service, and raises prices again. Charter acts deceitfully in its advertising, its service, and its descriptions of its offerings and customer choices. Charter is a prototypical evil corporation, and letting it become a monopoly or duopoly can only make it worse.

      Mark from Ellensburg, WA

    • this morning i woke up and signed in and realized that my web address was like a mile long after doing a little research i found that Comcast is invading my life

      Chaz from Tucson, AZ

    • When you have to pay more for your Comcast bill than your utility bill and receive the worst customer service in the world something is wrong. Comcast wants to control the Internet and control our freedom of speech. They go as far an encrypting signals to force user to get a modem so they can control everything you want watch. I,m on social security and get no cost of living raises but Comcast can increase the cost of service 20 to 50% without can controls. We need the Fcc to stop Comcast and start getting back the free channels we deserve....

      Jeff from Southwick, MA

    • I have had 5 + service calls in a month so far w/Time Warner. Please stop the merger...I believe Comcast is going to make service issues skyrocket! I wish there were more individual cable companies. This need for dominating markets is getting ridiculous!

      Gisela from Wichita Falls, TX

    • Please don't do this to us!

      Carrie from Spring Hill, TN

    • The only thing I'm making this complaint is because Comcast doesn't have Boomerang. That was my childhood and it doesn't have one channel that many people wanted. And they always have technical difficulties and I'm sick and tired of it. I this company doesn't do anything, I might switch.

      Kevin from Coon Rapids, MN

    • Please don't ruin the internet for everybody.

      Julia from newtown, PA

    • This should not happen. Its called because this company would be such a powerful monopoly which would not allow competition for competitive pricing

      Wayne from Kingston, NY

    • This merger must be blocked. My vote goes directly towards avoiding monopolies and encouraging free market competition

      Jon from Brooklyn, NY

    • Do not alloow the Time Warner Cable, Comcast merger.

      Irvin from Murrieta, CA

    • All of these mega mergers have to stop. We dont want one cable company, one pharmacy and one insurance company. We want options and the change that everyone can at least dream of owning a business.

      Carlos from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    • I am a comcast customer but wouldn't be if I had a choice. Because of their monopolistic position, I am forced to pay ridiculous prices for a terrible service. I can't get through to customer service because they simply don't care. They know I can't go anywhere. Stop the merger with Time warner. Force Comcast to experience competition so they stop mistreating and abusing customers.

      Isabelle from miami beach, FL

    • I would hate to have comcast take over the internet.

      Judy from Ann Arbor, MI

    • We are a small business in Indiana, I spent several months arguing with Comcast, at their corporate level. In short for charges to my business for services I never wanted and was told I have no choice. This company does not care about its customers. Allowing this company to grow larger will only hurt more people. Who will compeat with them to keep prices low? Look at Netflix, they bullied them until they got what they wanted. That is exactly what they do to their customers, one by one. I am not customer because I want to be. They have a monoloply in my business area, If I want to operate I have to have Comcast.

      Lisa from McCordsville, IN

    • keep the market open and avoid a monopoly

      Robert from wilton Manors, FL

    • It is already difficult to get unbiased news. Please don't allow this merger. We need programs like One America News!

      Randy from La habra, CA

    • A monopoly will not fix Comcast`s already bad service and will allow the giant to raise it prices higher.

      Ptolemy from Grandville, MI

    • Please do not allow this merger to go forward.

      Thomas from Rensselaer, IN

    • Not only do we need this merger to NOT happen, honestly, we really need Comcast to just... die. Comcast is a provider that does not provide, and it sickens me that they get away with it all. The speeds for which consumers pay are RARELY anywhere near the speeds that they receive. We pay and pay, and we get fractions of the service promised. Absolutely ridiculous. A small business would never get away with providing such shoddy service. Do not give this self-centered, irresponsible and deceptive company any more power or influence. With no other options in my area, I am stuck with this incredibly disgusting company.

      Daniel from Lebanon, PA

    • Comcast is a monopoly in my area. We need fairly priced, unlimited bandwidthsolutions for ALL of Americans. The internet is a resource to all people. When you limit the internet you limit speech, progress and innovation.

      Christopher from Manchester, PA

    • Want to save American lives? Kill this merger. Every time an american calls Comcast customer "support", their blood pressure spikes to unhealthy levels. On a mass scale, Comcast is responsible for slowly killing the population. They are pure evil.

      William from Rockville, MD

    • spiritus sancti is old hat, and needs to, reverte ad factorem


    • why are you pushing to create a monopoly? unlike water you don't have control of this group that wants to charge ever increasing rates. we already only have about 2 choices here, why change it to just one?

      Jeff from morgantown, WV

    • DO NOT Allow the merger.

      H from Westside, FL

    • Why do we need another megalithic company? HOW many American jobs will they provide? American's are sick of talking to India...we want American workers that understand us and we want a company that deals farely....

      Tina from Tucson, AZ

    • Comcast SUCKS. I thought Time Warner Cable was bad but I was humiliated by the installer. #Keep Competition. Regulate competition. Demand competition. Do not bow to ski trips and lobbying perks. Answer the vote of the people who elected you.

      Andrew from Playa del Rey, CA

    • Stop the Comcast takeover of Time Warner which will leave even less competition.

      Stephen from brooklyn, NY

    • This country's economics need no more monopolies.

      The from Bronx, NY

    • no to cable merger Comcast & Time Warner

      A from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • Please do not let these company merge or any other big cable companies or cellular companies merge.It will be like a MaBell and they will have a monopoly over pricing and service standards.Let free market dictate(and if some of them are in financial trouble),let them fail and the free market pick thru the pieces.As a consumer,I truly don't think that big mergers like this are to my benefit,in any way.

      Shane from Lagrange, GA

    • there is no competition in the service provider market. I just want internet. I have searched and searched and I can only find Comcast who have marginalized their customers to the nth degree. The only thing that keeps the consumer from being a slave to corporate america is competition. As far as internet service providers go, there is none. It's a joke! American government has reached critical mass in terms of disfunction. No one complains because they either don't have the time or they've become the Orwellian sheep the power brokers had hoped they would.

      G from Acushnet, MA

    • Monopolies are BAD FOR COMPETITION. Time Warner can't deal with its customer base now, merging them will take customer service to a new low and prices to a new high

      Nick from Huntington Beach, CA

    • Free people need freedom of access to information to maintain a working

      Rodema from Albuquerque, NM

    • Comcast vandalised my property and denied having an office in my stat- until I drove by their office and went in- still they refused to remove their orange spray paint from my driveway, my stucco house, or my plants. I will never be a Comcast customer as long as I live.

      Linda from Santa Fe, NM

    • stop the merger it is not good for the internet

      Jennifer from Toms River, NJ

    • Net Neutrality's important! The Merger will get rid of it. >:(

      Tricia from Seattle, WA

    • Think about the consumer for a change.

      Barbara from Oklahoma City, OK

    • Stop The Merger In Order To Save The Internet

      Peter from Knox, IN

    • this is wrong more smaller companies employ more people I am a small screenprinter and cannot get Comcast who happens to be in same building to buy a single tee shirt this is the truth I must go to a sale conference in Florida to try to get a screenprinting job please help this is not global it's corporate help me today stop this merger

      Brian from Taunton, MA

    • Stop this ridiculous cycle. My cable bill is almost as much my car note. I'm already forced to use Comcast instead of the carrier I want because they happened to be the first on my street! One block up has a choice , I want one also! why should my bill be higher than someone with a choice (I'll tell you why " NO COMPETITION " ) PLEASE STOP THIS MERGER

      Robert from EVANS, GA

    • this merger is absolutely great for the corporations involved, and absolutely terrible for the consumers!

      Peter from Lebanon, PA

    • The proposed merger is bad for consumers, bad for the public, and bad for democracy. I implore you to reject it. Best Regards, Kelly Stowers

      Kelly from Sam Francisco, CA

    • your creating a monopoly who will raise rates

      Michael from Lakewood, CA

    • The proposed merger is bad for consumers, bad for the public, and bad for democracy. I implore you to reject it and consider the fate of the nation.

      Ryan from Lowell, MA

    • Please stop the the take over

      Martin from Port Washington, NY

    • Please consider the greater good - for ONCE.

      A from Homestead, FL

    • Comcast already have a monopoly in my area and I have no choice but to put up with their bundles and pricings as they see fit. Do not let this extend to even more areas across the country. Block the merger.

      A from Gray, TN

    • Stop the Merger To Save the Internet

      Peter from Knox, IN

    • stop the merger now please


    • Hard to tell which of these companies is worse. They're both aiming at monpoly power, and both have terrible records in customer relations. This deal is a blatant grab for monopoly.

      Lynn from Rochester, NY

    • The internet is free and should remain that way.

      Alicia from Chicago, IL

    • Don't reduce consumer choices. Stop the Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger.

      Pradeep from Eudora, KS

    • No more monopolies. This will drive up the cost for the internet.

      Tara from Fayetteville, NC

    • Customers are not pawns to be played by the hivemind of corporations.

      Joseph from Sarasota, FL

    • Not only does Comcast offer bad service, but it wants to help eliminate the potential for choice? I don't like this at all. I already feel as if I'm stuck with Comcast. We want better Internet, not bigger Internet control.

      Lauren from Milford, NH

    • for our freedom stop this sale

      David from ridgewood, NY

    • get out of the business

      Fai from Whittier, CA

    • Stop the Comcast Merger now!

      Connie from Springfield, MO

    • A Comcast monopoly is not in line with the ideals of the free market and competition. It will be bad for everyone other than their stakeholders. Please do not approve this.

      Joseph from Colonia, NJ

    • Free internet means freedom of speech. And we'll fight to the very end for this.


    • Stop the rise of monopolies.

      Sheamus from Rocky River, OH

    • Please stop this corporate take over

      Brandi from Madison, TN

    • Don't let Comcast have so much control over our net.

      Zack from McKinney, TX

    • A free Internet is necessary for a free market!

      Angus from Elkwood, VA

    • Greed. Greed. Greed. Greed. Greed.

      Jill from San Francisco, CA

    • This merger would be a horrific blow to the free Internet!

      Cheryl from West Haven, UT

    • Just say NO! Pleasse stop this merger!

      Thomas from Hallandale Beach, FL

    • Please stop the merger now

      Mary from Richmond, CA

    • Fewer choices do not help the free market.

      David from Los Angeles, CA

    • Media consolidation hurts independent and non-corporate broadcasters in the form of monopolization of our limited airwaves. This eventually leads to very limited opinions and viewpoints which are fundamental to a functioning democracy. Our government should not allow this merger because it will not be good for the ordinary citizens of this country.

      Abayomi from Atlanta, GA

    • The Internet should stay free.

      Ashley from Huntington Beach, CA

    • We already have far too few internet service provider options.

      Eric from Boston, MA

    • Please do not allow the merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast. We need choices in quality service and the free flow of information.

      Nancy from Martinsville, VA

    • Stop the merger! This is a violation of anti-trust laws and should not be allowed!

      Anthony from Las Vegas, NV

    • Comcast is huge and rich enough. For Pete ' s sake just knock it off already.


    • The very idea of a single company taking over the Internet is intolerable and absurd. If you care to be reelected and adored rather than seek short-term gain and be hated, please stop this merger.

      Caroline from Brooklyn, NY

    • dai badu pasagala ungaluku vara valiya eiliya thuma badu pasala yada epadi Internet la engaloda poola nala sapuriga stop panuga da

      Raja from chennai, IL

    • It's time to stop the re-monopolization of America. Please, stop this merger.

      John from Hollywood, FL

    • More monopolies equal even more corruption


    • I was a customer of Comcast for many years and I hated every second of it. Every time i called in, they messed up something on my account, often deliberately. I had no choice as i needed internet for work and Comcast was my only option. Fortunately i was able to free myself from them, but this deal needs to be thrown out. How this farce of a proposal could possibly be good for the consumers of America defies any logical reason. Stop this merger, or expect your lack of support to be reflected in the next election as I will NOT vote for you.

      Nicholas from Magna, UT

    • Stop this merger! Don't be weak!!

      Michael from novato, CA

    • Socialize the Public Space! Free Internet like there was free TV in the 50's and 60's!

      A from Port WASHINGTON, NY

    • Please Stop the merger of Comcast & Time Warner! Do not create a monopoly!

      Phillip from Columbia, SC

    • Please do everything you can to stop the monopolization of our media access. It is not the American way.

      Travis from seattle, WA

    • This cannot be allowed !!

      Katherine from Saint Petersburg, FL

    • Stop this merger and save internet freedom!

      Marian from Brooklyn, NY

    • The bigger companies get, the more arrogantly they treat the public and the government. Allowing companies as big as Comcast and Time Warner Cable to merge would unleash unparalleled arrogance.

      Richard from East Boston, MA


      Cecilia from Duluth, MN

    • Have been a Comcast customer and am glad I didn't have to stay their customer. Please do not allow

      Monica from Baldwyn, MS

    • Monopolies are bad for consumers & freedom, do not let this happen.

      Judith from Bennington, VT

    • please block the merger of Time Warner and Comcast as this will create a monopoly and do nothing but make pricing hit the ceiling.

      Daniel from Mount Holly, NC

    • stop the merger and take actions required


    • Allow to continue the net neutrality !!!!


    • Please oppose this merger. I would like to see more municipal broadband that is available to all, governed by a democratic process and supported by taxes. Today, no one can afford to not have internet access.

      Ken from Overland Park, KS

    • This merger must not happen. Internet freedom is a modern-day right.

      A from Oklahoma City, OK

    • I strongly oppose this merger, and hope the relevant regulatory agencies and elected officials will do what's best for the country and do so as well. I am an extremely dissatisfied Comcast customer. I can only imagine how much worse the service the company provides will become once another competitor is removed. I agree with other posts that the merger is bad for consumers, bad for the economy, bad for innovation, and bad, ultimately, for democracy.

      A from Washington, DC

    • I don't think making behemoth companies even bigger serves anybody but them. No Comcast /Time Warner merger please.

      Kristy from Albuquerque, NM

    • My COMCAST internet service is horrible, unreliable and slow, and I don't see how a merger would improve that

      Andrew from Albuquerque, NM

    • Please avoid allowing dominance of the internet market space by a few large giants.

      Sheila from San Juan, PR

    • I do not support this merger. There needs to be more competition, so prices can drop!

      A from Mpls, MN

    • Please do not interfare with net neutralitymoney, it ll be very unfair with us as well as to those companies which are able to stand as great as facebook or google right now.So,please stop it and find another way to make money.

      Jon from Allenton, MO

    • Please do not let rules of net neutrality conquer us. It is completely unfair and unjust. Please do something about it


    • Nationalize both: internet access is as fundamental as roads, USPS, and other basic infrastructure. Ensure national security by having the people own and control it, NOT private and foreign interests.

      Melody from New York, NY

    • Please do not destroy net neutrality I currently live in an area where there is only one internet provider and I am currently paying over 60 dollars for 1mbps which is insane if Comcast and time Warner cable destroy net neutrality everyone in the USA would be paying the same amount for the same speed which is not enough to even load a Google web page I'm one minute. It is impossible to get any work or homework done with such slow speeds and insane amount of money per month

      Alex from east stroudsburg, PA

    • i too support internet saving

      Yuvaraj from sivakasi, ME



    • Stop The Merger Right Now

      Bill from Phoenix, AZ

    • It is not in the interests of the American public to merge two of the most anti-consumer corporations in the nation and worsen their already egregious monopoly on telecommunications.

      Nathaniel from Rochester, NY

    • Please stop the Merger.. please

      Satheesh from Antioch, TN

    • Please in the name of caring, stop this takeover.

      Marjorie from Del Mar, CA

    • Stop the merger. Stop the monopoly!

      Lisa from San Francisco, CA

    • It is important to protect our communication options from becoming a monopoly. It further endangers Democracy by making sure communication is very controlled and limited.

      Ginger from Ventura, CA

    • Please, consider the public good: stop the merger. Thank you.

      Francesco from EUGENE, OR

    • its going to be too bad for a common people like us.. so stop this Comcast merger


    • Stop this merger. Monopolies are not good for business.

      Nathan from Davis, CA

    • This merger would be bad for people.

      William from York, SC

    • Stop the Merger don't let comcast take over. They will mess it up for everyone, I know because we had them and every other month the price went up. It got real high so I got rid of it and got some one else. THEY ARE REAL GREEDY.

      Joan from Milwaukie, OR

    • Comcast will control us online and how we connect!

      Diana from Hermann, MO

    • stop com cast merger


    • Both sides, stop messing and control the internet

      Rafael from Riviera Beach, FL

    • stop this hell of internet


    • Let's prevent a monopoly...please block the Comcast/Time Warner merger.

      David from Arlington, VA

    • Comcast is awful!! Essentially they have a monopoly. So they provide atrocious service and get away with it. Please do not let Comcast expand their awful business practices. It would be a disaster for consumers.

      Greg from Crete, IL

    • Stop the Comcast takeover N

      John. from Eastpointe, MI

    • Please consider the the public good in your decisions. We have been treated as cash cows by big business for far too long. Our rights and welfare are considered as common resources for them. Act for the common good. Stop the ongoing destruction of what America has stood for.

      Ann from Mission Viejo, CA

    • Don't let Comcast, or any other single corporation, grow this large and have this much influence. This is where dystopian future stories come from.

      Brian from Palm Bay, FL

    • Competition is vital in a free economy. Stop this merger.

      Arlene from Paramus, NJ

    • Allowing comcast merger would be unfair to the American public.

      Dorothea from Houston, TX

    • stop the merge!!!!! We need to keep our internet freedom

      Kim from Seattle, WA

    • Stop the merger, Comcast is terrible.

      Lauren from Portland, OR

    • It is easy to see why Comcast is #1 as it expends huge amounts of resources on marketing and sales and very little on effective service. The company is often the only Internet option, as in my area, leaving customers victims price increases ASAP post-introductory plans and costly unbundling service, i.e., higher Internet absent cable or phone. After a move last year, Comcast was unable to solve an issue with online access to my account so I had to return to paper statements. They sent 4 letters to me with an ineffective pin number. They did not get my service fully operational for 7 months, trying to tell me I had to pay more to acquire the equipment to make that happen even though they knew what I had all along as they had been my provider for years. I have no confidence that we will ever see reasonable rates without competition, and in fact, cost increases post merger will move beyond what many people can/should be able to afford. This merger presents a huge risk to the informational literacy of as many Americans as possible. of

      Elaine from Gloucester, MA

    • We need more ISP choices, not less, and allowing the largest provider to get larger is not good for consumers.

      Scott from Wallingford, CT

    • No internet and cable monopoly.

      Garrett from Denver, CO

    • Monopolies are not good for business. Stop this merger now.

      Nathan from Davis, CA

    • ed more competition and more choices for internet service. Please prevent this merger.

      Patricia from Minneapolis, MN

    • It's bad enough your "choice" in cable company is based on where you live. The big companies should not get bigger!

      M from Saratoga Springs, NY

    • Please don't let this happen

      Marcus from Woodhaven, NY

    • Use your good conscience and do not pander to the force of corporate power.

      Cynthia from Irvine, CA

    • The few companies we have to choose from are all horrible. They need to be split up! Not merged. These are the same companies trying (and for some reason succeding) in passing state laws banning public utility style compitition. Where will this end? The goverment needs to act.

      John from Paso Robles, CA

    • What ever happened to free market competition? It seems as if government, not to mention "our" representatives on Capitol Hill have willfully disregarded antitrust act and are allowing these mega mergers to take place in total violation or the law.needless to say, these mergers REDUCE competition and enable monopoly and subsequent price gouging to consumers- that our representatives are supposed to safeguard us against. This Comcast/ time warner is bad for the consumer, but will be great for comcastwhis track record is deplorable. Please uphold antitrust for once and vote for- not against- the people u were put in office to represent.

      Nick from Las Vegas, NV

    • The Internet is our utility. It is not for the greed and control of corporations. Think about that please.

      Rosemary from Lake Oswego, OR

    • Stop This merger and Save the free-internet!!!!!!!!!!!

      Daniel from Everman, TX

    • STOP the monopolization of the media! comcast is one ofo the worst rated corporation in the country, this is criminal!

      Bernadette from Brentwood, MD

    • even poor people ought to have acess to tv as we did before cable.

      Catherine from Brooklyn, NY

    • This is a horrible idea. Please block!

      A from Mpls, MN

    • Another to big to fail company?

      Ivan from Montgomery, AL

    • Stop Comcast, Time Warner merge.

      Donna from Greenfield, IL

    • Stop this merger. Comcast is not for the consumers, they are for the money and control. Their costs are too high and consumers would have no voice if this merger goes through. Stop this merger!

      Angela from McDonough, GA

    • Stop this monopolies, Comcast is a very greedy company that must be stopped!

      Yunior from Miami, FL

    • Profit over consumer fairness already out of control monopoly. Please don't allow this merger it's bad for consumer choice and competition.

      Leanne from Stockton, CA

    • Please don't allow Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable. If you believe in a free market economy, don't allow this monopoly to happen.

      Thalia from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • let there be choice, don't allow this awful deal to succeed

      Matthew from San Francisco, CA

    • If Comcast gets control of the internet then they WILL be big enough to DEMAND help if they get into trouble.

      Donald from Portland, OR

    • Stop the merger before it is too late!

      Sherry from memphis, TN

    • Two of the lowest customer rated companies have monopolized zones of the country already using the equivalent of gerymandering to stay out of eachother's way. We don't need an official monopoly. In fact we need to stop this collusion and offer more competition.

      Evan from Appleton, WI

    • This merger is disasterous and bad for consumers and business.

      Emma from Seattle, WA

    • Please, Stop this merger, Thank you.

      Caroline B. from St. Petersburg, FL

    • This would be a monopoly. Bad for business, bad for America.

      Joseph from Colonia, NJ

    • just let the internet sanity be preserved..... let the internet be as common as it is...

      Radhai from New Berlin, WI

    • This is a horrible idea, larger and larger corperations are already ruining lives to increase profits.

      Mark from La Porte, TX

    • Stop this obscene merger once and for all. We do not need any more monopolies. We have too many as it is. Do not allow this to happen--again.

      Terrie from Vidor, TX

    • Having one cable/internet company control as much of the market as the combined Comcast/Time Warner Cable company will control can't possibly be good for consumers, especially given Comcast's well-publicized horrible customer service and abuse of customers. Please *do not* allow this merger to take place!

      Mason from Allen, TX

    • Stop the merger! Choices get more limited; prices get higher.

      Chari from Naperville, IL

    • America used to be a democracy, but NOW it's a CORPOCRACY (corporate)

      Michael from Warrensburg, MO

    • Stop the merger, we need our right to choose. This is not in the best interest of the public!

      Gloria from Lakewood, CO

    • stop the merger of Comcast and Time Warner cable

      Kathleen from Louisville, KY

    • I only have one option for high speed, its Comcast, and they suck. Please encourage competition in the market, don't allow these companies to merge.

      Adam from Alexandria, VA

    • I already cannot afford my $130+ cable/internet bill as it is and there are NO other options for me to get cable/internet anywhere else. Taking away consumers right to have options is not fair. Cable is expensive enough and taking away the ONLY other option we as consumers have, is just going to cause an increase in prices that are already too expensive. Please do not let this happen!

      Brandi from Lowell, MA

    • say no to this merger!

      Elliott from Paso Robles, CA

    • This merber would be very bad for consumers.

      John from Ann Arbor, MI

    • It would be bad news for everyone

      Kaiisha from Sunnyvale, CA

    • Having reviewed information on the proposed merger I don't see how this can possibly benefit the public. Reducing competition, when many consumers already have only one choice, can only lead to higher prices and lower quality service (which is already considered poor by many).

      Stephen from West Shokan, NY

    • Please stop the merger. Monopoly is not good for us.

      Cathy from Sacramento, CA

    • Please enforce anti-trust legislation to its letter and spirit. We do not need and are not served by such mergers, so please do not allow Comcast and Time Warner to merge!

      Antonio from San Francisco, CA

    • First the came for the Jews and then they came for the writers....

      Dan from Scranton, PA

    • Please stop this merger. A monopoly is not in the best interest of the consumers.

      Curt from Romeoville, IL

    • why not just give comcast all it wants and screw the consumer

      Constance from Seattle, WA

    • Allowing one company to control this much of our media is dangerous and not in the best interest of the American public.

      David from South Plainfield, NJ

    • Please do not allow this merger

      David from Melbourne, FL

    • America is based on capitalism, which includes healthy competition. Allowing one company to control this much of our media is detrimental to our freedom to choose services, and our access to information/media in general. Monopolies go against capitalism. Please stop this merger.

      Helen from Blacksburg, VA

    • leave the internet alone please!!!

      Jessica from HAMMOND, IN

    • Please stop merger! No monopoly

      Christina from Westminster, CA

    • The cable industry is already becoming monopolized. Stop this merger! Consumers should have options, and competition is necessary for affordable rates. The middle class is burdened enough already

      Anastasia from Fenton, MI

    • No Comcast takeover, it is against the publics best interest

      Jordan from los angeles, CA

    • This merger will hurt the American people. Please deny this merger.

      Alexandra from Houston, TX


      Andrew from Brownsburg, IN


      Christopher from Saint Petersburg, FL

    • I have but one reason to say no to a Comcast/TWC union: How would the average American feel about -one- company controlling everything? This is one merger we don't need and can't use.

      Philip from Saint James, NY

    • Stop the merger. This merger will only decrease competition.

      James from College Station, TX

    • No more mega mergers. This is bad for competition and bad for consumers.

      Kevin from West Glover, VT

    • Have you ever interacted with Comcast in any capacity? It's a nightmare. Please stop this merger.

      Andrew from Washington, DC

    • Reject the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. It will reduce competition and harm consumers.

      Nivo from Lagrangeville, NY

    • do not merge it will be disasterous

      Rhonda from South Wilmington, IL

    • Competition fosters progress and ensures that the consumer maintains a voice. Please do not permit the merger.

      Misty from Pickens, SC

    • NO TAKE OVER please please

      Dennis from Mansfield, OH

    • Please give free Internet.take action


    • No mega-merger of Time Warner and Comcast.

      Joseph from New York, NY

    • This merger is a very bad idea. It will help to squelch competition and consumer choice.

      David from Penn Valley, CA

    • Stop the merger - it will be a disaster for already overburdened customers!!

      Steven from New York, NY

    • Stop the merger. Competition and choice are good for the marketplace.

      Robin from Spanaway, WA

    • It should be painfully obvious that when two media giants merge there will be less competion, less motivation to provide decent, affordable, and unrestricted service to the customer. Bigger companies and few choices is not better. Corporate history is rife with examples. Oppose Comcast -Time Warner merger.

      Darren from Princeville, IL

    • This Comcast and Time Warner merger is NOT in the best interest of consumers. We need more, not less competition with internet service providers. Please do NOT allow this merger to proceed!

      John from Moreno Valley, CA

    • These companies are already too big and their shares of the market crowd out new business and innovation. Of course, they don't want new business that may compete with them or new innovation that they don't own &/or control. keep the air waves open and the internet available to all. too large

      Michael from Eugene, OR

    • The airwaves belong to the people.

      LaVern from Livingston, WI

    • This is preventing competition,please stop this merger!

      John from Vineyard Haven, MA

    • Stop the merger of the worst two customer service companies in the industry.

      Nancy from KING, NC

    • Please do not allow this merger. Too Big. Too much in too few hands.


    • I am opposed to the Comcast/Time Warner merger. It will make the service even more expensive and less reliable.


    • The internet must be regulated as if it is a public utility so that it remains open to all and not subject to corporate whims.


    • We dont want a monopoly....we dont need a monopoly.STOP THE merger.


    • Please do not allow Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable. Don't allow monopolies in this country. Thank you.

      Mary from East Lansing, MI

    • Under no circumstances do I want Comcast. My neighbor has them and hasn't been able to use her landline for YEARS--some "service."

      Laura from San Jose, CA

    • The lack of competition is what is stagnating the telecom industry force TWC and Comcast to compete not be one company!!

      Paul from Portland, OR

    • Not to take anythink about me.

      James from Ames, IA

    • Stop the merger...we need many more companies offering communication services. Lets move forward rather than backwards. Lets get more choices, not less~

      Barbara from Charleston, SC

    • I'm opposed to the Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable. I've not heard or seen anything positive about Comcast and I've heard or seen many complaints, some quite serious,bout them. On the other hand, Time Warner Cable has over the past few months greatly improved their cable service and their customer service, all without needing any assistance from Comcast. Merging with Comcast would likely result in Time Warner's service getting worse.

      Leverett from Raleigh, NC

    • Please stop this merger. Our country cannot survive as a democracy with any more giant monopolies.

      Johanna from Galesburg, IL

    • no merger comcast time warner

      Nando from Seattle, WA

    • I am opposed to the Comcast/Time Warner merger. It will make the service even more expensive and less reliable.

      Jonathan from Bklyn, NY

    • Request you to please consider how the Internet is changing lives by making education and awareness reach the remotest corners of the world and making it a truly one world before considering giving it in the hands of few greedy Profit driven companies who do not care about the result of their actions. If they be granted this then even the Power producing companies should follow soon.


    • To big to be competitive is not the solution.

      William from Silver lake, OH

    • Stop the merger. This isn't what we the people want to see. We don't need a big hand in decisions that will not give us all equal representation to the rights of us as customers!

      Patrick from Glendale, AZ

    • Please stop the merger. Comcast is bad enough without ruining every other company.

      Amanda from Albuquerque, NM

    • Stop the merger: no more monopolies.

      Sandra from San Antonio, TX

    • denies competition and comcast very bad when it deals with public/consumers. Better to have two or more cable companies.

      David from Waterloo, NY

    • stop the comcast time-warner merger

      Mitch from Berkeley, CA

    • This is the worst thing that could happen to broadband and cable competition: a bigger monopoly composed by Comcast and Time Warner. On the contrary, there should be more companies competing.

      Edgar from San, CA

    • It's not fair to continue this

      Syene from Trenton, NC

    • Please do not approve the merger.

      Nishant from Austin, TX

    • Please stop the Comcast merger.

      Freda from Dallas, TX

    • We need more competition in the market, not a conglomerate whose goal is anti fair market.

      James from Portland, OR

    • This will compromise ay competition that still exists.

      Judith from Deer Isle, ME

    • stop a monopoly. Don't allow the two biggest cable companies to merge.

      Joyce from Oshkosh, WI

    • Comcast should not have this much power. There is no need to protect this company. It is possible for there to be competition. Comcast practices rate gauging, terrible customer service, and unreliable service. We just got internet competition in Seattle, and my rate for the same service went from $89 to $38. This is outrageous! They have been unresponsive and have made me feel like a dollar sign. They should not be allowed ot grow more powerful. What happened to anti-trust? What happened to standing up for consumers? There needs to be competetion in the market. The expensive infrastructure argument is ridiculous! We deserve better. Corporations are taking over our country. I won't stand by and watch this happen!

      Carrie from Seattle, WA

    • I would like to support diversity in providing service and more flexibility that true capitalism provides with competition and multiple providers on market. please do not support the merger.

      Oleksandr from Chuckey, TN

    • Public comment on this proposed merger should be carefully considered and strongly weighed. For anyone familiar with either Comcast or Time Warner's business practices and consumer service, the obvious answer is that the proposed merger should not be approved. Intentionally mis-charging, over-charging, intentionally obscuring fees, and forcing consumers to go to great lengths to "prove" that the fees and charges are not lawfuly owed is not beneficial for consumers. Permitting power to amass into a single large telecommunicaitons giant will only embolden such practices to the detriment of consumers and the public.

      Griffin from Miami, FL

    • This merger does not make sense and is only going to make matter worse for everybody.

      Lynna from Davis, CA

    • No way Don't let this happen

      L from Lutz, FL

    • The only reason in the recent past to have mergers is to increase profits by eliminating competition. Why is anyone elected to represent us allowing this grand theft to occur?

      Jonathan from Essex, CT

    • Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the two most hated companies in america. if they are successful millions of cable user will be force to deal with the world worst, lying, cheating, conniving, greedy monstrosity!

      Christopher from Burlington, NC

    • Please do not allow this out-of-control merger to happen.

      Kirsten from Takoma Park, MD

    • Please don't allow this monopoly.

      James from Eden Prairie, MN

    • Please do not allow this merger. Too Big. Too much in too few hands.

      Lynne from tunbridge, VT

    • Giving companies even more control over our internet isn't just bad, it's unfair to us. I couldn't mean this more; stop the merger.

      Jenna from Piney Point, MD

    • Time-Warner & Comcast are too big(just alone) and than to merge into one mega-company!

      Luke from Salem, OR

    • Another merger like this again eliminates competition and lower prices and service for customers. It must be stoped.

      Sharon from EVANSVILLE, IN

    • NO!! We cannot allow companies to continue to monopolize and take away choices/competition. Being minimized to one option has never been good for this country. STOP THIS MERGER..

      Julius from New Castle, DE

    • Please stop Skynet before this merger makes it happen.

      Scott from Galt, CA

    • Please stop this merger. Comcast already has little competition. Don't give them total control of the internet.

      Cari from Chicago, IL

    • Please do not allow the Comcast merger to take place.

      Stuart from SHORT HILLS, NJ

    • No Comcast monopoly, please! A Comcast/Time Warner merger hurts, not helps, everyday Americans.

      Evan from Vernon Hills, IL

    • We need some competition, not a monopoly!

      Robert from Steilacoom, WA

    • stop the merger from occurring

      Les from Serafina, NM

    • God this monopoly is totally ridiculous and un-American.

      Noreen from Washington, DC

    • No ! Monopolies are not what is best for consumers! What ever happand to the anti trust laws in this country... Too big is the problem.

      Lee from Emeryville, CA

    • No! Absolutely not! Under no circumstances! No, No, No!

      Erika from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    • Stop the merger! It's a raw deal.

      Nancy from Palm Desert, CA

    • Please stop the merging of these two companies

      Aviva from San Diego, CA

    • Don't allow the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. This will reduce competition and cripple "freedom" of the Internet.

      Sherman from Chesapeake, VA

    • I don't trust it. Monopolies were broken in the past for a *reason*. I believe the only thing Comcast is interested in is expanding their profits at the expense of all customers and services.

      Kathryn from Clinton, MS

    • We need more diversity in the cable market, not less. Cancel this merger.

      Amy from Lexington, KY

    • Stop the merger, it isn't good for the economy.

      Saundra from Dover, NH

    • Stop the Comcast/Time Warner Merger

      Jeff from St. Louis, MO

    • IF comcast or Time Warner take control of both internet providers, they then WILL for ALL intence and purposes CONTROL the internet after the government says they can control it.

      Donald from Fairview, OR

    • Please don't let net neutrality be compromised in any way. The future of free-speach on the internet depends on whether or not this merger goes through.

      Erica from Rosemead, CA

    • Please keep the internet free and do not allow Comcast to change this.

      Shadoe from Connellsville, PA

    • Merger? It's already a monopoly!

      Paul from Turner, ME

    • too much of a monopoly now. they have no competition

      Geraldine from Fairhaven, MA

    • We don't need any more monopolies. Stop this merger now.

      Eugenia from Poulsbo, WA

    • This merger would only hurt the consumer and provide no incentive for them to improve the quality of service. It would make an almost monopoly in many areas of the country. Say no to this merger.

      Shanon from Williamsburg, VA

    • Comcast has NO SENSE of customer service. I made 4 appointments for cable service. They did not show or call to cancel. They have a monopoly in this area. Becoming a biggest company will only mean WORSE customer service. STOP THIS MERGER!!!

      Brian from Jacksonville, FL

    • this merger would be bad for competition

      Allan from Muskego, WI

    • Too-large corporations damage the public interest. In fact, our airwaves are owned by the public, and the fact that this public space is utilized to enrich Comcast, already a huge corporation is already unjust. To increase the size of Comcast reduces competition and creates too much power in the hands of one concern. Please reject this merger so contrary to the public interest.

      Phyllis from Berkeley, CA

    • the internet is not a business its a lifestyle so keep it free to everyone so comcast stop this

      Spencer from Washougal, WA

    • I have no other cable company option except Comcast. Satellite is here but although Cox Cable covers a large part of if not the entire state in competition with Comcast it is not in my area. And I have no idea why. Just recently 2 english channels were dropped and 2 Latino ones put in their place. I had no say in this. Atn this moment I am missing 2 english channels that are included but the signal isn't there while other channels come in. If these 2 companies merge there will be a monopolistic juggernaut serving 60-70% of the cable customers in the country. That will put too much power in the hands of too few. I urge you to reject this merger on the grounds that it is unhealthy economics.

      Rudolph from Chester, CT

    • I thought monopolies were against the law. Comcast is a profit driven co. with little or no customer service. It need to be stopped.

      Christine from New York, NY

    • stop the merger now! We do not need more large corporations making decisions for US THE PEOPLE. We need LESS!

      David from st pete beach, FL

    • Stop the merger, too much power in too few hands makes for bad business and bad economics in general, and especially in internet control. I am for Net Neutrality.

      Laine from Portland, OR

    • I already get horrible service from Comcast and they have no competition in my area. Don't reward them and give them an even bigger monopoly.

      Gina from MANTUA, NJ

    • don't let this merger happen! comcast is already too powerful for all our good.

      Bruce from Skok, WA

    • There should be no monopolies in the US of any kind.

      Robyn from New York, NY

    • We don"t need that bid of a company controling the internet.

      Arnold from Haines City, FL

    • Comcast is already horrible for consumers and effectively prevents comeptition in their markets. Don't let them extend that awfulness even further!

      Christina from Mission Viejo, CA

    • Please do not allow the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable to go through. There has already been far too much media consolidation as it is. Thank you for your attention.

      Dorothy from San Francisco, CA

    • No more mergers! We deserve diversity so we're not bound to one or two companies with no choice!

      Brenda from Port Townsend, WA

    • I am outraged about this greedy move and I will stop being a Comcast customer.

      Jan from Albuquerque, NM

    • Do the corporations OWN you dear congress person??????

      Bill from Driggs, ID

    • No monopoly merger for Comcast and Time Warner

      Gene from Salt Lake City, UT

    • Stop the Time-Warner / Comcast merger!

      Nancy from Keene, NH


      Meaghan from Eureka, CA

    • Do stop the merger as summarized by FCC!! they treat customers & minority employees real bad

      mike from Philadelphia, PA

    • I despise Comcast, and feel like there already isn't enough choice in internet service providers, the last thing we need is to give them more market share.

      Chris from Vancouver, WA

    • the corporate monopolies need to stop. our country is losing the ability to choose. please don't ever allow this kind of corporate blending to happen.

      Georgina from Woodland Hills, CA

    • Please don't let this merger happen--monopolies aren't SUPPOSED to happen any more, by law. It's up to you to keep it from happening!

      Lacey from Saint Marys, GA

    • It creates too much of a monopoly in our already too oligarchic economy.

      Sara from Kirkland, WA

    • Comcast has enough power and we don't need a monopoly. Our internet service in the U.S. needs more choices, not less. We have one of the worst internet systems in the world and one of the most expensive for what we get. It's way past time for someone to get involved in reigning in these providers.

      Kris from Lancaster, PA

    • I would like more more competition in this industry, not less.

      Jay from philadelphia, PA

    • Please do not allow this to go through. This merger will only decrease consumer choices. We need to stop creating more 'too-big-to-fail' organizations.

      Drew from Mechanicsburg, PA

    • Do not allow the Comcast Timewarner merge! It will be detrimental to all those who are already struggling to afford cable. It may push them to stop purchasing cable altogether and implement alternative routes of attaining entertainment and information.

      Isabel from Hamden, CT

    • I started working in the cable industry right after college in 1979. Then it was a lot of small and medium sized cable companies competing for franchises. We promised the moon to get the licenses. Local offices, well equipped public access studios, 80 channels of diverse programming. In the last 30 years, due to media consolidation, we have lost public access. Customer service is not local, it is outsourced to countries where wages are cheap. And the programming is certainly not diverse. There are hundreds of channels that all look alike. Monopolization is never good for either workers or consumers, because they have less choice. Please don't allow the largest and the second largest cable companies, especially ones with as many customer complaints as these two have to merge. No one company should have that much control of a market.

      Lauren from Beverly Hills, CA

    • Monopolies are not good for democracy.

      Maria from San Francisco, CA

    • COMCAST Customer (DIS)service can'tt handle its present load. Don't make it worse by adding Time Warner to it and reducing staff to turn a greater profit for those who don't deserve it.

      Darrel from Westminster, MA

    • Please stop the Comcast - Time Warner Merger. You are the Federal agency responsible for protecting the public from media providers who provide poor service and high prices. Do your duty. Do not approve the Comcast - Time Warner merger.

      Herbert from San Francisco, CA

    • Stop monopoly control of cable and internet. Congress should grow a spine and have a massive brain transplant and start regulating and or dismantling all monopolies!!!!!!!

      Michael from Woodside, CA

    • I have been a TWC customer for many years of heartache and incredibly substandard service. I average at least three hours a week on the phone regarding a technical problem or waiting for technicians to arrive. This last incident took two months and 5 technicians to "fix" (not to mention all the trauma I suffered), and my internet service still doesn't work right, but TWC doesn't care. It feels once it has a customer, choices in this market are so poor it can give pitiful service and the customer has nowhere to go. I understand Comcast is equally as bad. Merging two behemoth companies who give terrible service will only make the matter worse and still harder to fix. My solution would be to break them both up into smaller companies who actually care about their clients and can address their problems!

      Sharon from Austin, TX

    • We have had both

      Ted from Kapaau, HI

    • When Time Warner took over our cable company, the service got much worse and the cost got higher. We also lost our ability to choose a service that worked well for us. My folks lived in Florida in a condo and they were forced to use Comcast when they took over their local cable provider. The service fron

      Jo from Kapaau, HI

    • Please don't allow this merger to happen! It is not the right thing to do for anybody. To keep raising prices on such a horrible service, just doesn'y make any since. Comcast has no respect for their customers, what so all!

      Fawnda from Pittsburgh, PA

    • The takeover of the Internet by Comcast would benefit no one but Comcast.

      Jack from Iowa City, IA

    • There's a reason Comcast is one of the most hated companies in America. We need more competition, not less. Allowing ComCast to buy out Time Warner would lead to a defacto monopoly in many areas

      Moses from Waltham, MA

    • I am strongly against this merger, as less companies means less competition. Both of these companies are infamously known for their poor customer service, and awful business tactics. Do not allow this merger.

      Antonio from Miami, FL

    • Stop the Comcast merger. Big Media is already virtually a monopoly on social messaging to the masses. Do not increase this reach and control of messaging into the hands of even fewer individuals/corporations.

      Holly from Chicago, IL

    • Stop this takeover to keep competition alive and prices competitive.

      Patricia from Ballwin, MO

    • We know the damage monopolies do. Do not allow this merger to happpen!

      Alyce from Burlington, CO

    • This merger is not good for customers.

      Ron from Appleton, WI

    • Keep competition alive and well.

      Maryann from Spotsylvania, VA

    • this would be a mistake

      Deborah from Kansas City, MO

    • Comcast has routinely shown disdain for their customers. Their anticompetitive behavior hurts consumers, and as such Comcast should not be allowed to expand into content production and other media business.

      William from Denver, CO

    • Our media choices will become even more limited.

      Vikki from Providence, RI

    • These companies are bad enough operating separately. Putting them together would be a consumer's worst nightmare!

      Robert from Shaker Heights, OH

    • Comcast does not care about quality customer service and has attempted to defraud some that I know of personally.

      Philip from South San Francisco, CA

    • In other countries, prices are fair and there are many options to find a service provider that fits with your interests and budget, because there are tens of small companies all competing for your money. This leads to a better experience for the subscriber and a more innovative, dynamic market. If Time Warner and Comcast merge, the US will become a wasteland of stagnant choice and consumers will have no real choice in service providers; because combined Time Warner-Comcast reach over 60% of all consumers. This would be a genuinely dystopian outcome for this country, and any politician that doesn't vocally oppose the merger can wave goodbye to being reelected. This is the opposite of what the country needs.

      Brandy from Fayetteville, WV

    • It makes me feel like I AM BEING TAKEN OVER ALSO.

      Jane from Cedarville, OH

    • Stop permitting more "too big to fail" monopolies. Enough! They are detrimental to freedom and to this country - we should all understand that, by now.

      K from Saint Charles, IA

    • We must maintain a free net to maintain democracy

      Linda from Cloverdale, CA

    • The amount of control over media that this one company would have is too scary to even think about!

      William from Iron Mountain, MI

    • No more power to the evil Comcast!

      Scott from Oakland, CA

    • stop this merger and support smaller companies for the people...........

      Jean from gifford, IL

    • Stop the Comcast - Time Warner merger

      Randy from eugene, OR

    • They already are too big and a monopoly, they keep charging more and more as it is and the governement is doing nothing about it to protect the consumers.

      Debbie from Mount Morris, MI

    • Oppose monopolies, say no to the Comcast - Time Warner Cable merger.

      Donna from Seattle, WA

    • there is no escaping comcast. Allowing them to take over warner cable leaves the people no options. Comcast didnt hold up their end of the contract with me and for some reason i owe them money.

      Sarah from Seattle, WA

    • I was a Comcast subscriber for years due to the monopoly they enjoy in New Mexico. They are the absolute worst to do business with. I was so glad to have other options when I moved out of state and, should Comcast buy outTWC, I will absolutely take my business elsewhere.

      Brian from Beavercreek, OH

    • The proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable by Comcast is bad for all consumers. Comcast's rates are high, customer service is poor at best and they are opposed to NetNeutrality. It will decrease competition in the marketplace which is one of the mainstays of capitalism. Please stop the takeover.

      Karen from Fairfax, CA

    • Do not allow this merger to go through!

      Timothy from Centennial, CO

    • Creating an even larger media will do nothing for consumer choice, increase competition, or reduce prices. It will increase Comcast's power and profits and harm the media. Approving this merger will prioritize profits over people.

      James from Lake Stevens, WA

    • Please stop the merger, whih would benefit only corporate greed and would harm customers

      w from staatsburg, NY

    • No merger! I've had it with big companies getting bigger and at the expense of the little guy, which I happen to be. we need competition. as the FCC, you should be looking at DISMANTLING comcast and time Warner like you dismantled the phone company...take a stand for the little guy!

      Jennifer from Cape coral, FL

    • The internet should be a public entity available to and regulated by citizens. The idea of any company, organization, or conglomerate having control, buying, or restricting the internet is a major issue as it is one of the main sources of information, commerce, and community awareness. A corporation or business owning something so vital to government, industry, and society is ludicrous and risky — especially a business with the reputation of Comcast. I do not know one person who has dealt with them and has something positive to say. From being charged months after canceling service to being charged for a service unavailable in the customer's area. I have personally reported a service continuously not working and had Comcast just dismiss the issue (i.e. take money and state that the service should be working). For this same organization — or any other for that matter — to own, control, or have power over the internet, the last source of free enterprise and information exchange is a conflict of interest. This would serve as a deadly blow to the freedoms that citizens obtain, experience, and develop via the internet.

      Keondra from Baltimore, MD

    • We need to stop mega-mergers that will hurt the American people.

      Sara from Coloma, CA

    • Why don't we have one big giant "entertainment" company with the president as the CEO and Congress as the board of directors!? That would finish killing the American way of life once and for all and everyone could be rich and happy!

      Chris from Smyrna, DE

    • No, No, No to the Comcast-Time Warner merger. Comcast is a bully; cannot be trusted - they lie about pricing, play with billing, change programming and are needing to be downsized not have more power. They are NOT a responsible customer-serving company.

      Emily from portland, OR

    • Fairness doctrine! No one enity should corner media in any way! Propaganda has already done enough damage with the access it has been given.

      Carol from Smyrna, TN

    • NO comcast/time warner merger. Bigger is no longer better, less is more as far as telecommunications go. Stop the greedy nickel and diming monster cable company Comcast.

      Judith from North Bonneville, WA

    • it's save the internet

      Dhamusyan from titupur, FL

    • Stop this damn merger now!!! Why would you let them have this much power? Stop this now!!

      Ralph from Duluth, MN

    • Comcast merger is not only Antitrust and a monopoly but they outsource a large amount of jobs to 3rd world countries, this will have a major negative impact on not only cable consumers but the entire economy. I worked for Comcast and they abuse and herass their employees, no wonder their Customer Service is so bad!

      Sherry from Hayward, CA

    • Too much power concentrated in the hands of one company is a bad thing in any business but particularly in the communications business. No to the merger.

      Susanna from Miami, FL

    • Do not suport this merger. Comcast is hard enough to deal with at it's cuurent size and weilds too much power as it is.........

      Jude from Brevard, NC

    • Comcast's GREED must be stopped!

      Bill from New Providence, PA

    • Stop the merger dead in its tracks!

      Ella from Colbert, WA

    • We are presently stuck with Comcast as an ISP. Our experience has been absolutely horrible. Please don't allow them to get bigger and more powerful. This has to be stopped.

      Dawn from Spokane, WA



    • Antitrust Law FOR A REASON! Comcast is the devil and I already have no other internet option in my neighborhood and I am forced to use Comcast and their service is the worst I have ever experienced as a consumer and their connection is terrible as well, PLEASE don't let them line your greedy pockets and do your job to stop this!

      Tiffany from Hayward, CA

    • Please break up Comcast et al into internet delivery and content production companies.

      Clay from Lafayette, CO

    • This merger is clearly not in the best interests of the public. These companies provide overpriced "services" which ued to be free or low priced. Percentages of advertising continue to rise with no benefit to consumers. We need more choice, not less.

      Dorothy from Tucson, AZ

    • Capitalism works best with independent rivals, NOT overlord corporations that are "too big to fail."

      Pat from New York, NY

    • Please don't allow this never to take place! To do so would create a monstrosity. Please, please stop this never!

      Carrie from Roswell, GA

    • Comcast is a monopoly. They keep raising the prices. We have no choices and they also leverage their ISP monopoly to kill other Internet based businesses. NO NO NO more power to Comcast.

      Ash from Why, PA

    • Stop this merger! It violates anti-monopoly rules and would restrict free speech.

      Juliette from Albuquerque, NM

    • Please stop this potential monopoly from happenng! We already know that Comcast is unscrupulous any money hungry! Thank you.

      Lola from Brooklyn, MD


      Timothy from SARANAC LAKE, NY

    • No to the Comcast Take Over. This would be a tragic move. Comcast is the pits.

      Damaur from District of Columbia, DC

    • Please stop this merger! We need more competition, not less.

      Damon from Melbourne Beach, FL

    • Media ownership concentration is too great now. It's vital to dissallow these types of mega-mergers of big conglomerates, especially when it comes to companies that create media content, because concentrated ownership stymies the propagation of diverse voices and opinions.

      Robert from Greenwich, CT

    • Any company that gets hold of a majority og a product of any size WILL SET the price of that product and control the output and distrabution ofTHAT product.

      Donald from Portland, OR

    • We've complained about the customer service for TWC and Comcast for years. Combining the companies is to hold customers hostage to rising rates and perpetually bad service. It also goes against the free competition that has made our country great.

      Judy from Durham, NC 27707, NC

    • Stop this merger and help preserve an open internet.

      Jean from Stehekin, WA

    • The merger would allow corporations greater control over political candidates' exposure. It's not just about the internet.

      Adam from Rochester, NY

    • Stop this merger now Thanks

      Scott from Aliso Viejo, CA

    • This merger would hurt consumers.

      Thornton from Somerset, NJ

    • Comcast is already appallingly abusive in areas like mine where they have a virtual monopoly. The merger would be a huge mistake for customers.

      Daniel from Belleville, MI

    • A monopoly? Sounds more like a dictatorship. TimeWarner already holds me hostage.

      Glenn from Middletown, NY

    • Monopolies will be the death of our Democracy.

      Andy from Merrillville, IN

    • This monopoly is illegal & inappropriate to this industry.

      Marcia from New York, NY

    • This is ridiculous and would affect millions.

      C. from Mechanicsville, VA

    • corporations are not people. We the people are people. OUR VOTES SHOULD MATTER.

      Dana from Stuart, FL

    • Block the merger between Comcast and Time-Warner. This would NOT benefit the public consumer, only top shareholders and executives. Choices are already too slim for consumers in this market. Personally, I am only able to subscribe to Comcast, as they are the only Provider in my zip code. This is unfair, considering I live in the 3rd largest metro area of The U.S.

      Antwon from Chicago, IL

    • For a company to gain total control of ANY PART of the internet would be like having ONLY ONE road of traffic on te public highways. It could be a million lanes but ONLY ONE source of information - THEIRS! ! !

      Donald from Fairview, OR

    • Stop the Comcast merger now!

      Deirdre from Bronxville, NY

    • No to the cable merger. We need as consumers more choices. It's the American way. Support the people not big business.

      Nancy from Lewes, DE

    • NO to a Comcast merger!!

      Phyllis from Chapel Hill, NC

    • I'm an onsite computer tech and the current options for high speed choice in Florida is down to two companies. AT&T and comcast. Both are just awful to deal with, which is depressing since I have to spend hours a month talking to their awful customer service resolving their shoddy installation. Less is not more, combining Time Warner and Comcast into one company is a bad idea. Frankly you should be doing the opposite and breaking these already monopolized companies up.

      Glen from Lake worth, FL

    • I have had to deal with Comcast for too many years. They have one goal to make themselves richer with no regards for their customers . We need competition and equality on the Internet with no fees for faster speeds .

      Wayne from ewing, NJ

    • Where is the Freedom of selection if we have this merger?!

      John from Farmingdale, NY

    • Without the Internet being free we as humans will not progress. We're watching you, and we are not fooled.....

      Hakeem from Los Angeles, CA

    • what happened to anti-monopoly laws for corporations? I recall a bunch of voters thinking corporate monopolies was a bad thing and now there is someone who is sticking their neck out for a sweet payoff for the mere attempt to forget what the voters decided.

      Jeremy from Tallahassee, FL

    • Take action now to stop Congress from undoing everything we've accomplished.


    • Stop this merger. Monopolies are bad for competition.

      Doug from Winter Haven, FL

    • Block the path towards a monopoly!

      Andrei from San Jose, CA

    • Please stop the Comcast for good

      Matthieu from Hart, MI

    • hamara adhikar mat chiniyega .. samjhe ye thik nahi ba.. #net_nutrality


    • The internet should be an equally accessible communication platform. Please PREVENT this merger.

      Elizabeth from Saint Paul, MN

    • Please stop the merger, we need more options, not less.

      Suzanne from Trumbull, CT

    • The Internet shouldremain as it was inetended...equal for all to use.

      D from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • Stop the merger now! Tell Comcast,"NO!".

      Dee from Avondale Estates, GA

    • stop the merger small kids can't work in internet by money don't do this


    • Comcast is a lousy corporation. Becoming a larger one will just make them lousier.

      Cox from Shelby Township, MI

    • Can you say monoply? This merger is bad for everyone but the 2 bad service companies!

      Phil from woodland hills, CA

    • We (the consumer) have seen it time after time: every time these gigantic companies merge, the consumer is always "on the short end of the stick". No more corporate consolidation!

      Randall from Berkeley, CA

    • Stop the comcast deal for good

      Steve from Washington, DC

    • We deserve better than this monopoly.

      Robert from Oxford, MS

    • No more monopolies. Please stop the Comcast /Time Warner Merger!

      Sammantha from Denver, CO

    • Please stop the merger, monopolies are bad for everyone.

      Paul from Seattle, WA

    • The genius of mass media available to the American public is the variety provided by the many different companies that comprise it. The massive merger of Comcast and Time Warner will combine too many voices under one heavy-handed gigantic fist depriving the public of the many unique voices that are the source of American pre-eminence on the planet. Yes, public service broadcasting is that important and never forget it!

      Reuben from Jamestown, ND

    • Please stop the Comcast - Time Warner Merger ..

      Brigette from Portland, OR

    • We need more broadband choices, not less. I oppose the Comcast - Time Warner merger.

      Jeff from Tigard, OR

    • Media consolidation is denigrating democracy, STOP!!!!

      James from Plant City, FL

    • Please stop the merger/takeover by Comcast.

      Edwina from San Francisco, CA

    • I dumped comcasts rotton service and vowed to never to return. Now they want to take over the internet. Go away comcast.

      Gerald from Lapeer, MI

    • Enough of the "too big to fail" companies.

      Melanie from Margate, FL

    • It's part of a "Free" America, Really.

      Kirk from yelm, WA

    • This is nothing but a bold-faced attempt at a monopoly that will only benefit them in the profits department and result in higher prices for all their customers.

      Martin from san juan, TX

    • More competition and less consolidation

      David from Pittsburgh, PA

    • Please don't allow this monopoly to be formed. Keep speech free!

      Heather from Fountain Valley, CA

    • No merge; yes to competition, true competition.

      Eva from Del Mar, CA

    • Stop the merger of the unaccountable Comcast/Time-Warner corporations; as a monopoly, we could only expect huge costs for low-quality service?

      Sigrid from Seattle, WA

    • Creating a monopoly never serves the interest of the consumer.

      Ellen from Dover, DE

    • Stop the merger. We can't let one company monopolize the internet.

      Micaela from Oakland, CA

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