To Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg:

We urgently need you to #DoYourJob. Disinformation is still spreading rampantly across your platform — especially in Spanish — and unless you intervene our democracy and personal safety will remain at risk.

We're demanding that you do your job — which means ensuring that the platform is not used to incite violence or undermine election outcomes both before Election Day and beyond. Facebook must:

  1. Ban events, groups, paid ads and organic content that directly, or with coded language, incites violence. This ban should cover President Trump’s posts.
  2. Pause group recommendations until the election results are certified.
  3. Demote the top-100 misinformation super-spreader groups.
  4. Correct the record on viral misinformation so those exposed receive alerts with fact-checked corrections.
  5. Hire, support and adequately train more in-house content moderators so charities, NGOs and individuals do not have to keep doing Facebook's moderation job for them.
  6. Ensure that you are also providing resources and training to staff to stop the similar spread of viral Spanish-language disinformation, particularly disinformation that contains anti-Black and racist tropes.

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    Dear Mark, do your job!

    Zuckerberg: #DoYourJob

    In the wake of the 2020 election, Facebook cannot continue its hands-off approach to content moderation. The steps the platform has taken to curb the spread of misinformation and hateful activities is no match for their algorithm — which amplifies some of the most incendiary, racist and violent posts.

    But it doesn’t have to be like this.

    Facebook has the resources and the technology it needs to take immediate action that will increase community safety and protect the electoral process.

    Join the call for Facebook to do its job and help cut off disinformation before it destroys our democracy.