To Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Facebook, Fox and Google:

As disinformation and hateful conspiracy theories spread on the platforms and airwaves you run or provide services to, you have prioritized profits over our democracy and our safety.

The impact of these dangerous lies could not be more clear in the wake of the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol and the actions that 147 lawmakers took to try to disenfranchise millions of voters and spur an attempted coup.

Now you must make it clear that you will no longer allow these dangerous conspiracy theories to continue spinning out of control. Our democracy is at stake. We urge you to permanently suspend political donations to the 147 members of Congress who supported the insurrection.

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    Big Media and Tech: Stop Supporting Seditious Legislators

    Media and Tech Deserve Blame for the Racist Insurrection

    On Jan. 6, a group of 147 senators and representatives attempted to disenfranchise millions of voters.

    These seditious members of Congress tried to use their power to suppress the votes of Black and Brown communities, which resulted in insurrectionists storming the Capitol with Confederate flags, swastikas and other white-supremacist symbols. The lawmakers’ part in this racist coup cannot be allowed to stand.

    Big media and tech played a critical role in the spread of the racist conspiracy theories these insurrectionists relied on.

    Now Amazon, Comcast, Facebook and Google have paused all political contributions to “review their policies.” But the choice these companies need to make couldn’t be clearer — and we will not allow them to quietly restart their giving to these seditious legislators once the world has stopped watching.

    Tell big media and tech: You allowed election lies to spread on your platforms and airwaves. Now you must do the right thing — and commit to permanently dropping political donations to the 147 seditious members of Congress.