To Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

A ban is a ban: People should not be allowed to buy or sell guns on Facebook. In line with the demands of the #FixTheFeed campaign, your platform must take immediate action to enforce the platform’s own rules equally — without loopholes — and protect users by:

  1. Ending the gun-sale strike system
  2. Removing calls for violence and calls to arms from event pages
  3. Removing any content on the platform that could inspire violence

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    Demand that Facebook ban gun sales on the platform

    Get Guns Off Facebook Marketplace

    Ten: That’s how many strikes people who break Facebook’s rules prohibiting gun sales get before they are banned from the platform.

    In 2016, in response to public pressure following mass shooting events across America, Facebook banned the purchase and sale of guns on its platform. But this policy change was clearly meaningless; Facebook still allows users to buy and sell guns, post calls-to-arms on Facebook event pages, and break its own rules 10 times before doing anything about it.

    Facebook has once again made it clear that it doesn’t enforce its own rules: Giving gun buyers and sellers 10 chances to break the rules is hardly a deterrent or enforcement measure. And in the wake of tragedies in Uvalde and Buffalo, the platform needs to show that it actually cares about the safety of its users.

    Facebook must enforce its own policies banning gun sales on the platform and commit to banning calls-to-arms on event pages, a commonsense measure that can save lives.