To Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg:

Regardless of what the Facebook Oversight Board concludes, Donald Trump has no business on your platform. He has repeatedly violated your own policies to broadcast hate, incite violence and spread lies. Restoring Trump’s account would send a signal that you don’t care about the costs to society, democracy, and public health and safety.

Do not reinstate Trump’s account.

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    Facebook: Permanently Ban Trump

    Tell Zuckerberg: Don’t Give Trump His Megaphone Back

    Mark Zuckerberg is waiting for the Facebook Oversight Board to give its recommendation on whether to reinstate Donald Trump’s account.

    But we already know what giving Trump a platform to spread hate and lies can lead to: white-supremacist acts of terror. In Kenosha, Wisconsin. At the U.S. Capitol. In the Atlanta area. And the rise of a new Jim Crow.

    Facebook has a strong motivation to allow Trump back online: the massive profits that hate and disinformation bring.

    With conservative groups and politicians ramping up the pressure, we must do the same and tell Mark Zuckerberg: Regardless of what your oversight board says, you must permanently ban Donald Trump now.