To Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg:

By allowing Donald Trump’s PAC to continue to purchase ads on Facebook, you have created a giant loophole for the former president to exploit while maintaining the illusion that he’s been banned from the platform. Facebook must take immediate action to close this loophole by:

  • Applying the same content-moderation decisions governing an individual’s Facebook account to any Facebook pages run by a political committee or other political entity that this individual controls, maintains or has authorized, established or financed.
  • Subjecting the Team Trump account and any other account under Trump’s control — including any account of a political committee authorized and/or established by Trump pursuant to campaign-finance law — to the same two-year ban as Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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    Trump May Be Off Facebook, But His Ads Are Not

    No More Excuses: Tell Facebook to Close the Trump Ad Loophole

    Trump may be off Facebook, but his ads are not.

    Trump’s PAC — Team Trump — has been running ads on Facebook, even though the former president is suspended from using the platform for at least two years. In essence, Trump is exploiting a massive loophole — and Facebook needs to close it.

    Facebook’s interpretation of Team Trump ads runs counter to campaign-finance laws. All communications disseminated by this PAC, established and controlled by Trump, are unquestionably in Trump’s voice.

    Let’s be clear: It’s easy to exploit this loophole, which allows bad-faith actors like Trump to avoid playing by the rules — and Facebook to continue to profit from hate, racism, misogyny and disinformation.

    Tell Facebook to enforce its own decisions and close the ad loophole.