To Facebook and YouTube:

For years you have allowed Donald Trump’s hateful, violent posts to flourish on your platforms. As you reaped profits from his rise, Trump’s words incited violence — like the killing of peaceful racial-justice protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the very real plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor and incite a civil war.

Now, Trump has incited an insurrection — and the time for half-measures is over. Your platforms bear responsibility for the events of Jan. 6. It is time to stop the spread of his hate and disinformation once and for all. It is time to permanently ban Donald Trump.

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    Tell Facebook & YouTube: Ban Trump Now

    Facebook wants our congratulations for temporarily suspending Donald Trump’s account after he incited a violent white supremacist mob to invade the Capitol and try to overthrow the results of a democratic election.

    But for years Facebook and other companies, like YouTube, have shamelessly amplified Trump’s dangerous messages for the sake of profits.

    Tell Facebook and YouTube: You have helped enable Trump’s racist insurrection. You must permanently ban him now for the sake of our democracy.