To the Federal Communications Commission:

For too long the FCC has let Sinclair lie to the agency and undermine the public interest. Sinclair is granted access to our public airwaves and responds by gutting local newsrooms that are essential to a healthy media and democracy. The FCC must ensure the public airwaves are used to benefit local communities and their information needs.

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    Tell the FCC: Sinclair Sucks and We’ve had Enough

    Tell the FCC: Broadcasters Must Serve the Public Interest

    Right-wing broadcaster Sinclair is eliminating entire local newsrooms at five local-television stations. It’s also drastically cutting newsroom staff at an additional five stations — and forcing these stations to instead broadcast segments from its “National Desk,” which has long been a source of disinformation and right-wing propaganda.

    These are the latest shady moves from a company that routinely stifles local news, evades media-ownership limits, and spreads bigoted lies and propaganda on its newscasts. And it gets away with all of this because the FCC lets it.

    Enough is enough. People need real local news. Demand that the FCC hold Sinclair accountable and ensure that companies use the public airwaves to serve communities’ information needs.