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Dear President Barack Obama:

We need an FCC chair who will:

  • Protect Net Neutrality. The next FCC chair will face the fallout from a major court decision on the FCC’s Open Internet rules. Whatever the ruling, the FCC chair must make protecting Internet users the top priority.
  • Promote Broadband Competition. We need more choices for high-speed Internet service. The chair shouldn’t let AT&T and its pals kill off competition and the few consumer protections we have left.
  • Free Our Phones. The next chair should stand up for our right to use our own devices anywhere and any way we choose.
  • Create Real Media Diversity. The FCC chair must promote policies that make our media more diverse, local and accountable.
  • Expose the Dirty Money. The new chair should require the funders of political attack ads to put their names in the actual ads.

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    Big News: Julius Genachowski Is History

    The FCC chairman is stepping down — and we need to seize the moment to push for a chair who won’t cater to corporate interests.

    We had high hopes when Genachowski took over as chairman, but his tenure has been a string of disappointments:

    • He failed to make broadband more affordable and accessible. 
    • He passed toothless Net Neutrality rules. 
    • He signed off on the destructive Comcast-NBC merger. 
    • He pushed the Bush administration’s failed media ownership policies in spite of overwhelming public opposition.

    We can’t afford another FCC chair who cares more about AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Rupert Murdoch than about you.

    Tell President Obama: Pick an FCC Chair Who Will Fight for the Public

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