Dear Federal Communications Commission:

It's been five years since the FCC left Washington, D.C., in an official capacity to hear how its policies affect real people. It’s time for the agency to schedule meetings in communities around the country to give people a real voice in the policymaking process.

To realize a brighter future for all, the FCC must:

  • preserve the public network.
  • protect Internet freedom.
  • provide broadband choices.
  • promote media diversity.
  • prioritize political transparency.

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    Hey FCC, Come Visit Me!

    Tom Wheeler, the new guy in charge at the Federal Communications Commission, is saying he’s all about representing the people — and not big industry.

    We’ve been waiting a long time for an FCC chairman to say something like this ... and mean it. But if the FCC truly has our back, then the five commissioners need to get out of Washington, D.C. — and meet with U.S. residents in communities around the country.

    It’s been five years since the full Commission left D.C. in an official capacity to hear how its policies affect real people. And let’s face it: If the agency listens only to corporate lobbyists, how can it serve the rest of us?

    Words are nice, but we want action.

    Help Us Break the FCC Out of the Washington Bubble. Invite the FCC to Your Community!