To New Jersey State Lawmakers:

New Jersey has received hundreds of millions in revenue from the sale of its old public-media licenses.

Please dedicate this funding to the creation of the Civic Information Consortium, which will unite journalists, organizers, tech innovators and higher-education institutions to partner with communities and create quality information and impactful reporting.

New Jersey’s media system has been suffering for years — newsrooms have shut down, many of the state’s local journalists have been laid off, and independent media are struggling to survive. We're proud of our communities, but it's hard to play a role in them without locally produced media.

Please do your part. Use the money from the sale of the state’s public-media licenses to create the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

Support Senate Bill S3303 and Assembly Bill A4933.

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    New Jersey: It's Time to Tell Our Stories

    We are New Jersey: 8.9 million lives and 565 municipalities in a vibrant gumbo that is the most densely populated state in the United States. We take pride in our locally controlled schools, townships, boroughs and cities — but the disappearance of local media has made it hard to stay informed and participate in our communities.

    It's time to tell our stories.

    Activists across the state are organizing support for the Civic Information Consortium,1 a proposed collaboration between journalists, organizers, tech innovators and higher-education institutions designed to transform how our communities stay informed, provide impactful reporting, and amplify the voices of people of color and other marginalized communities.

    This year, our state earned hundreds of millions in revenue from the sale of old public-media licenses. Now is the time to sound the alarm: Let's invest in rebuilding community media!

    The Civic Information Consortium — Senate Bill S3303 and Assembly Bill A4933 — is under consideration in the state legislature, but it won't get passed without a massive community mobilization.

    New Jersey's stories deserve to be told — tell lawmakers to pass the Civic Info Bill today. 

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