To the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department:

AT&T has jumped on the merger bandwagon and wants to buy satellite-TV operator DirecTV for a total of $67.1 billion. This is just the latest instance of a telecom company opting to buy up the competition instead of investing in high-speed Internet buildout for its existing customers.

For the amount of money AT&T and Comcast are collectively shelling out for their respective mega-deals, they could deploy super-fast, gigabit-fiber broadband service to every single home in America.

We need more competition, not more mergers. I urge you to block AT&T's deal.

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    Say NO to Mergers and YES to High-Speed Internet for All!

    The cable and phone companies must think we're stupid. While they're running around proposing mega-mergers with mammoth price tags, we're stuck with poor service, slow speeds and sky-high prices.

    AT&T wants to buy satellite-TV operator DirecTV for a total of $67.1 billion.1 Comcast is trying to purchase competitor Time Warner Cable for a total price tag of nearly $70 billion.

    For the combined cost of these two deals, AT&T and Comcast could wire EVERY HOME IN AMERICA with super-fast fiber broadband.

    But these companies don’t care about providing better services or even connecting more people to the Internet. For them it's all about eliminating the last shred of competition in a communications market that just a few big players dominate.

    This is a no-brainer: We need more competition, not more mergers.

    Tell federal regulators to block the AT&T-DirecTV merger.


    1. "Why the AT&T-DirecTV Deal Is the Dumbest, Most Wasteful Deal Ever (at Least Since Comcast–Time Warner Cable)," Free Press, May 19, 2014: