Dear Member of Congress:

Don't interfere with the FCC's strong Net Neutrality rules. Oppose Reps. Kinzinger's and Walden's attempts to undermine the open Internet.

Millions of people support the FCC rules and want to preserve the Internet’s level playing field. Stand with your constituents and with businesses large and small that need these protections.

Don't support this attack on the open Internet.

Thank you.

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    Tell Congress to Stop F#*!ing Around With Net Neutrality

    Instead of standing up for Internet users, Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Greg Walden are kicking off 2016 with two new bills that undermine the FCC’s rules and chip away at the agency’s ability to promote broadband affordability and choice.

    Kinzinger’s bill1 would give ISPs the freedom to defend any Net Neutrality violation by claiming that the FCC is trying to regulate rates. This would leave the FCC unable to protect consumers from price gouging, unreasonable penalties, unfair data caps and whatever other scheme Comcast and company dream up next.

    Walden’s bill2 would prevent millions of subscribers — particularly those in small communities and rural regions — from experiencing the full scope of Net Neutrality protections. The bill would exempt all but the nation’s largest ISPs from enhanced disclosure requirements designed to protect consumers and increase transparency.

    Tell Congress: Stop messing around with Net Neutrality.

    1. U.S. House of Representatives, "The No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act of 2016," H.R. 2666

    2. U.S. House of Representatives, "Small Business Broadband Deployment Act of 2016"