Dear Member of Congress:

Don't interfere with the FCC's strong Net Neutrality rules. Oppose the appropriations bill that targets the FCC.

Millions of people made their voices heard, calling on the FCC to stop cable companies from blocking and throttling the websites and apps we use. Stand with your constituents and with businesses large and small that need these protections.

Don't support this sneak attack on the open internet and other important FCC reforms.

Thank you.

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    Tell Congress: Stop the Sneak Attacks on Net Neutrality

    A dangerous bill loaded with attacks on the open internet just passed the House.1 Now the bill moves to the Senate — here's what the legislation contains:

    1. An attack on the FCC's Net Neutrality rules.

    2. A move to delay the FCC's set-top box proceeding, an effort to lower your monthly cable costs and expand the programming choices you have on your devices.

    3. A giveaway allowing giant media conglomerates to run multiple TV stations in a given city, which would shut down independent broadcasters and lead to major job losses.

    4. An attempt to stop the FCC from protecting the privacy of broadband users.

    This is a power grab, plain and simple. A gift basket for industry and a blow to people like you and me.

    Tell your member of Congress these attacks are unacceptable: Stop the attacks on Net Neutrality and other FCC reforms.

    1. "House GOP Continues Assault on Common-Sense, Pro-Consumer Safeguards for the Internet," July 8, 2016, Free Press: