Dear Member of Congress:

The FCC's new Net Neutrality rules are a historic victory for the American public. And that's why we need you to defend them.

Cable and phone company lobbyists will be pushing you to undo everything the FCC has done to protect the open Internet. Don't believe their lies.

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    Tell Congress to Defend the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

    Entrenched corporate lobbies just don't know when to quit.

    Now that the FCC has voted to protect real Net Neutrality, the cable and phone companies are working every angle they can dream up in Congress. From legislation designed to undermine the FCC's new rules to attempts at defunding the agency, these guys will stop at nothing to try to destroy the open Internet.

    Enough already. Tell Congress that all this pushback is laughable. It should be clear by now that messing with the Internet is off the table.

    Take action now to stop Congress from undoing everything we've accomplished.