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What's Your Net Neutrality Story?

What's Your Net Neutrality Story?

Tell policymakers why Net Neutrality is important to you.

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    • the internet has become useless since the president abolished "net neutral" policy

      R from Louisville, KY

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      Joan from Jacksonville, FL

    • I'm a school nurse in an under-served urban elementary school. Fast access to the internet is a great educational equalizer for children who otherwise don't have much.

      Sara from Philadelphia, PA

    • Well, gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song. Our C A M P F I R E S O N G song.


    • I was a former AT&T internet user, but after putting up with slow connection and upload speeds along with outrageously expensive prices, my family and I decided to switch to xfinity because they offered better deals These telecom companies. Netflix would be slow,online gaming was difficult considering I got kicked off the internet server countless times. Don't give in too the FCC and these companies. They don't deserve even a penny from hard working people like myself. Their in it for the money not the american people.

      Jordan from Orlando, FL

    • Don't touch the internet

      Bill from Bronx, NY

    • I am an Iranian American and under the dictatorship of the current regime of Iran, internet is filtered and net neutrality absolutely means nothing. Believe it or not in communist countries like China YouTube is filtered as well. This Era will lead into a dictatorship in America. If the government control free speech and communications, that will end into a dictatorship. We watched how Iran went from a free country back to dark ages and how in one night every way of communication between people to break their freedom and unity formed.

      Mary from Laguna Niguel, CA

    • Internet service providers are just that, service providers. They should not be allowed to charge customers more or less based on what they are using the internet for. Please fight to keep the net a neutral means of content distribution. The net should be regulated the same way telephone and water and power companies are regulated. And it should be kept free of censorship and excessive fees to view one website as opposed to another.

      Harley from Rego Park, NY

    • Mekai from Alpharetta, GA

    • Democracy dies if powerful corporate interests get to choose whose message gets heard. Net neutrality prevents this.

      Thomas from Milwaukee, WI

    • The FCC board members that made this decision do NOT represent Americans! We did not elect them! Net neutrality must be restored.

      Susan from Dilley, TX

    • My business depends on the internet.

      Susan from New York, NY

    • I use the internet to stay informed about current events.

      Jon from New York, NY

    • An open internet is necessary for democracy and is a basic human freedom

      Nik from Chicago, IL

    • Citizens should not be molded into perfect mindless consuming cattle at the expense of free thinking sentient beings so corporations can act as First as people then as gods

      Patrick from Denver, CO

    • I feel like our money here in united states are just swindled away by this fat politicians that realy dont have a clue how it feels to just to get by pay check to pay check. maybe the Amercan's of this country should cut there pay in half when this thing passes after all, they are all working for us ,and maybe from here on out every time a new law passes that is in the lobbyist faver the politician pay goes down. So what i am saying stop living in your own little world and start thinking of Americans that dont have the pay you guys have and keep what we already have wich is working fine and quit trying reinventing the wheel.

      Allen from Sapulpa, OK

    • I am currently attending college to become a civil engineer if this goes through I will not be able to access the app internet because I cannot afford it. This will stop me from completing my assignment to obtain my degree. If I do not get this degree I will not be able to provide for myself and my family and additionally pay for my sick grandmothers medical bills.

      Settle from Porter Ranch, CA

    • I work in community center in a very poor neighborhood. Possibly the best intern we've ever had is this eleven year-old boy who works for us every single day after school. One of the central reasons he interns for us is for access to the Wi-Fi because he doesn't have access at home. We can help plug him in to what has become a an essential facet of daily life. Net neutrality means that he can access information from any source as he continues to shape his understanding of the world. Without net neutrality his understanding of the world will be shaped by the commercial interests of the internet service provider.

      Melissa from Troy, NY

    • I suffered a massive stroke in 2010. I am now disabled. In California all my retirement and investments were taken in order to give me medical help. I do not have financial resources to pay for cable TV, phone service, cell phone service, and Internet. That would take so much of my 800+ income that I would not be able to eat. I rely on the Internet for banking services, news media, and political involvement. I use the Internet to stay engaged intellectually and pursue my passions and engage with others whom I could not do without the Internet. Many times I have homebound and the Internet has allowed me to stay intellectually involved and keep my social engagement that is so necessary to a full life. I have lifeline at home. My brother has me on his family plan for cell service. I have no cable. I have the disabled Internet access Reduced cost. An open Internet is essential to my life line with the world.

      Linda from Diamond Springs, CA

    • Nothing in this world is free and that includes information. The state government is responsible for it's State's citizens and then local government (district) is the core of yours or my community. Every state lobbies for Federal funding from the government. The infrastructure of my community has to be self-sustaining, must be able to pay the bills to move forward. That's the big picture. But to be specific this particular law (FCC 15-24) does nothing to insure that schools or you or I have internet . What does though is the Fed Comm Act 1934 which covers the infrastructure the internet is built upon (phone lines, satellites). What controls the speeds are physical "last mile" components (new technology) particularly fiber optics and broadband (cell towers/EDGE) which have actually increased speeds 1000%. This law places undesirable regulations (rules) on businesses and stifles new technology. The internet in my house that I pay $55 bucks a month for (12mbps download, >3mbps upload) is pitiful. I could improve that for $100/month. I'm getting exactly what is advertised. If the federal government would or could crack down on spam, malware, ransom-ware, etc... the things that actually slow or disrupt the internet, that would be great but they can't because the "free" internet is simply a string of routers, modems and servers on a world scale through which I can access thousands upon thousands of computers (information) around the world or next door. I believe FCC 15-24 is irrelevant to this infrastructure, pointless and dumb. Let's say I want to open a mom&pop store bring new technology to supply or improve internet speeds in rural areas. I would be required under this pointless "net neutrality" act to eventually pay federal regulatory fees in addition to State local fees and report to someone sitting at a desk in Washington who's sole job is to micro-manage my (and +1000's others) business. This could mean the difference of me opening my store next week, next month or next year or worse discourage me from even attempting it at all due to cost associated with red tape (net neutrality rules). Ultimately the losers are the schools and members of rural communities in particular. Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 prevents businesses from reeling in customers and then exploiting them by throttling speeds to increase customer base in a deceptive manner; If done properly could go unnoticed or it can actually happen unintentionally. Regardless, say I notice it and it's affecting me and my internet business is suffering then I would complain to BBB and FTC. Hopefully having multiple competitors available #1 will prevent this from even happening or #2 provides me alternate internet options. If FCC 15-24 made internet "free" for me and saved me $55/month then I would be all over it. Who wouldn't? Nothing is free!

      Albert from Ardmore, OK

    • I don’t think overturning the current stand on net neutrality is a good idea at all. As a millennial, it’s hard enough to live in a capatalist society. It’s difficult for me to have a place of my own and make enough money survive. You’re now giving more power to corporations to charge even more than the already over priced tag it’s at currently. Internet is moving in a direction of a right/need instead of a surplus or a luxury. Most of our lives are on the internet. This is going to also take away money from other businesses that thrive online (,, eBay, Amazon, etc.). You are essentially hindering other businesses to get a few extra dollars. It’s pure greed and goes completely against what the people want.

      Dylan from Chico, CA

    • I live and teach on the internet. Giving the internet to corporations to split up, segregate, and censor would damage not only our freedoms now, but make it harder to ever break free or educate independently again. The future rest on free internet

      Evan from Lincoln, NE

    • It matters because this is The United States of America, one of the reasons this country is so great is because of the liberties we have like free internet and no restrictions. We are not Cuba and can not allow Trump to become a Fedel Castro, WE ARE AMERICA.

      Tiffany from Indianapolis, IN

    • There are so many, very obvious reasons why net neutrality should be kept and valued. No one should have to spell it out for you. It’s common sense. The lack of the internet being neutral to everyone would only set this nation back in so many ways. Do yourself a favor and don’t give Americans another reason to hate and distrust the government.

      Cadee from Tooele, UT

    • The internet is a wonderful place to learn so many things about local and foreign affairs. Its an amazing tool to keep in touch with people that are so far away. Its an amazing tool to learn how to fix so many stuff. Its all be greatly affected if it was being monotized by companies

      Julio from Pacoima, CA

    • It's important to me that the Internet remain the way it is - free and open. I don't want big corporations to have control over content, speed, and access. I want to be able to view what I want at the same speed as everyone else. I'm tired of big corporations buying policy makers, and I think it amounts to corruption.

      Andrew from Kansas City, MO

    • I work from home. I rely on the internet for valuable information needed to save those in need.

      Lori from Ivins, UT

    • The internet is one of the most important tools in a large majority of people’s lives. The FCC is trying to change the way the internet works for it’s own benefit and greed. This does not benefit the people, and why would you repeal something that harms the people? I use the internet for everything, from keeping up with friends to keeping up with what’s going on in the world to gaming. Don’t let corporate greed ruin such a powerful tool for connecting the entire planet.

      Justin from Columbia, SC

    • Please think of the people we should be able to have free right this is supposed to be America land of the free what’s free about it if we are violated and not allowed our rights our fathers put in place to keep the world free and allow us our due diligence how can upcoming business Ppl like myself broadcast and due business if these regulations are put into affect it’s not fair

      Michael from Allentown, PA

    • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, an ex verizon attorney. Is the FCC in someone’s back pocket? Who’s best interest is the FCC looking out for? How about the little people for a change.

      Kyla from Hoboken, NJ

    • From my job to my daughters school, from cooking to entertainment We the people use the Internet for a variety of reasons. Taking away net neutrality only benefits big business. The normal person isn't able to compete with big business. It's time to do something good for the majority of Americans and level the playing field for All!

      Cathie from Kansas City, MO

    • This is impérative for My family to keep free access to Internet.

      Philippe from Prairie Village, KS

    • Americans have shed blood, sweat, and tears to maintain more freedom than most nations. Communication is the backbone of keeping our freedom for civil rights; as well as maintaining our essential checks & balances that progress real, practical democracy. We The Prople firmly believe in access to clean water. Internet neutrality is in this same vein. I am a strong proponent of our capitalistic system—That also necessitates a check & balance upon extremes, such as greed. Humanity still ranks a much higher value than MORE profits. Stand Up for Balance in our USA WAY of Life. —HJS

      Harry from Chanute, KS

    • Us voters would really appreciate it if you congressional folks would support what is best for ordinary folks instead of taking care of your corporate contributors.

      Roger from Las Cruces, NM

    • The line of work I do is extremely dependent on the Internet. The only broadband provider in the area (Armstrong cable) almost cost me a job opportunity. I had to ensure my employer that I would cover any additional overage charges out of my own pocket. I don’t understand how the FCC and Congress favor their large companies who enjoy monopolies and underdeliver while overcharging for services. Where are the antitrust and free marketers? It’s really not hard to see what is good for the people. Perhaps the constitution should be changed to “We the corporations” then our governments actions would at least be inline with what you (law makers) pretend to be about and represent.

      Joseph from Conowingo, MD

    • I am so tired of big money interfering with my meger existence! Please do not take another of my few pleasures and slow it down just because I don't have a lot of money. I do not begrudge companies like Verizon a healthy profit, but they're never satisfied. I do not even have a landline because of greed. Please consider the poorest in our Country instead of the richest. Thank you.

      Lola from Brooklyn, MD

    • I use internet to stay connected with my family & friends. I learn a lot about the world because of it. Please keep the Net Neutrality the way it is. If it's not broken don't fix it.

      Lorie from Glendale, CA

    • The ability to search freely on the internet has made me grow into a better human by exposing me to different opinions surrounding my views. The idea that this ability to explore peoples opinions about all different subjects will prohibit the population to make educated and informed decisions. Net neutrality is vital to keep the people of the United States making informed decisions about the world around them.

      Grace from La Mesa, CA

    • Hello, my name is Shannon, it took my family years to get Internet and something like this happens, I've only had internet for one month, it was a Christmas present from my family, we are on low income and barely have money to buy food at the end of the month, and I'm doing online classes because my school basically took my education rights because of bullying, this means so much for me...please save the Internet. . Thank you.

      Shannon from Sandy Hook, KY

    • My family does not live near me how will I reach them in an emergency. How will we as people know when negative things are happening to our society? We need this, we need net neutrality

      Taina from Waterbury, CT

    • I need a free and open internet to be an active and contributing member of society. Taking away Net Neutrality is a violation of my first amendment rights, and is a recipe for further corporate control over the information and minds of the people of the United States. We cannot stand for this outrage!

      Joshua from Great Neck, NY

    • I aint paying fo nothing

      My from Aurora, CO

    • I have used the internet for many things. I have used it for research in school. I am used it to communicate with friends who I do not get to see in real life. I used it to laugh, to learn. But the most important reason I use it so I know I am not alone. I am part of the LGBTQ community. I do not live in a friendly environment for people who are different. I used it to help myself and others to not losse themselves in the hate.

      Ashly from Sykesville, MD

    • I am a highschool student from a VERY low income family who relies on the internet to help with my school work to achieve the grades I need to persue a higher education. I also rely on the internet to maintain my sense of peace and happyness when i am stressed, every single one of my hobbies is online. An open internet gives me access to happyness, and removing an open internet takes away my right to happyness and well being. A generation cannot be raised basking in open internet and then have their lifestyle ripped away despite the crys of the public.

      Gidget from Gig Harbor, WA

    • Not an American speaking, and you won't listen to this. But let me tell you how bad it is without net neutrality, as that's what happens in where I hailed from. ISPs taking advantages by making consumers paying extra to access social media, randomly giving access to websites we don't even need. Censorship intensifies in irrelevant websites. Our internet is badly damaged here and it will be bad if it happens right there. Like, where are you, the so-called Land of Freedom? It's not like a Trump card determines the future of USA, it's the people that matters. Then a question: "Why would you even care?" Treatment on websites as proposed by this Pai may affect globally. Is there a reason why I shouldn't be concerned?

      Yuri from Chicago, IL

    • I am a low income disabled senior citizen who has lifeline phone service and internet access. I need the net neutrality

      Magdalena from San Francisco, CA

    • When a private web-site that I regularly used and enjoyed, began insisting that I use my real full name I realized that I probably couldn't do that and remain safe. I had been victimized the following year online. Seems being a woman online these days comes with the possibility of some nameless, faceless stalker harassing you to no end. I had taken extreme caution from whoever it was following me online constantly. I even wrote to the website and explained how dangerous my situation had become. I had hoped they'd see the threats and perverted pics being aimed at me and not ask me to use my true name. But that wasn't the case. Initially they simply ignored my inquiries. I didn't receive any response for months. And finally when the decided to respond to my "defiant" behavior, They didn't care about my safety, they cared that I wouldn't comply with their real name policy. I wasn't pretending that I possed creditials that weren't mine or giving advice on neurosurgery!! I merely wanted to change the details of my name in the hopes that when and if another stalker found me appealing he'd not be able to discover my address, or hack into my cell phone texts, like the last time! Women who are brave enough to put their real photos up online along side their names are at risk. Maybe this isn't as important to men as it should be to women. After all, how many men reading this receive regular nude shots from women the don't know online insisting that you have sex? Also, this same websites gone overboard on censorship. Banning/blocking w/o even telling users why. Appartently it is possible in the United States of America to not be safe while online. It's at their(websites)discretion whether they like what you have to say and what name you will be forced to use. I have the right to freedom of speech. And I don't want to have to choose which one is more important to me personally. Worth mentioning, the sites got a substantial record of stalker and Hackers cruising for victims, usually female. And they've been aware of this for quite awhile. Just in case anyone is wondering, he's still allowed to use the site while I'm left out in dark. Hoping he's not coming back to the house. Hoping he doesn't relocate me. Keep our internet safe, but always keep it open to ALL of us PLEASE! Thank you!

      LcR from Indianapolis, IN

    • As your constituent, I'm writing to urge you to protect the FCC's 2015 Open Internet Order. As you know, the FCC is currently considering Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections. Namely, the Chairman seeks to reverse the 2015 order that treats broadband Internet providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. That decision would give major telecommunications companies an unprecedented level of control over how we use the Internet. No agency would be able to protect the public from unfair practices like site blocking and throttling. Large cable companies claim to support the principles of net neutrality, but without the authority of Title II, those principles will be impossible to enforce. Please oppose any attempt by Chairman Pai to roll back the FCC's net neutrality protections. In addition, please oppose any effort in Congress to undermine the Open Internet Order. A free and open Internet is essential for a free society. I urge you to defend existing net neutrality protections. Protect my rights, not ISP profits.


    • I run a small business completely online. My business relies on open access to the internet so that I can keep in contact with clients, potential clients, and friends. Net Neutrality is crucial for my SURVIVAL and my business. I have severe anxiety which does not allow me to work out of my home, so if NN is taken away, my business will be doomed to fail, and, in turn, I will become jobless. I do not mean to be grim, but my life is in the balance here. I have worked so hard to build my business from the ground up and to have it stripped from me will be a blow I will not be able to recover from. Please consider my plea.

      Eli from Pittsburgh, PA

    • I don't believe we should lose the access to internet for many reason, businesses need it to run them, jobs for trainings, stores for cashing out,children learning, etc.

      Chelsea from Pennellville, NY

    • I use the internet everyday all day of my life. making that harder to access is awful and unnecessary and it needs to be overturned asap.

      Nathan from Elizabeth, CO

    • If student can’t access apps, and websites and home or school, they cannot succeed and do homework and other important school things.

      Seth from Minneapolis, MN

    • With net neutrality repealed trump is making it one step closer to being like North Korea, we’ll eventually have no internet access. All the public schools I’ve personally been to have been dependent on the internet, is the government going to give public schools the funding they need so the children’s education doesn’t suffer? No one thinks of the small people, everyone like our president, which is probably still running his company, only cares about making more money and not realizing that everyone is the same. People are in different situations, and the truth is lower income households will not be able to afford whatever the internet provider wants to charge and middle class may start struggling with there income and become the lower class .These are my thoughts on why net neutrality should be repealed. Thanks for reading.

      Ricky from Palmdale, CA

    • I personally use the internet in most my daily not only because I'm a student in high school, but we also depend a lot on the internet as students. Because we study and learn off the internet. Soon we will be having are finals and I and others need to study and most or all of are note are on the internet. Therefore we need the internet!

      Mia from Houston, TX

    • My livlihood depends on the 'speed', reliability AND ability to thoroughly due my "due diligence", Vetting, in a free, mostly untarnished/unvarnished market of PEOPLE, worldwide , get answers &/or view points /all sides to an argument, well rounded, biased or otherwise in an OPEN to One & ALL market and that is how it MUST remain. BIG BUSINESS sees huge, money making, line their pockets w/the sweat off your brows. Don't let them put us back on the 'Mushroom diet" (in closet & feed a lot of crap) & thank them while they do! Well? Chairman Pai , appointed by POTUS wants to undo what PRESIDENT OBAMA put in place to keep the InterNet an OPEN Net for all of us...EQUAL ACCESS, EQUAL RIGHTS. THE VOTE TAKES PLACE TODAY. Call your Sens too and ask for big time NO VOTE & Stop Chairman Pai

      MaryPat from Fountain Hills, AZ

    • I use the internet to learn, Stay updated, keep it neutrality

      Miles from Virginia Beach, VA

    • I am scientist and rely on the open access of information to help me create the next generation of anti-cancer and antibacterial drugs to help save lives everyday.

      Kyle from Tampa, FL

    • I myself wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. So I went to nursing school to pursue a life long dream of mine to take care of others. During nursing school I submitted many assignments online and accessed various sites for endless research. I also needed to take care of myself and to do that I would take brain breaks with Netflix and social media. I needed the internet to survive nursing school. Keep it Net Neutrality.

      Lisa from Bremerton, WA

    • After all this time you attempt to take away something that should be a right. Free internet is what allowed me to pull out of my depression. Without it I will be back where I started.I have been to the hospital once for overdosing and this will most likely happen again if this occures as everything I have done will vanish just like ajit pai's sex life.

      Devin from Hermiston, OR

    • The small corporations that conduct their business online are essential to our competitive marker and economic prosperity. The disenfranchisement of these businesses would disrupt the backbone and foundation of our economy.

      Ashley from Arcadia, LA

    • I use the internet for my work as a photographer and to express my support and beliefs on equality,lgbt+ rights, and equality for people of color. Keep Net Neutrality.

      Mark from Richardson, TX

    • I’ve been using the internet for my online classes for high school and college applications I actually depend on the internet to help me find things that may not be in stores or when I don’t have enough to go on my college tours I look it up it’s the use of many things In my life

      Nashay from Philadelphia, PA

    • All corporations want is more money. They don’t care how they get it even if it means taking away or restricting people’s right to the internet. Void this legislation to prevent chaos.

      Ryan from Harrisonburg, VA

    • The internet keeps me in contact with all my long distance friends while I’m away at college. The internet lets me look for a summer job when I come home from school. The internet lets me find articles at my college to write papers that my professors assign. With the internet being blocked I can’t write research papers. Even to get an article in paper form requires the internet at my college. I can’t skype my friend who lives in Japan to tell her happy birthday. Everyone’s life is on the internet without it I wouldn’t know what was going on in the world. Newspaper died long long ago and the internet allows me to know stuff as it happens. Anytime something scary like bad weather has threaten my school I’ve used the internet to keep myself and my family updated. If the internet is slowed how am I supposed to let my friends know I am okay. How am I supposed to find a job posting? How am I even supposed to enjoy myself. Internet wasn’t made for people to make a profit off of. It was made to spread news. Keep net neutrality!

      Lilly from Lexington, SC

    • It is intolerable that the greed of a few monsters ends up creating restrictions, privileges and inequalities in a platform that was not conceived for it. It is despicable.


    • Just like most people, having accessible internet and phone capabilities is a necessity in today's world. I come from a family of teachers which use many websites to find and create lessons for our youth. I keep in touch with most of my friends and family through social media. That's not anybody's right to take away from me or anybody else. Losing net neutrality will ruin many people's ability to communicate freely and live comfortably. This will also give internet providers and phone companies the ability to monopolize the internet, causing companies we love such as YouTube and Netflix to fall. After a hard day at work, I love to come home and watch my favorite shows onNetflix with my family. Please don't take that away.

      Isaiah from San Antonio, TX

    • I was born into the world of internet and I think I’ve taken it for granted. Please don’t screw over the entire American population and generations to come. There is need for this because it’s not like ISP’s aren’t making enough money already because they are putting money in my representatives pockets.

      Joe from New Providence, NJ

    • I as a student need to be able to access the internet for my studies and by not having net neutrality it’ll become difficult, especially if we have low income. This idea isn’t fair to anybody, because we are not all receiving the same amount of money. This idea may also affect our schools, our ability to communicate and share ideas. So please put some thought into net neutrality.

      Lul from Lewiston, ME

    • As a college student who is in debt, it is very helpful to have free access to the Internet. So please do not take away what extraordinary resources we have for mainly no cost. It is also another way to stay connected with family, friends, school, and work. Thank you

      Brianna from Hyde Park, MA

    • I have suffered from severe depression and crippling anxiety since early childhood, and I literally cannot survive without the internet. My entire support system is online, in supportive forums, as well as the basis of most of my coping strategies. I will not ever be able to function in society if this drags out as it seems it will, and I can kiss my career as an author out the door, since without the internet, I will not be able to get the word out, or it will be extremely difficult, and near impossible at the least. I am also in a relationship with someone overseas (military), and can only communicate via internet. Without these things, I WILL fall apart, and I WILL LIKELY die from this action. I know I am not the only one like this, and our blood will be on your hands. If you do this, you have doomed us to death, despite our efforts to scrape out of that life, you will have sent us back at lightning speed.

      Fyn from Knoxville, GA

    • We have the right to use the internet freely and should not be controlled by other people or businesses and I can't afford to be charged more to use certain sites!

      Sheila from Pocatello, ID

    • I am Josh Crumley and I rely on the internet to keep me updated on the political situations from people of the LGBT+ community. I want to help people stay in contact with their friends and family in the United States and also stay up to date on the current political events.

      Joshua from Pablo, MT

    • The internet is a place to explore research learn helps everyday life simpler. The enternet is what schools and our college kids rely on. This is their only way to do research where books are slim to none. Its a way to stay in contact with friends and family. Having access to the internet is how work is completed paying for it would damage the nation in a whole. Billions in losses it would be very detrimental to say the least. A lot of technology would be wasted as it wouldnt be affordable for many people again a lot of monies will be lost. It saves lives by way pf strangers videos help groups ect.. Dont let this happen

      Shanell from Orlando, FL

    • The internet is a place where people can come together and share commonalities, as well as discuss issues that bring on debate (whether that be peacefully or not). It is within the first amendment that our right to freedom of speech is layed out for us. That right should include everyone. By charging for internet, the amount of people with access to the internet will shrink durastically. With today's internet-center society, some people will no longer be able to share ideas, improve knowledge, and stay involved in civil society. Civil society is such an important part of government, and should not be hindered whatsoever by government officials. Putin almost completely wiped out civil society by censoring the internet and co-opting the media. If America turns to this, we are moving towards Authoritarianism, which is a threat to Democracy, which is everything America stands for. In the Declaration of Independence, five ideals were layed out. Liberty, Opportunity, Rights, Democracy, and Equaliy. Democracy is in that equation, and should be upheld as promised. Equality is also in that equation. By charging for Internet, we are giving advantages to provilidged people in society.

      Erika from Seattle, WA

    • I’ve made so many amazing friends due to the internet, and I’m sure many other people have to. The internet is a way for many others and myself to freely express themselves when they can’t really do that offline. Being LGBT especially is hard, the internet is a place where people can talk to other people. We need the internet to make lives easier

      Allison from Harrisburg, PA

    • If you do this the internet’s means to freedom of speech will be removed and small businesses will fail. Do not let this happen!

      Brendin from Salt Lake City, UT

    • Dear Policymakers, Without the internet, I would not be the person I am today; I might not have even made it until today without it. When I was being severely bullied at school, the Internet provided me with an escape. Through it, I was able to discover the music and interests that I still love, and I was able to reach out for support I couldn't get anywhere else. I didn't know where to turn, and my online community saved me from falling farther into the pit of despair. Without the internet, I can't discover more about topics that are crucial to today's society, such as LGBTQ+ issues, and other things I can get involved in as a teenager who wants to make a difference. I want to be able to live freely and have fun in my college years, not being burdened by extra costs that I could've never imagined would become an issue. I'd also hate to watch my parents, who are already struggling to make ends meet and allow me to attend college, to be crushed by more financial debt. My part time job doesn't help pay as much as I'd like it to. And for the poor kids that will no longer be able to reach the Internet, it will be extremely detrimental. This policy will affect most of us negatively, with the exception of the rich who can easily afford this. This is in no way right or just. You cannot censor the world from us, and in no way would taking away our access to the Internet be fair to anyone involved. Please, take the time to hear our plea, and rethink this. A world where net neutrality is repealed is not a world I want to live in, or to raise my future children in. Please reconsider and think about if this were your own family. Thank you. Christina P

      Christina from Revere, MA

    • If we lose net neutrality, the internet would become a closed-down network. Telecom companies will decide what content is able to succeed. With Pai ignoring the public outcry, it is clear that he is not representing the people and does not care about equality. All data should be treated equally no matter who creates it. Without net neutrality, companies can arbitrarily pick favorites, which leads to misrepresentation of all content on the web. In February 2015, the FCC gave internet users the strongest Net Neutrality rules possible with Title 2. If we lose net neutrality, we cannot go back. ISPs will have full power over all information that is seen. The internet will not be a free place, but instead a tier system based on wealth. Net neutrality is the way our internet has always worked, and that’s for a very good reason. The internet should be a free place for everyone. That is the way it should be. That is why I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.

      Beth from Lake Oswego, OR

    • Please keep the net neutrality rules to keep the internet open and free. The internet is the way everything is done now in society. We should be investigating what happened at AT&T with the fiber optic scandal & billions charged for broadband that never showed up.

      Adam from Scottsdale, AZ

    • I'm a singer, songwriter, who uses the internet to gain exposure. Taking that away would be taking away my career, my dream, my passion. Please don't destroy net neutrality!

      Emily from Enfield, CT

    • All the kids that want to learn that have a right to learn thats what we need and your going to make use pay for something that was free. Why would we want to pay for it we need a right to say who we are and what we represt this is the law if you disrespect this than you haven't seen the internt and want joy it can bring to toddlers kids teenagers and parents you are taking the rights from us

      Toxic from Oxnard, CA

    • we shouldnt have to pay for things that have been free all this time. we need net neutrality to be able to communicate and learn also.

      Ella from Fremont, NE

    • This is ridiculous. We should not have to pay extra for things. That has always been available. That does not cost them any more to offer it.

      Dafne from Miami Beach, FL

    • Net neutrality lets me communicate with my friends for free and stay updated on political information and more. I do not have the money to pay for every social media site I’m on and I don’t want what I search to be moderated! This is BS

      Aislin from Blue Lake, CA

    • I’m a public school teacher of more than 30 years and have seen how greater and greater access to a powerful internet has provided a dramatic resource to aid student learning. I get sick at the thought that internet providers could have the right to decide, as they invariably would to increase their profits, that my students could no longer go to certain sites, or would not have the speed needed for the projects they’re working on, because our school can’t afford higher rates Shame on anyone who allows the internet to become a place where shareholders interests are put above education!!!

      LuEllen from Erie, CO

    • We Need Net Neutrality! Do you think it would be fair that as a small business Big Cable would be able to slow the speeds of your website so traffic can go to, etc. Customers don't like load time etc. Do you like your Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming avenues? Without Net Neutrality Big Cable can throttle down your speeds to where it buffers. Do you like having the freedom of speach via web for Activism, Conspiracy, and Content that you like. If you lose Net Neutrality they will be able to regulate everything that goes on the web. Granted you won't see huge changes right away, but over time you will lose so much. Also they will be able to charge you on top of the data you already use from your Cable/Satellite/Internet Provider. This effects all of you. Please take the time to contact your Senator and Congressman before its too late. Every voice counts, and those who care are counting on you to use it.

      Tony from Phoenix, AZ

    • My life depends on my connections, interactions, and fellowships that a free and uncontrolled internet gives me. Without net neutrality, my livelihood would cease to exist.

      Allen from Carson City, NV

    • I am a busy, working mother. I run social media sites for small businesses. I have two teenagers and a preteen involved in different activities. I also work directly for another business in an industry that relies heavily on internet access and uploading and downloading large files at a moment’s notice. At any given time, I’m likely to be using the internet for planning, work, are staying involved in political and religious activities. None of this would be possible without net neutrality. Don’t ruin a good thing.

      Miriam from Northridge, CA

    • The internet is my lifeline. Title 2 preserves it. Repealing net neutrality has the potential to destroy the fabric my entire life is built around. I am a human, an American, not a number for a corporation to squeeze. I support Title 2 Net Neutrality.

      Robert from Jupiter, FL

    • The FCC and Congress need to maintain and preserve Net Neutrality rules as they are and continue to honor the flow of information and data as a utility which has no preference for rate or scale or type of usage. Just as electricity is not throttled for low income areas, the information and news we receive and share is equally important and essential to democracy and quality of life. Net Neutrality is NOT like a choice of ordering "more" food and then paying more - that is a false equivalence. The essential access and fairness of utility services (power, water, infrastructure) is a core part of American communication, civic engagement, education, and economics. I write to you from a consortium of instructors (film and media, computer, vocational, life skills) who teach adults with developmental disabilities. Thousands of us in EVERY state rely on an open internet every day when we teach independence, social, and vocational skills to the adults in our classes. We stream incredible amounts of media in tutorials, documentaries, and online resources in tiny classrooms huddled around a laptop and large institutions taking in a big screen - EVERYWHERE. No government entity or ISP or registry is going to know the value of what we do - but we teach adults with autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and physical challenges how to be: independent, intellectually engaged, employed, and contributing members in their communities & families. This is a huge population. It's also a population who suffers from low economic metrics and who cannot afford to pay more for services which are essential to their sustenance and viability. But if the FCC changes the Net Neutrality rules and ISPs can throttle data in favor of corporations or those who can afford it - we will all lose. The disability communities of the Unites States and the instructors who teach these adults - so they can have lives of independence and deeper meaning - need the FCC and Congress to do the right thing. We don't have extra anything - we need all the online and internet resources that we use to do our important work. I don't freaking do this for myself. But I can't teach my adults with the old tools. I can't get them all to the library, or large institutions where the open internet "might" exist because an institution can afford a higher data rate. My adults are incredibly talented and eager to learn, but mobility is constrained. I NEED to be able to teach from a cheap computer and a basic internet speed where data is treated as 1s and 0s - not dollars and cents. As noted in the San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed today by Catherine J.K. Sandoval, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, "Americans must demand that Congress, the federal government and states protect open internet access through enforceable rules that require reasonable network management, preclude ISP blocking or slowing of internet content, and prohibit paid priority." This community of instructors who work so hard to support adults with disabilities need the FCC and Congress to understand how much damage you are considering as they think about policies which benefit a few --for the sake of profit-- when those of us who commit to public service and the welfare of all can't do this on our own: we need the infrastructure - we need the internet and the data it carries to be treated as a utility with equal service to all.

      C from San Francisco, CA

    • I use the internet for school I use the internet for me time but listen to this we don't have a lot of money and paying taxes for the INTERNET is insanity because that is the only thing that isn't taxed or payed for frequently so listen please save net neutrality

      Morgan from Roanoke, AL

    • Net Neutrality keeps us from becoming a Police state like other countries where information is suppressed. This also would create a monopoly in the market and hinder competition and innovation.

      Antoine from Windsor, CO

    • I am 14 years old and I use Net Neutrality for everything that I do and taking that away from me is withholding my rights. The internet is designed to be an outlet for anyone and taking that away is unfair. I hope you will make the right decision!

      Andrew from Gilbert, AZ

    • Internet is my form of speech, my way of living, and my method of getting an education.

      Jessica from Elizabeth, NJ

    • I use the internet pretty much every single day ranging from applying scholarships for college and to research things about this world. If Net Neutrality were to disband, I will have a hard time trying to keep track of the current world my education would be in jeopardy. Please keep Net Neutrality alive!

      Luis from Orlando, FL

    • I use the Internet for many things like studying, and submitting my art and my comics. I'm lucky that I live in generation that I don't even have to go to library to do some research. The Internet allow me to easily put my art skills out there, when I'm too shy the do it out the Internet.

      Michelle from Indianapolis, IN

    • I am a student at passaic arts and science charter school middle-high and education means the world to me. Everyday from school I get my stuff and opek my phone to read the news. Last week I was informed about Net-Neutrality and I want to save it with what I got. Its important to understand that business will fall, people who have jobs online such as youtube will loose their job and not be stable finnancially. This wont hurt just certain indiviuals but hurt our economy. We wont be able to stay on track with politics, current events, and tragedies throughout America and within our government. Its sad to see how corrupt the governement and world is changing. But we the people can change that.

      Jay from Passaic, NJ

    • I work in a small business that relies on the internet not only to keep socially engaged with our niche market, but to be able to sell all over the United States. Without these we would not be able to keep our doors open. Please keep net neutrality. We will crash and burn without it.

      Daniel from Seminole, FL

    • I'm a disabled veteran working for a university in their IT department. I use the Internet for everything. My daily routine involves coordinating with the VA online, researching treatment options, supporting staff and students online, staying informed on current events, staying politically aware and active, and finding every available opportunity to help my family. I do all of this online, and repealing Net Neutrality would take away one of the most effective tools I use to overcome my disabilities from service. Please stop ignoring the hardships that you force upon veterans and start supporting us with more than empty words. Repealing Net Neutrality will harm all veterans, homeless or not, and it will leave us with less proactive protection. How much should veterans be made to suffer solely for the financial gain of a handful of individuals who weren't willing to serve?

      Joshua from Mesa, AZ

    • I work from home and am a graduate student. I depend on the Internet for my livlihood and future success. My employer does not supplement my ISP services but requires my ability to supply high-speed Internet connection. That is why Net Neutrality is so important yo me and others like me. Without rules protecting Net Neutrality, my work and education are at risk. ISPs have already stated, in front of congressional committee, their intentions. If the rules are not in place, I will be faced with higher service fees, speed throttling, decreased customer service, and continued lack of choice in ISP.

      Alexander from Tucson, AZ

    • The true preservation of "Net Neutrality" is important to me for it's unrestricted access to the near inconceivable dossiers of free, as well as paid information/knowledge. With out Net Neutralitys free range and reign of unsubscribed reach, I would have never been able to tap the majority of knowledge that I've come to ascertain. For example today I was doing independent reseach on how a clutch operates and with the combonation of my old automotive text book and videos on the internet. I'd been able to achive a much clearer understanding of clutch operation. Further more in various past instances I've visited several if not many different sites to retrieve information regarding mechanics.

      Anthony from El Centro, CA

    • I am a fourteen year old in high school. I use the internet for many things, some of those being school work and communication. I am also speaking for my family as well. My mom uses the internet to promote her business, and my dad uses the internet for his company. As far as it goes for me, through the internet, I have met some of my best friends through networks such as instagram and twitter, and I love getting to see what they do. I've already had to say goodbye to my friends online, and it was incredibly heartbreaking. Alongside that, I am trying to make into the merchandise design world. Through the internet I am posting my designs with the hope that the people/artists/bands/etc. will notice and consider me for doing their merch in the future. Finally, I use the internet to inform myself about what goes on in the world. Whoever reads this,thank you for doing such.

      Isabella from Wakefield, MA

    • As a 14 year old, the internet helps me with not only staying engaged with politics and the world around me, it helps me by letting me do my homework with no slow speeds. I need net neutrality to do most things for school, jobs, and even news. Don't accept the fall of the internet, Save net neutrality.

      Nathan from Troy, OH

    • As a Systems Administrator by profession and computer nerd for life, the freedom of accessible information has made me who I am today. Without having the freedom to browse any site that's on the internet I would probably not have the knowledge I do today. By creating a paywall for certain parts of the internet, it will not only force people into bubbles, but also hurt small businesses who are trying to have their own online presence. This will force some businesses to host through specific websites that have paid ISPs enough for less throttled channels. Anyone who wants to get rid of net neutrality does not understand the backbone of how the internet works. There will be severe consequences to the average American citizen along with small to medium sized businesses.

      Aubrey from Tallahassee, FL

    • I’ve been in love with the freedom the Internet brings since the 80’s. First it was the bulletin board systems, then America On Line, then Google. It has truly changed my life and the way I see the world. The thought of HOW I got the internet into my home was akin to how I cared how my electricity into my home. The idea that corporate greed would in any way hinder the way I use the World Wide Web disgusts me. The Internet is necessary for us as a country to live and operate. Try getting a job without it. NOTHING should affect how we use it.

      Mikey from Orlando, FL

    • The internet helps artists express themselves and share their art with the world. It supports our freedom, our rights, and helps us share important and the right information with everyone who needs to know it.

      Brijette from Piscataway, NJ

    • I use the internet to keep up with daily events, stay politically engaged, and to express my ideas. The internet is the only free access I have to stay engaged, and it should stay this way for everyone. Everyone has their own circumstances, but the internet can bring people together. Depriving people of the internet will only cause more problems, and without it to express these problems will leave people in the dark. If you really want to uphold the American principles then protect net neutrality, for millions of people depend on it. Let us be free. Thank you.

      Hannah from Culver City, CA

    • My daughter is disabled and we live in a rural area. The internet is sometimes her only access to socialize with other kids like herself. We use the internet daily for numerous reasons. Come on, This is a no brainer !!! Do the right thing !!!

      Saen from Fort Gibson, OK

    • We need to protect Net Nuetrality title II protection now. These networks and tech, which were provided by our tax dollars and research should never be privititized as it would restrict our ability to exchange information and innovation on an equal foot. Never before have we been able to create communicate and learn so readily and this is THE most important thing in a free society-the ability to speak, discuss, learn and dessiminate imformation. Democracy depends on an informed citizenry and with the continued illegal ( based on our own unenforced Sherman Anti Trust Act) consolidation of communication and media companies this is a troubling trend in the restriction and privatization of the internet. I insist that representatives force the FCC to maintain the internet as a utility necessary for our country. We've seen the mechanizations and manipulations these telco companies have attempted which is why Net Neutrality had to become codified and why these same companies are spending tens of millions of our billed dollars to influence and now place Ajit Pia, a former high ranking official from Verizon as the FCC Chairperson. This is not only a conflict of interest but is unethical as he is now disallowing public comments against his proposed dismantling. People depend on the net for anything from information to medical needs to working. You must not allow him and his lobbyists to deminish the internet. You must as over 22 million legitimate comments stated maintain Net Neutrality- our democracy literally depends on it. Thank you.

      Jim from La Grange, IL

    • I STRONGLY support the net neutrality we already have in place. Its almost as if the FCC wants to set us to Russian internet standards, Oh wait a minute isn't Trump accused of corroborating with the Russians? Ooooh I see now. Look the internet isn't broke so don't try to claim your fixing it by pulling the ole ((I'm from the government and I'm here to help you, joke)). Leave our internet along. Leave it the way it is and the way it has been for the past several years, Leave it NET NEUTRAL.

      D from Virgie, KY

    • The internet is my library, my shopping & my news source. WE should have right to choose what WE do.

      Naria from Trenton, NJ

    • To whom it may concern, I'm what's called a "YouTuber," or someone who makes videos on YouTube for a living. Though I operate a small channel, it is a dream of mine for YouTube to be a full-time job of mine. With the destruction of net neutrality, that dream will most certainly evaporate. Net neutrality is a crucial, almost needed part of everyday life for almost every American citizen. People like me would suddenly be out of a job that previously kept them stable for years, and those just starting out, like me, would be crushed. Most of my generation would see the eradication of net neutrality as a discouragement to be a productive member of society. We need the internet to be free, open, and available!

      Devin from Fairfield, CA

    • Net neutrality is important to me because it is a forum for free speech and an effective way to stay informed and educated. Also, a valuable way to stay connect to other people, to engage intellectual ideas to forward society, to evolve society. The internet belongs to the people, plain and simply put.

      Renee from Big Bear City, CA

    • The internet needs to remain open and free. Filtering will only lead to corruption and further take out media down to an all time low. Information should be accessible to all and not filtered based on others special interest or greed.

      Jay from San Ramon, CA

    • Unimpeded internet access is vitally important to me as someone who has a virtual office, working from home for two jobs. Work which requires research, education, and communication through and across various platforms. Additionally, as needed to support my personal activities and hobbies such as art, research, education, and staying in touch with friends and family across the country. Furthermore, it is the democratic and unrestricted nature of the internet in its existing form which allows me to stay an informed and participating citizen.

      Samuel from Seattle, WA

    • All Americans should have equal access to a free and open internet. Preserve net neutrality.

      Cecilia from Aurora, CO

    • As we see this, in keeping with this misguided administration, democracy, the bill of Rights, the Constitution itself, is under attack. This president extols foreign dictators and clearly is being grinned as one himself. The freedoms I served my country to protect are now under assault. The discrediting of a free press, demonizing protesters as terrorists, dismantling a free and open internet, are all so transparent as to the ultimate goal. Gerrymandering of precinct borders and obstacles to voting all go hand in hand with this attack on a multi-party system. My business relies on full affordable access to all internet sites. A system that curtails access for those who can't afford full access is unethical and will damage an important free speech tool, but then that's the objective. Of course the big phone and entertainment companies have the most to gain here. This administration caters to the 1% however so no surprise here. Millions have spoken out time and time again in favor of net neutrality. Their voice and demand is clear here. Those Representatives who choose to be mere puppets of the gold worshippers will pay at the polls, if we even still have free elections next cycle. Title 2 is good as is. Leave it alone and get on the right side of history. Go public with your support. We are counting on you to do the bidding of the citizens not mega billon corporations and their sugar daddy Trump.

      Thomas from Coeur D Alene, ID

    • I own a fledgling business that relies on the internet for commerce. You do this and it will dry up any innovation this country currently relies on.

      Michael from Aurora, CO

    • I want nothing more than a free and open internet. What the current FCC chairman has done is shameful. He's sold out the people for his own benefit, along with representatives across the country. Please defend Net Neutrality!

      Dan from Littleton, CO

    • As a creative freelancer, my small business depends on the Internet. My job as a video editor and motion graphics designer depends on affordable and dependable internet service. I upload and download tens of gigabytes of content every month. I’m constantly searching the web for tutorials and inspiration. Net Neutrality has the power to jeopardize my ability to maintain and grow my small business. And that is sad.

      Ashlee from Austin, TX

    • I believe that the internet is like a library in which should be free for all to benefit in it's resources or potential to connect with others.

      Andrew from Pekin, IL

    • Students deserve access to the internet no matter where they live or study. This is America. We are the envy of the world. Please keep it that way.

      Ronni from Briarcliff Manor, NY

    • I believe the internet should remain free for whatever purpose we as the consumer may require be that information, political news or whatever.

      Raymond from Hartford, CT

    • Banning net neutrality is going against our freedom of speech and going against our human rights. People use the internet to explore, invest, and flourish in their businesses. To take away net neutrality is a decision that only benefits the internet providers giving them more money. This is tyrannical and selfish. There are millions of people who use the internet, all those people are going to be very angry and respond in protest.

      Bella from Humble, TX

    • Our education system relies on internet access! Without that access students won’t have the most current information available, they won’t be able to contact professors or research to progress in their studies. Books are not always available, they’re expensive, and can easily become outdated and inaccurate. Do not rob us of our resources.

      Oliver from Indianapolis, IN

    • Net Neutrality is an issue of free speech that is equally granted to all Americans under the Constitution. Speech cannot be regulated by a small handful of corporation, or “granted” through payment to those corporations.

      Dominic from Western Springs, IL

    • I am a small business owner who lost my job 4 years ago so I started a business . I RELY ON THE INTERNET TO WORK MY BUSINESS. If net neutrality is taken away I will fail. Please please don't allow anyone to punish us for being small business owners with a small budget. This is very very important please remember America "used" to encourage the average American to start their own business.

      Jody from Chicago, IL

    • As a small business owner with colleagues & clients all Over the country, there’s no way I can keep my business going without an open internet. There are constant conference calls and lots of on line research that allows us to do what we do. Just for this one small business at least a dozen people will be out of work if Title lol goes away.

      Judy from Richmond, TX

    • consumersunion. org/research/net-neutrality-what-you-need-to-know/ Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet providers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, FCC passed strong net neutrality rules that prohibit Internet providers from blocking and throttling access to sites, and from implementing paid prioritization: "fast lanes" for sites that pay the required premium; slow lanes for everyone else. Cable companies are also lobbying FCC and Congress to end Net Neutrality because, if they win the power to slow sites down, they can bully any site into paying millions to escape the "slow lane". This is similar to what they already have done so that some major network affiliates have "gone on strike", depriving local viewers of ALL content. All access would cost more, to the extent that many small businesses that make sales online would shut down because of inability to stay afloat.

      Michelle from Brewster, NY

    • I run a website selling the art projects I make in my spare time, when I'm not caring for my children or working full-time as a nurse. I earn a couple thousand dollars extra per year through this website, and every penny of that is appreciated and needed to feed my family. PLEASE, people like me need net neutrality. We need the FCC's protection from the handful of behemoth cable companies threatening our livelihoods. PLEASE represent us, the people, more than 70% of whom do not want this bill passed.

      Danielle from Danbury, CT

    • I spoke to Jessica at Sam Johnson’s office, asking her to have Mr. Johnson encourage the FCC to keep Net Neutrality. I’ve already begun to experience how companies can hijack the speed of your service and access to certain sites. We must not encourage this! I personally can’t afford to pay more for internet - I’m on a strict budget, being a retired teacher.

      Judy from Plano, TX

    • By rolling back the Lifeline program, you will be eliminating affordable phone and internet-access options for millions of poor people. Low-income families, the elderly, people with disabilities, people living on tribal lands, veterans, people of color and unhoused people all need Lifeline.

      Cassy from Missouri City, TX

    • I'm a college student and in order to keep track of my classes, do research for projects and papers i need the internet. As you all can imagine, some of us are not very rich. We cannot constantly shell out money each time to use the internet. So i beg you please don't take away Net Neutrality. If you do then there are millions of us who won't be able to follow our dreams. Millions of us who won't be getting our degrees we've rightfully earned. I want to be a graphic artist and the last thing I'd want is my future plans being thrown away due to the greedy corporate FCC who don't even know what the internet is.

      Kiana from Columbus, GA

    • Without net neutrality, providers like version will be able to control everything we see on the internet as well as charging special fees. The internet is not a asset one can own, its purpose is to spread ideas, technology, relationships, small online business, ect. If net neutrality is ended, political agendas will be forced in your face. It could be used to influence elections. It does not ban free speech but actually is biased to one side or the other. For example, if I Google the daily new and there is no net neutrality, IPOs could hide events you would normally hear about, instead your search comes up and is biased. It is censoring the internet, making it easy for IPOs to expose you to what they want you to see. Freedom of information will no longer be a thing, and freedom is what our great country is founded upon. The super rich will get richer and have control of what you and I see. Please, I beg you, keep net neutrality. Don't let these people take over our freedom of the internet. Net neutrality needs to stay or our internet fundamentals will vanish. - Scott Cunningham

      Scott from Fort Collins, CO

    • The internet should allow me to search for whatever I choice not feed to me from a company.

      Hamilton from San Diego, CA

    • my father owns a local startup company that recruits local programmers to companies, including cerner, apple and sprint. he has put his blood, sweat, tears, money, time, holidays and quality time with his family (my mother, myself, and my two younger siblings) into this company. to take away net neutrality would be a stab in the gut for him and his business, he wouldn't have the funds to simply engage in conversation with his soon-to-be recruits, to communicate as a whole, and to simply keep the programs that his business provides up and running. im sure this is not a one-in-a-million story, which just goes to show how many people the revoke of net neutrality would effect. please please please, from the voices of many, from the tired and the weary from fighting for what they love and even the innocent tax-payers of bourgeois neighborhoods, and just about any other good, loving, amazing american in our country, save net neutrality. sincerely, christian alldredge

      Christian from Overland Park, KS

    • Dear sir or madam, My name is Skylar Tun. The internet is meant to be a free and safe place for the American population. I plead you do not revoke the people of their rights. I met my long-time girlfriend over the internet. Though I will not disclose her name, she lives in Canada. With the restrictions that ISP's place on our internet, I won't be able to maintain a relationship with her. She's my everything. I know I'm not the only one with the same story.

      Skylar from Middle Village, NY

    • I won't get into how much I value the internet for the network of close friends I've met and spend time with over it. I WILL mention how scary it is that once the ISP practices creep into 'pay for premium' for both ends of use (business and consumer) how it will destroy, among many other things, the diversity of online news/journalistic sources. Big players with TV networks and deep pockets will pay to ensure they get the most expose and the fastest connections with their consumers. FCC commissioners, Senators, Congressmen, and the public have all cried out against this mad repeal of neutrality practices, and the FCC has refused to cooperate with state officials across the nation investigating fraudulent comments. A wealthy businessman in the presidency appointed an uninformed inexperienced head to the FCC and he is caving to lobby-money. Do we live in a democracy or an oligarchy? Senator Gene Greene, I doubt you'll see this, but thanks for replying to my email on the matter, and thanks for representing the interests of your district.

      Jonathan from Humble, TX

    • The internet is intended to be a free and open exchange of ideas which allows America citizens to have endless information at their fingertips. By ending NetNutrality we will lose what the internet supposed to be

      Coleman from Dallas, TX

    • Without net neutrality, we will be no different from an oppressive dictatorship. Dissent is key to our right to call ourselves a free country, whether you like it or not. Our founding fathers made it possible to even voice it in the first place. And why privatize a boon to many of varying beliefs and lives to benefit a few people who already have more than many of us make in a year?

      Akari from Henrico, VA

    • Internet is the reason many famous people are famous and a good source of income for said people. And not to mention the effect on the economy beacuse of that.

      Hannah from Pulaski, VA

    • The people have spoken we want our internet back!

      Michael from Fredericksburg, VA

    • The internet is necessary for communication, businesses, education and information. This is a violation of basic human rights.


    • World Wide Web....please keep your corporate greedy hands off of the people’s Net Neutrality please

      Karen from Gulf Breeze, FL

    • I use the internet for many things including travel guidance (maps and directions, gas stations, restaurants, rest areas, weather reports), news, shopping, and many other things. Aren't large corporations already controlling enough of our lives?

      Lesley from Dripping Springs, TX

    • My 89 year old Mom, and my 15 year old school child who has to use the school laptop should be able to use the Internet with the highest speed available and without having to give it up if costs rise.

      Susan from Belle Plaine, KS

    • I don't make a lot of money. What I do spend on internet, should be enough to maintain a free internet with fast speeds. Why should I, and other people of low income, be denied the same internet as others? If internet is a utility, you still can't charge more for better speeds. You don't charge people for colder water, or hotter heat. You don't give people who can't afford it, a less quality water. How do you expect anyone who is disadvantaged to ever get ahead?

      Erika from Milwaukee, WI

    • The proposal to eliminate net neutrality only benefits the few huge corporations that already have too much control over internet connectivity. Should this proposal become reality, the cost to connect to the internet will increase for all Americans. The proposed change is paramount to curbing free speech. A few corporations will decide what is "appropriate" content from which sites, instead of elected officials who would have to answer to their constituents. This proposal is unconscionable.

      Robert from Jacksonville, FL

    • Repealing net neutrality is unconstitutional because it goes against the First amendment and the Fourteenth amendment because of censorship, discrimination as well as freedom of speech.

      Marie from Los Angeles, CA

    • I suffer from from social anxiety and depression. The internet is the only way I feel comfortable socializing with others since I have difficulty looking other people in the eyes. On top of that, it's the only place where I can get more frequent help and support with my depression instead of waiting weeks or months to see my therapist again. That being said, I really don't want some corrupt, tyrannical person controlling what I can and cannot know and access, because I believe knowledge should be free to access, and with the internet, a great variety of knowledge is widely available to everyone. I also have relatives that live in Saudi Arabia, and I won't be able to contact them until they come back every other year for a holiday or for some other reason in between then. Most importantly, almost everything for my classes in school requires you to use the Internet for research, games related to the class, and so many other important sites. I'm taking Civics right now, and I can actually say with certainty that repealing Net Neutrality would be unconstitutional since it goes against the First Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment due to censorship, discrimination against those who can't afford the ludicrous amount of money these "packages" are worth, not to mention the internet is considered as a part of Freedom of Speech which is protected by the First Amendment. Repealing Net Neutrality would also get rid of our competitive market, likely causing another economic depression by the amount of people out of a job. By this logic, repealing Net Neutrality is not only going to make our economy plummet down into the ground, not only will knowledge be controlled by corrupt officials seeking to heavily influence society to further their own agendas, not only will I rarely ever get to speak with my relatives, not only will I flunk out of school, not only will I be unable to give my transcripts and test scores to colleges, not only will my system of support be compromised, not only is it clearly unconstitutional, but the most logical conclusion that I can come up with when presenting my own experiences, thoughts, and opinions is that it would just be unfathomable and inscrutable to repeal Net Neutrality.

      Brianna from Novi, MI

    • I use the internet constantly for educational purposes. I can afford it, but many cannot, and adding additional costs to prevent carrier throttling of access speeds will only damage our nation and create knowledge barriers. As our policymakers, you are either for American Excellence or against it. Which side will you take?

      Ron from Conroe, TX

    • We are already bombarded by the slanted views of powerful voices that hold their private interests above our right to the truth. We need independent voices to be heard above those of corporations, governments and extremists Information rights are Humanity's key to a free future. Net neutrality is the guarantee of our power to speak and know the truth

      Gilbert from Franklin, TN

    • The only people against net neutrality are the businesses that will profit from it coming to an end. Please think of the vast majority of Americans and not just the wealthy few.

      Jeff from Nolensville, TN

    • A free and netural internet is imparitive in our modern world. Taking away net neutrality will not only stifle new business but has the potential to limit free speech and hurt our economy. We must not give telecom companies like Verizon and Comcast domain over what we can access over the internet. This will allow them to throttle traffic to competing services, limit what we are able to see by blocking access to dissenting websites. If you stand for your constitutes and not for the companies pushing this dangerous legislation you MUST vote to keep net neutrality. We know the companies will begin throttling access because they have done it before with Verizon throttling VoIP communications and attach/Comcast with Netflix. These companies have no competition for internet providers in most of the areas they operate. This will NOT create competition. This will ensure the telecoms hold on our last truely free area. Please stand for the people and keep net neutrality.

      Joshua from Johnstown, PA

    • internet. internet is something why i am even here. nothing has ever affected me than internet. its a whole fuking world aND ITS FREAKING SUPPOSED TO BE FREE. IF YOIRE GONNA TAKE THE INTERNET THEN WHATS THE FREAKING POINT OF GIVING US HUMAN RIGHTS??? WE ARE PEOPLE AND WE FUKING RUN THE GOVERNMENT AND WE DO HAVE A SAY!


    • Please keep the internet open and free by keeping the current net neutrality law in place. I am a small business owner and an open internet is critical to my success. Please do not give into the lobby of the major media companies but remember that you represent me, and many more like me.

      Kelley from Clinton, CT

    • Just once, listen to the little guy. The big ISPs cannot be trusted to act upon consumer interest, as they have no obligation to. My world relies on an open and free internet, dont take that from us

      Steven from Montpelier, VA

    • My parents can barely afford to keep my family and I all fed, sheltered, and clean. We literally can not afford to lose net neutrality. Please, I beg you, do not take this away from us. My siblings and I use our internet to do homework, understand the world around us, and communicate with those who matter the most. The internet is the only place we are never restricted. Please do not change this.

      Eria from Atlantic City, NJ

    • I rely on a free, open internet for work, for information, for entertainment, for shopping - the list is endless. Without net neutrality I and everyone at my company would have a much more difficult time doing our jobs. This is a single issue for me - I will support any candidate, regardless of party, who stands up for net neutrality.

      Nate from Gainesville, VA

    • To put it simply, i need the internet for education, social, political, and business purposes

      John from Galax, VA

    • I'm a retired 72 year old professional photographer I used my computer and the internet for business and personal information and advertising. The internet has been a great source of the knowledge of all mankind. If you remove a free internet young and old people will lose the abliability to stay informed as a citizen of a democracy should be.

      Agustin from Livonia, MI

    • My life, education and livelihood depends on the open net!

      Joseph from Uncasville, CT

    • The Net Neutrality is important to me as a student. It would negatively impact my school and robotics team. It is an unconstitutional concept. Basically the concept of taking it away is a violation of human rights given to us in the Constitution. They only way that can change is in a time of war or with amendments. The amendments would not do much considering it is an unalienable right.

      Kellie from Iona, ID

    • I work for an online Domain company. I lived before in Germany and South Korea and the cost of Internet and Phone in the U.S. is already more than double and tripple than in other countries due to Monopoly of companies like Verizon and Cox. Killing Net Neutrality is not for the interest for consumers but greed of the providers. This move will hurt and set back the U.S. They have no right to do this. Please Stop this immediately and keep Net Neutrality.

      Sarah from Tempe, AZ

    • Please don't take us backwards. Let everyone have a voice.

      Kathleen from Austin, TX

    • I urge you to stop the FCC's plan to end net neutrality *before* the FCC's December 14th vote. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest, or force me to buy special "tiers" to access the sites and services I choose. But that's exactly what the FCC plan would do. Blocking & throttling by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small. If some companies can pay ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. This will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created America’s 5 most valuable companies. Without strong net neutrality protections, Internet providers will effectively be able to impose a tax on every sector of the American economy. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard. If the FCC passes their current order, every Internet user and business in this country will be unprotected from abuse by Internet providers, and the consequences will be dire. Please publicly support net neutrality protections by denouncing the FCC's current plan. Do whatever you can to stop Chairman Pai, to ensure that businesses and Internet users remain protected. Thank you!

      Alyson from Port Huron, MI

    • I feel really strongly about this so I made thus video. drop a like if you like it

      Michael from Marietta, GA

    • I believe that The United States is one of the best countries in the world due to our freedoms. It is this very reason that makes me proud to be an American. The freedom to use the internet however we choose is something that we as a people should have the freedom to do. Net neutrality is going to take that away from us. Moreover a big portion of Americans can not afford to be charged all the extra fees if net neutrality passes. It would be greatly appreciated for us to keep our internet open for the freedom to use use it however we need.

      Michael from Ozark, MO

    • Come on now you got enough money

      Taylor from Richardson, TX

    • Hey everyone. not sure if you havent heard but the internet is like our main source of Information about whats going on in the world. However, The new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a former top lawyer for Verizon, and the company has been spending millions on lobbying and lawsuits to kill net neutrality. What is Net Neutrality. its a law of some sort that allows big companies like "Verzion" to put crazy slow buffering speeds on sites that we might use to provid us True Stories to Sad Events. For Example after Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurrican Maria we really had no way to get in contact with our loved ones to see if they needed help or were even alive other than facebook or other forms of internet apps. Now what if I told you that your sell Phone provider was or even played a part in you not being able to contact your Mother. but Why would they do that?? simple reason to "Control Mass Hysteria." Now yes the internet is an obscured place to get any or all of the latest scoups on almost any information but do you really want some Rich Guy that could care less if you lived or not controlling that.?? I dont; so meet us Tomorrow or follow the protest. idk about you but I be dammed to let someone determin if I get to hear my loved ones voice one last time.

      Enrique from Philadelphia, PA

    • Ending Net Neutrality will certainly hurt smaller business and contribute to killing capitalism. As a consumer and enthusiast of games and entertainment , and a small business owner who uses the internet in every aspect of my job including marketing and client management, I feel like ending Net Neutrality will hurt me directly in so many ways. I don't think this will promote innovation, I think it will promote more corporate greed.

      Melanie from Sarasota, FL

    • My parents divorced when I was ten, and my mother brought us across the country. Without net neutrality, I have no way to talk to my father, my other family, or my friends. These are the people who have kept me steady when times are rough, and have given me advice for as long as I remember. And beyond that key reason of connecting with people I care about, I depend on a free internet to stay up to date on news and know about the world around me. I depend on it for school, and my future career.

      Natalie from Ishpeming, MI

    • My family is blended. My mother is the youngest of 5 siblings. Every older sibling married a man or woman who is not of American heritage. My cousins who I am very close to live in all different parts of the world. I need net neutrality to stay connected to my cousins in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My ill grandparents are aging as the days go on and it's very important to stay connected to family and give them updates of my grandparents. Please save net neutrality for the good of my family. Please find it in your heart. Please.

      Catherine from Ft Mitchell, KY

    • The internet has been the same beautiful way it is now, since I was a child. The internet has been helpful for me in my own personal development as well as my schooling. Taking away net neutrality would be unconstitutional. Amendment 9 protects our rights as citizens to “everything else” in our daily routine. Taking away everyone’s equality to the internet is discriminatory. The government needs to protect the people from discriminatory acts, and removing net neutrality is the exact opposite of that.

      Allison from Roseville, MI

    • Don't want paid high internet month bill, average america not able afford extreme price to paid, just impossible to do so image big private investor and company lose a lot money don't wanted my internet freedom being taken away from me. Don't revoke our freedom.

      Dwain from Syracuse, NY

    • I just have some questions before. They just are selfish for their business don't they? If the internet is not free to us then it's not internet anymore. The Internet doesn't belongs to everyone. Not just a company. We, students need the internet to study. We, teenagers need internet for our source of entertainment and safe haven, somewhere we are accepted and free to speak out, free to act. We, young tutors need the internet to get sources to teach others. We NEED INTERNET OKAY? INTERNET BELONGS TO EVERYONE. JUST LIKE HOW THE SUN IS, OKAY. DON'T MAKE US PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT WE COULD'VE GOTTEN FREE


    • To me, Net Nuetrality, the way the internet is now, is just fine. It allows me to connect with my community, with my friends, and gives me an oppurtunity to find inspiration and business as an artist. I am Gay, and I don't feel accepted in ny community, so I tutn to the internet, a safe haven to be myself. Many LGBTQ+ youth feel the same, and some rely on these connections to stay healthy, so on their behalf and mine, dont take that away. I have many online friends who feel the same, and ultimately, the way the net is now, is just fine. To take that away from us would not only seperate us from each other, but also make our passions, our careers, that much harder. I rely on my friends for emotional support almost everyday, and the internet is more than just a casual entertainment outlet, its an important part of my life that connects me to others and allows me to thrive. Don't take away net nuetrality, it will ruin many people, and possivly their careers, especially those who are self-employed.

      Conner from Orchard Park, NY

    • Hello, I’m Laynie, a female, bisexual, American minor who wants to stand up for her right to view whatever she pleases. Cable companies shouldn’t control what WE want, especially since the internet is such a large part of everyone’s life nowadays. People should, no, NEED to be able to view whatever the hell they please. I thought America was a free country, not a greedy, cashgrab of a blob of land.

      Laynie from Columbia, MO

    • I will not benefit in the repeal of Net Neutrality. Repeal of Net Neutrality is wrong!

      Andrew from Minneapolis, MN

    • I respectively request that Net Neutrality not be repealed that results in giving cart blanche to corporations again… That would be an injustice to the majority of people. The Internet is beneficial to my family and me for a number of reasons to include numerous people. Using the Internet is an efficient way to pays my bills that are also beneficial to the recipients’ of my payment. I can do research on the Internet to give just two examples. Repeal of Net Neutrality would increase cost and create confusion for me and many other people that would be punishment! I have never understood why the people who made the choice to be in positions intended to serve millions of people disregard this privilege? Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Pat from Minneapolis, MN


      Jabari from Buena Vista, GA

    • As a young adult in this country I can not afford to the internet access I have now. My education depends on the internet. We do everything online now books are used as often as access codes in college and high school. Taking away internet access to those that can barely afford college is discriminatory toward unprivileged people who wish to persue education due to not being able to afford the provider for homework or research projects. The internet is as free as the air we breathe. It should stay that way.

      Cherelle from New Brunswick, NJ

    • This isn’t a republican or a democratic idea. This is an American freedom. My school district, which is already suffering a budget crisis, will only go into further debt. The internet is one of the most influential inventions in human history. Don’t put that behind big corporations to control... Save America’s Students. Keep net neutrality

      Lucas from Palmer, AK

    • My name is Usman Ferozpuri, I support Net Neutrality and I minor in political Science at NVCC. I am person of low income. If we the people lose the ability to view what we want at the right speeds. People like me will have a hardtime to function in real life. Its 2017, majority of people today relay on the internet! For everything school, work etc For example small businesses can't afford to spend over 100 dollars on a bill just to view a site. Its not fair to the American people and goes against freedom of press. Think about it. A kid needs to do homework on a special website but his parents ISP package doesn't include the website access. What do you expect the kid parent's to do magically have 100 dollars and more for one site or let their kid fail the assignment because of their income. I just feel Ajit Pai doesn't see the logic we are in 2017. Taking away these regulations will destroy the American people- we are in a technological era without access people have to change their life style at least for low income whereas the rich will benefit. After all he worked for Verizon. Even in a old interview Tom Udall U.S senator argued how Pai proposal had no evidence to back up why Net Neutrality needs to be removed for market advancement.

      Usman from Arlington, VA

    • I keep connected with my family through Skype. When My brother deployed to Afghanistan last year, Skype was the only reliable way to keep in touch. The idea that I will have to pay extra through a company's 'multi media package' for the same thing I had before is underhanded and greedy business practices.

      Robert from Sandy, UT

    • Please don't start on this slippery slope. Once we remove Type II Utility protective status, the Internet will be open to division and will only exacerbate the division in our country and world. This will happen simply by allowing website owners (politicians, news outlets, small businesses, large businesses, individuals, movements, etc.) to be "shaken down" monitarily. Once this starts 'innocently' as providers selling "fast lanes and super-fast lanes" as they like to present it, how long will it take until it becomes 3 lanes, 4 lanes, 5 lanes, etc. until the slowest lanes become worse than the old dial-up modem speeds? At least when we were all on modems, the field was still equal. Think how divisive this can become for absolutely everyone (including you)! How will you like it when a telecom company can decide not to even offer to sell you access to their fastest lane?

      Diane from Reston, VA

    • I am a student majoring in biology and I rely a lot in the internet. As a student warning my bachelors I don’t earn enough money to keep updated with politics, and current events. I rely on this to complete my class work and to lead an informed life. I also rely on the internet for research for school projects and to stay up to date with new scientific research.

      Ashley from West Palm Beach, FL

    • Don't mess with the internet, in other countries it's considered a right for the people and it shouldn't be different here.

      Charles from Duffield, VA

    • A repeal of title II FCC internet policy will cost Trillions in lost revenue and push forward a global recession.

      Robert from Sacramento, CA

    • Hello, My name is Liam Larney. I Urged you to keep the internet a type II utility. The internet is a collection of all human knowledge and allows for a level of communication and inovation that is one of the greatest achievement of mankind. It was built in order to come the world and enlighten us towards a new society. Anyone with an internet connection can learn, communicate, discuss, argue, and work with anyone else on the planet. The repeal of Net Neutrality will destroy this. The fallout of your decision to repeal net neutrality will be immense. First, it gives internet service providers the ability to slow the internet down to competitors or anyone who can't pay the ransom for decent speed. Second, it allows ISPs to construct a paywalls to block individuals from the entire internet and set prices of those paywalls as they see fit. Third it will ultimately lead to the censoring of dissent on the internet and the continued repression of the "incorrect" ideas. Fourth, the censorship of the internet will allow politicians, corporations, and governments to Act however they see fit as the information of there crimes won't be available to the majority of the populations. Fifth, net neutrality will open the door to the continued spying on American citizens and will make the collection of Americans much more effiecent. The internet is the greatest accomplishment of mankind and Has become an integral part of our society both economically and culturally. The majority of Americans stand behind me and we will do anything to keep our internet free.

      Liam from Phoenix, MD

    • The internet is a collective mind of knowledge, it should always be growing and evolving, free to every mind that seeks it, free to share every thought it has. The internet does NOT belong to those who will exploit and control it in such a selfish way. It is a freedom of speech dont take away our right to that.

      Charmayne from Key West, FL

    • we all use the internet to some degree,i am disabled and without it,i wouldnt have the covinence of a social life,access to information,and to enjoy what the good people are out there everyday doing wonderful things for everyone,unlike this admiministration.i wish i was more active but its not in the cards for me

      Toni from Sandy, OR

    • The Internet should always be free! It is hard to stay connected to all of my contacts and getting information if this thing happens!


    • The internet is such a reliable source of all information. Don't revoke our last freedom!

      Ronald from Milford, MI

    • So sick of greedy corporations making decisions for the people! The internet is free for all of us, how dare you take bribes and attempt to take away more freedoms

      Kathy from Grand Ledge, MI

    • Net Neutrality is crucial for families like mine who struggle to make ends meet as it is. The internet should be open to all!

      Chelsea from Bogart, GA

    • as someone who suffers with social anxiety and depression, the internet has allowed me to find and form a family of people who understand me. i use the internet to talk to my future husband and family in other countries. the internet allows me to talk to suicide prevention representatives, schedule appointments, give me a voice, and allows me to express who i am with no judgment.

      Sienne from Wahiawa, HI

    • I urge you to stop the FCC's plan to end net neutrality *before* the FCC's December 14th vote. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest, or force me to buy special "tiers" to access the sites and services I choose. But that's exactly what the FCC plan would do. Blocking & throttling by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small. If some companies can pay ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. This will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created America’s 5 most valuable companies. Without strong net neutrality protections, Internet providers will effectively be able to impose a tax on every sector of the American economy. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard. If the FCC passes their current order, every Internet user and business in this country will be unprotected from abuse by Internet providers, and the consequences will be dire. Please publicly support net neutrality protections by denouncing the FCC's current plan. Do whatever you can to stop Chairman Pai, to ensure that businesses and Internet users remain protected. Thank you!

      Marvin from Yonkers, NY

    • The Constitution of United States of America was founded on the primary ideal that the country would be governed based on the voice of the people. The Internet and its many sites provide a way for citizens to become aware of new information, interact with others, and--most importantly--find a voice in a modern form of communication. By repealing Net Neutrality, the government would be ripping away this communication from the people, prohibiting us from getting views across to our governing officials. How could popular sovereignty exist without the public sharing and expressing of their views in unlimited ways? Of course, we can move backwards in time by writing letters to local senators, etc. However, no invention has provided such easy and fast accessibility than the Internet. The people not only want, but need Net Neutrality so that the power of the government still lies in their hands. Please, stand up, and save Net Neutrality for the sake of the people.

      Theresa from Ocala, FL

    • You know where else people don’t have net neutrality? North Korea, Russia, Cuba. Is that what the greatest country in the world is coming to? Remember this... all great empires failed. Leave the internet alone. Stop allowing greed to continue to destroy the country.

      Miguel from Miami, FL

    • I live on the internet. Net Neutrality messes with my town. Don't mess with my town.

      Matthew from Roaring River, NC

    • I use the internet to complete my school work. I have limited transportation and currently living with housing authorities. I want to better my future with education. If net neutrality is no longer available, then my education will be affected. Along with education, I use the internet to stay up to date with the news, communicate with family members who only have a facebook to communicate with other family members, and use the internet to make a little side money on ebay. My life would take a huge step back if the inernet was not avaliable. I would end up walking 5 miles to the nearest college, have no communication with some family members, and will not have extra money to help pay my bills.

      Myra from Thomasville, GA

    • I am dis able and mostly housebound. I work on rewards sites EVERY DAY to be able to give up my SNAP and lifeline phone, pay through Internet bill itself, watch a little tv, pay my bills, do my banking, stay informed and engaged politically, buy food and hopefully eventually sell jewelry I make. Crushing Net Neutrality will crush nearly all of the above for me, simply by making it cost more than I can make. I'm trying to do what GOP SAYS to do, pull myself up by my bootstraps, but the GOP is blocking me at every turn and now trying to cut my bootstraps OFF.

      Pamela from Bay Saint Louis, MS

    • The Internet must remain neutral with no extra fees based on certain sites and bandwidth use. The Internet is absolutely an educational resource, whether it is watching educational videos on YouTube, checking Wikipedia or the dictionary, and or watching a documentary on Netflix. There is so much capacity for learning on the Internet with only a connection needed. That cannot change to a higher cost more selective model as many young, curious minds will be stifled. And it is 100% the truth that the stifling will occur out of greed for higher profits. It is simply unacceptable.

      Adam from Indianapolis, IN

    • The internet is the greatest egalitarian tool we possess, it has the ability to disseminate knowledge to all. Removing title II status will take this tool away from the public. Let's keep the internet free.

      Jay from Clarklake, MI

    • The first thing tyrants do is to control information ....the internet must remain free.

      Lora from Longmont, CO

    • The only way those less fortunate can learn and live without major struggle in life is with a free internet. Those who live without struggle will never understand this concept until they learn themselves. Learn to be empathetic to the public and not big corporations.

      Robert from South Gate, CA

    • Keeping the internet neutral is important for the struggling students and families. An educational resource shouldn’t be dependent on money paid for a higher quality product.

      Jeffery from Spokane, WA

    • The internet is where I found my home, Ive made friends, discovered myself, and been able to become active in our current political culture. If we take this away, we are hindering the access of information for the people and it violates our constitutional rights to freedom of press and speech. Please don’t succumb to a world where information is censored for profit. As a society we shiuld aim to educate and not restrict the populace in this sense.

      Emily from Arlington, VA

    • I am a university ESL teacher. I use the internet everyday in my classes to give student authentic ways to use and practice their language. If net neutrality is lifted, I can't be sure I will still be able to access all of the materials I need for my students.

      Kylie from Terre Haute, IN

    • The internet is for everybody.

      Aiko from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    • The free and open Internet is important for sharing scientific, political, and cultural ideas. Removing net neutrality rules would limits millions of people's access to information to learn new skills to improve their lives and expand their global social awareness.

      Brendon from Woodstock, GA

    • I support Net Neutrality. Everybody should support this. To take this away and let the big company's control OUR Internet. Letting them choose for us, even if it does not help us out. To make any websites go slow just because they don't like what their saying or is making less money because of that. This is a disaster and should be stop.

      Rene from Detroit, MI

    • Net neutrality is so important for so many people it would be incredibly devastating if it ended. So many people, myself included, use social media to talk to friends and family outside of the country. Content creators use the internet to get their art out there, people buy and sell, businesses thrive. If large corporations could stop being greedy for five minutes and think of democracy that would be great thank.

      Celina from Boca Raton, FL

    • Net neutrality is the life line between those have nothing and those who have it all. With net neutrality, the american myth that you can be anything can actually be true. Currently people are being paid a minimum wage that's not enough to survive, older people have to work longer because they can't afford to retire, young people are crippled by that minimum wage and by student loans like never before. The internet, in its current form, is a door through which people can access vital resources on a fairer playing field. Net neutrality isn't just an inconveniece to bigger profits. Net neutrality is a life line, it's true equality and justice for all as information is accessible to all, regardless of all those superficial labels that result in a limited experience in society. The near thought of eliminating net neutrality is absolutely disgusting and shameful.

      Stephanie from Arecibo, PR

    • Net Neutrality is essential for maximizing Americans growth, education, contribution, political constituency, apprised current events, &competitiveness locally & globally. Low-Income households should receive support for full internet access—an important tool & utility of modern life. From informative to useful to life-saving, Net Neutrality as protected in Title Two, needs to be preserved. Mr. Pai plan to repeal FCC rules is unconscionable, unjustified, & troubling—that a public servant would initiate a plan that steals the public’s free access & Net Neutrality Title Two protections for owners, wealthy corporations. Needs Investigation for blatantly illegal potential quid-pro-quo.

      Elizabeth from Altadena, CA

    • Net neutrality is about Amers having even playing field. Internet access is essential tool of modern society—every home, student, citizen deserves equal unfettered, supported-for-low-income homes, access. A competitive America is a Net Neutrality America. Title Two protections ensure all Americans have optimum resources to fully nagged & contribute to American productivity. Please support Title Teo Net Neutrality Rules.

      James from Altadena, CA

    • I need effective communications

      Donna from Colorado Springs, CO

    • Dear people of the white house, Let me tell you why the internet is sooooo important to this contury in a nice “simple” list: 1. BUSINESS NEEDS IT 2. PEOPLE OF THIS CONTURY NEEDS IT! 3. OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILYS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD NEEDS IT! 4. OUR ALLIES FROM OTHER CONTURIES NEEDS IT TO COMMUNCATE WITH US! 5. SERCUIRTY FOR THIS CONTUNRY NEEDS IT! 6. OUR FUTURE NEEDS IT! 7. EDUCATION NEEDS IT! 8. BIG COMPAINES OF THE INTERNET LIKE GOOGLE NEEDS IT! 9. OUR IMAGE AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEEDS IT! And most importantly... 10. YOU, THAT’S RIGHT YOU, ALL OF YOU AND YOUR PERCIOUS BANK, REPUTATION, AND TRUST OF THE PEOPLE...NEEDS...IT!!!! If you really think this is your way of keeping us safe from the internet’s dark side...or just trying improve U.S.A, think again... You making yourself and the white house even more unlikable, having us to pay for everything in the internet!? Majority the people in this contury can not even own a house, have a good job, suffering issues in their personal life...we not going to sit here and willing to pay every darn site! its hurting not just our pockets but the businesses you so call want to help, the education you so call want to improve, the army you so call want to help, the other conturies you so call want to be friends with, and the people of this United States of AMERICA you so call want to gain our trust and protect. This action of removing net neurality is NOT HELPING America, IT’S WORSERING AMERICA TO A GREATER LEVEL! Heres a advice to all of you... Stop thinking all about you, Start thinking about us and our need, like a governer, sentor, judge, and most importantly...a president should be doing. Thank you for taking your time, and think the right choice or else you Will suffer the worse pain of this contury: everyone turning away from you and never trust you all again.

      Eterniti from Chicago, IL

    • It saved my life. The internet, like for many people, is an escape for me. When I’m upset or just had a bad day I look to the internet to cherr me up and it always does. You want suicide numbers to go up? You dont? Well, if we get rid of net neutrality, I’m positive the rate in suicide will go up. Why? Because people wont be able to afford youtube or tumblr or the websites that help them. Just take that into thought when you wanna get rid of net neutrality

      Annemarie from Anchorage, AK

    • Man just leave our internet alone. As if we don't have enough problems as it is, now we have to worry about what videos I can watch.

      Fabian from Bells, TN

    • Protect our citizens and their rights. In the 21st century, everyone needs affordable access to the internet. Please do your sworn job to protect the people and their welfare

      Randy from austin, TX

    • The removal of net neutrality is blatant classism. Most people aren’t going to be able to afford what they need. If someone needs to do online research, they are going to have a more difficult time. Students and schools will suffer from this. Small businesses and people whose businesses are solely online are going to suffer a decrease of traffic, impacting their ability to continue making money. Libraries are already having difficulty in many areas of the country in regards to funding, and this will be more that they will have to pay for. I work for a small business. Luckily the majority of our sales are made from our brick-and-mortar storefront, but many of our sales are made via our website. We make orders from our artists via the internet. The internet is one of the main places where we find new things to sell at our store. Without the use of all the internet tools at our disposal, we are going to be majorly impacted. If site access can be restricted, that amounts to infringements of freedom of speech, freedom of petition, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press. All news may be biased, and there will be rampant censorship. People will no longer have the same access to platforms for discussion and knowledge sharing. They will not be able to share their opinions as readily, they will not be able to petition for what they believe in so much, they will not be able to assemble as groups online, and the press will not be able to share the full truth. The ending of net neutrality would therefore lead to infringement of constitutional right. Additionally, this is a gross infringement of privacy. Any information can be bought and sold about internet users without their knowledge. This will be just another way modern corporations are showing their complete and total disregard for the privacy of consumers. I am a high school student. I do not want to grow up in a world where giant corporations can decide what information people can have access to, what privacies they have a right to (hint: all of them), what idas are worth sharing, and what groups of people have the right to information. Information is for everyone, and no-one should be able to take that away from us.

      Kj from Armonk, NY

    • I am a student my family has a really low engine how do you think I will pass my classes or succeed if I do not the justly resources I deserve. This is like the French Revolution or like how it started. The poor lived without education and assess to information on the Enlightenment ideas. Those ideas stir the mind of people making them think. If the poor loose that power of education we give the rich, the phone capable companies many ways they could dupe us. Information is vital in a free country. America was built on freedom yet here in 2017 it is tolerated and even discussed about, taking power of information away from the masses. When the rich keep becoming richer and the poor poorer, the ruberbnd keeps spreading out and out eventually snapping. I beg of you stop this madness I would like to live in a country that gives me a voice that provides me with the same information as the rich.

      Abebe from Torrance, CA

    • I’m really disappointed that I have to fight for the rights as a small business owner who uses the interest to operate my business. Not only that for other convenient things such as paying bills online, researching current events, or personal. This is ridiculous we’ve had internet this long why take the one thing most of us depend on, cell phone, long distance calls (family), or business. Leave the internet ALONE!

      Anetria from Humble, TX

    • I don’t need anyone dictating what information I can access and when I access information by allowing the internet to be rigged the way our politics is already rigged

      R from Warrenton, VA

    • the free and unobstructed internet is essential to my small business, where people who need behavioral healthcare connect with my services.

      Ned from Gig Harbor, WA

    • The internet provide a workplace for many. It's a space just like tangible space. Would you charge people to walk around a shopping center? Would you charge people an entry fee to a public park? If you don't charge people to walk around a physical space where there may be limited room, why would you charge people to shop online, To visit friends online, to go to a communal space and talk or experience free events. Why do you think one company should have the right to charge access to another companies open space? Would you allow the government to charge someone to walk into a coffee shop, and then charge the coffee shop still a percentage of what that person buys? Does this still make sense? What about starting a new website what does that process look like?

      Mason from Warrenton, VA

    • I work for a small business that depends in the internet. We're a virtual B2B company that works with other companies on optimizing their websites. Every single thing I do in my work, which is the way I contribute to the economy & society, relies on the open internet. If Net Neutrality ends, my ability to participate in the open market diminishes. We have to stop the FCC's plan so that one of the most important infrastructures in our economy can continue to support our country's open marketplace.

      Elise from Land O Lakes, FL

    • Please God do not let this happen to us. I am student that doesn't not make that much money (minimum wage plus a $0.20 raise) and my sources of entertainment while I do homework, which is also done on the internet, is watching YouTube and looking at social media. I also need to look up reference images as well as different Rigs and 3D models for my animations. I do not what to spend an extra $25 along with another 40 just for a basic internet package that is really slow and makes playing video games, when I'm done with my work, virtually unplayable. I also do not want to have to spend money on a plethora of websites just to use a single one or two websites of the package. I do not understand why they have to keep threatening our internet. We As Americans cannot let this happen. This is outrageous. Not only with this ruin us but this would also set examples for other countries.

      Corey from El Paso, TX

    • Rebecca from Cambridge, MA

    • I am a small business owner that has to compete with national chains. I have worked hard to build a strong internet presence, which has helped my business get noticed and grow even though I don't have a large advertising budget. Please keep net neutrality in place so that small businesses like mine can stay alive and thrive. Taking it away would be like breaking the backbone (small business) of this country.

      Felicia from Greensboro, NC

    • I support net neutrality, b/c I run an Internet business, and I need to have equal access to all types of content. It should not be up to the monopolies to decide what should be most accessible online; it should be up to the people.

      Nema from Huntington Beach, CA

    • Please stop prioritizing corporate profits over the needs of American citizens. This is a disgusting proposal. It will hurt a lot of people who rely on the internet for their small businesses, and people who rely on the internet in order to stay informed and educated. Please, do the right thing.

      Ryan from Minneapolis, MN

    • I have been using the Internet since I was 4-5 years old. My Life is revolved around the beauty of the Internet. What You Are doing is taking away a right people spend a lot of money on. If you do this you will make America Opressed. We will become like North Korea, Well lose access to the internet and News, information once free will now be gone. This Effects Everyone. And I Mean EVERYONE. teachers,buisnesses,students,employes, everyone on. And this may not stop in america. This may span out To The rest of the world. thus Instead of pushing the Human body, and Human Made Technology forward, This will send us backwards. Im a 10th Grade High School Student. We as Americans Have been devided for months now. All because of Political Partys However, This is bigget than Politics this is the Internet a Common part of What I want to Say maybe +80% Of Americans Lives. Speak Up

      Vladimir from Mays Landing, NJ

    • As a high school student, the free internet is incredibly important to my studies and my awareness of the world. The internet is the biggest resource to kids like me who want to grow up and influence the world in a positive way. It gives us access to all the information we need in order to form our own opinions about the world. The free internet also gives us access to huge amounts of knowledge so that we are able to be well-educated, contributing members of society today and in the future. Please, help us try to help the world by saying no to getting rid of net neutrality.

      Kim from Carpinteria, CA

    • This has to be one of the largest setbacks in human history. The internet has granted humanity an infinitly large database where anyone can learn about anything they desire to know. We claim to push for learning and education but it’s obvious everything revolves around money. This is sad that such a thing would even be proposed. I use the internet to educate myself. Because of having access to research documents and YouTube videos with actual lectures from professors I have become well inclined scientifically. And I thank the internet for being this open source of information enabling me to do so. I really hope this doesn’t go through. It’s just taking a leap backwards in human evolution by restricting access to knowledge.

      Armando from Weslaco, TX

    • I am a pediatric neurologist in Alabama where there are fewer than 25 of us in the entire state with the advanced training to care for children with complex neurologic problems. We are spread thin so rely on high speed internet to remotely view medical records and neurologic tests (at all hours!) Many studies require a lot of bandwidth, especially continuous video EEGs to monitor brainwave activity for seizures and MRI images of the brain and spine. Loss of Net Neutrality will hamper our ability to provide high-quality neurologic monitoring for the sickest children in our state. Taking away Net Neutrality is bad medicine.

      Jayne from Birmingham, AL

    • What story is there to tell? Controlling access to information for profit is just wrong. The End.

      Darren from Jamaica, NY

    • Without the internet I wouldn’t be able to do my job nor would I be able to educate myself more in my profession. I’m an IT Helpdesk Engineer and we use the internet all day for vital information, to stay up to date, to communicate and to keep ourselves ahead of the ever changing flow of technology. Please fight for Net Neutrality. The internet should be available for everyone and it shouldn’t be contained for major corporations to greedily make more money.

      Sarah from North Hollywood, CA

    • The world runs on the internet. It's essential to our society! With smart phones that gives us the internet where ever we go, it's a utility not a luxury. People connect via social media. The internet is a news source. It's a way for businesses to reach more customers. People shop online. Order perscriptions online. Listen to music online. Getting rid of net neutrality will put a serious strain on society! The world counts on the internet, so don't make us pay for something that is such a part of our lives.

      Danielle from Sheboygan, WI

    • I am a small business owner (a specialized cat sitter) and need the Internet both to spread the word about my business through my website, as well as using the internet to research about my field of business (information about cats with special needs). I can't afford to pay separately for certain areas of the Internet nor do I want access to my website be limited by large ISPs. The free, neutral and open Internet provides the platform for new small businesses (the real job creators) to grow and find their customers. We NEED Title II protection to ensure that equal access to ensure fair competition and room for innovation and new businesses is safe-guarded from large media businesses only protecting their own interests. Please ensure Title II protection stays in place.

      Ariane from Portland, OR

    • Access to the internet should be a free resource available to everyone now and in the future!

      Dave from Pittsburgh, PA

    • I am a father of two with family in another state. I rely on reliable, fast internet speeds to FaceTime and connect with my children and wife while away. The internet is the primary medium for my children to communicate with their grandparents. I rely on he internet for my news, to stay politically active, and to support my business. I am the type of person to get very politically engaged if a politician threatens my connection with my family in favor of corporate profits for thier donors. I am the type of person who does not forget and who will get very active to drive out politicians who do not support their constituents. I will be watching Net neutrality very closely. I hope you do the right thing.

      Andrew from Ruskin, FL

    • Hello. I'm calling to urge Sen. _______ to reject any attacks on real Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is essential for protecting free speech, organizing, business and innovation. I will not stand for any attacks on Net Neutrality or my rights as an internet user.

      McKenna from Conroe, TX

    • I have family all over the world that I use my internet to contact. If it wasnt for net neutrality I wouldnt be able to stay in contact with the people I love.

      Sarai from Sarasota, FL

    • I have so many friends that live in other states. The only way I can access them is through the internet. I come from a low income home and we constantly have a bank account in the negatives. I also have anxiety(social) so one of the only ways I can talk to people is through a screen. The amazing people I have met on the internet have made me extremely happy. I don't know what I would do without them. I watch amazing people on the internet who truly care for their fans and are tore up over this. So many people who use the internet for their jobs will suffer. For example: YouTubers, artists, clothing makers(like people who sell the clothes on Facebook and Etsy). As an artist who wanted to create my own business online, I may not be able to do that anymore, taking away the one dream I truly had. I can no longer talk to my friends who live in other states and countries. I can no longer watch YouTubers online who make me truly happy. Others may no longer be able to talk to people who are also LGBT who can help others with their struggles. So many people use the internet to look for jobs because they have to keep a family afloat. So many things in America are now a monopoly. I know I may be repeating myself, and I apologize but there are so many things that are wrong with this. You cannot take away someone's basic human right to access whatever they want on the internet. As a person with extremely social anxiety who cannot even order their own food at a restaurant, this will only make it harder for me to get a job that I feel comfortable in since most include talking to people and sharing ideas. Speaking of sharing ideas, the internet is a platform for people to share ideas. People can go onto the internet, say their idea and not worry about what people think because there are no real consequences. People can go and search up their symptoms to see if they need medical attention. Students can do research for school. It only takes a little time, instead of having to go to a library and spending hours looking for the right thing. Online students depend on it. They need it just to get an education. Some students are physically/mentally disabled, and the internet is the only way they can actually get an education. Net neutrality was put in place for the public's best interest, and they want to repeal it. Think about the consequences that would arise because they took it away. Riots. People will riot in the streets. Crimes. People will rob others to pawn their findings or take credit cards and pay for internet access with them. They will steal things to get money to buy packages to watch videos. Deaths. People who use the internet as a crutch, like myself(although I don't think I would go as far as to hurt myself), those people would lose their crutch. They could hurt themselves. They could kill themselves. Are lives, crimes, and the destruction of public/private property(from rioting) really worth the extra money? Keep the public's best interest in mind. Please. We are begging you.

      A from Lebanon, TN

    • I am a husband, father, and e-commerce business owner. The fear of ending net neutrality is one that really scares me. Between the 4 members of our household, we use the internet for many many things. I am afraid of what I might have to tell my children if we can not afford certain “areas” of the internet. Also, as most cable and data companies are already monopolies already, it does not give us many choices of who we can use. This limits our source of information. Information should be free of discrimination.

      Stephen from Vero Beach, FL

    • Through the internet my students can access links to research historical documents, current events and scientific research. My students can access books in any language from libraries all over the world! My students can interact with astronauts, authors, scientists to make inquiries and learn facts from the source. My students can collaborate on research projects with students around the world as well as astronauts on the International Space Station! The internet is a free public space for all to learn from and utilize. Access to the internet should be a free resource available to ALL people now and in the future!

      Tracy from Township of Washington, NJ

    • I use the internet to look for jobs, keep in touch with friends and distant family members, and to educate myself about both current events and the skills I need to thrive at work. Take that away, and my entire lifeline is gone. I'm sure I'm not the only person looking for better job opportunities and the majority of those are found through the internet. You'd be taking away a job resource. Is that what you really want?

      Jessie from Morton Grove, IL

    • I am a Computer Engineer and a military member. As someone who relies the free and open internet as user, military service members, and worker, I strongly oppose the FCC chairman's plan to remove net neutrality protections. This plan is absolutely against the best interests of people like me.

      Heather from Mary Esther, FL

    • Net neutrality is a platform upon the freedom of the American citizen can stand because we can access information and educate ourselves without corporate censorship. This is a necessity for the health of our beautiful democracy.

      Brian from West Palm Beach, FL

    • I use the Internet to stay informed on politics and many other areas of interest. To preserve democracy we need informed citizens. To make the proper choices in elections, we need to have informed citizens. The internet should be a free market place of ideas. It allows people to connect even when they are geographically far apart. It is truly global and enhances the ways humanity develops and interacts. We need net neutrality.

      Sabine from Potomac, MD

    • To me, the internet means everything to me. If this goes through and we don't dominate this bad thing, many people will not have access to sites like youtube, facebook or any popular website that people frequently visit. It's just not right so please america, do us a favor and don't make things worse for the poor and the middle class who barely have enough money to pay their bills.

      Dayton from Massena, NY

    • I am an educator/father/friend/husband/citizen... I consider it my responsibility to keep my students, friends, family informed about what is happening in my life, in my field, in society, and in the world. Technology allows any information from any source to be transmitted in a way that can collapse space and time so you and I can connect with people more quickly and more efficiently. Protecting our ability to come together around different stories, events, and ideas empowers everyone who is willing to participate. This is the heartbeat of communities, families, and any functional democracy. Title II serves to protect this and continues the traditions which the internet was built upon. I am completely and totally against the idea of taking away the Title II provision. Removing the protections of Title II allows an oligopoly to determine whether I can connect to certain groups, people, and ideas more efficiently than others. This by nature will change the quality and quantity of the conversations that our nation, our communities, and our networks can have moving forward. I do not want that freedom removed.

      J from Saint Paul, MN

    • The major corporate Ian's have literally made it impossible to have any form of competition see small start up ISP'S by regulations have to have stupid things, like example you need a electroshock yo plug the roughters into the wall socket. On top of this you have to relight on the large isp's fore your gate way to the internet for your clients. They already have a monopoly on internet services that make it so you can not start up your own isp with out having to go through them. If we allow them to get rid of net neutrality there well be nothing to stop them from screwing over everyone. I support net neutrality in fact I think it should be more harsh and set regulations that say cable company's can no longer own internet services that the internet services have to be independently owned. Mind you we pay the highest prices for the worse speeds the worse band with and the worse internet connections in the world here in America because there is no competition in this industry.

      Corey from Palm Coast, FL

    • The internet is the greatest invention of my lifetime. The ability to learn constantly. To have questions answered in the matter of seconds is so very important to me. If the internet is only available to the people who can afford it will limit the ability of knowledge to everyone.

      Kris from Norcross, GA

    • Please realise about deaf people use sorensen video for communication we need high speed please leave it alone

      James from Granite City, IL

    • I homeschool online, and we don't have enough money to pay you people for it as well as whatever other websites we want. My life is meaningless enough now while I can still at least find some enjoyment online; might as well just die without it.

      Katelyn from Aubrey, TX

    • I currently live in the sticks of Florida, paying $94 a month for 14 mbps to a company that has no real competition. As it stands, I am already giving one company plenty of money for internet. If we lose net neutrality, Ill be spending waaaaay more on just the simple internet usages I use on an average basis. Many of which include business related activities that keep the lights in the house going. Should that be sacrificed because some greedy jerk bribed a bunch of other greedy, lazy, government officials because they want more money? No. Net neutrality keeps things fair for my internet access. Its privilege, but its one that should allow every website a chance to run fairly. Net neutrality is fair for all small and big businesses and everyone who uses it. Without it our economy will faulter.

      Salvatore from Orange City, FL

    • I am disabled and can not easily get around. The internet has made it possible for me to buy groceries and clothes. I am so scared about my freedom to get basic human needs if this passes.

      Samantha from Fort Lupton, CO

    • The Internet has connected us on a global scale. This generation is consider one of the smartest because we can quickly look up the answers to questions or problems that my mother and grandparents could never have dreamed of. As a student I'm required to look up hundreds of sources or go over subjects I didn't understand in class. Don't you remember being a student at one point in your life? Or perhaps how the you use the internet daily to work or campaign? Think of this, will you be able to reach your voters as abundantly with the loss of net neutrality?

      Madeleine from San Antonio, TX

    • Dear Policymakers, I am a graphic designer and my income is dependent on the internet. Its how I stay up to date with trends, download new design tools, and have a store. If you take away net neutrality it will be devastating for my business and my family. I beg you, please reconsider this plan of action. Thank you for keeping an open mind and allowing me to tell you my concerns. I hope you have an amazing day!

      Audra from Renton, WA

    • I utilize the internet to receive information about various topics, stories, etc. In addition the website allows me to read articles and stories about issues in this country that are not be exposed , which are very important because the media will choose and pick what they will reveal. The FCC (Pai)is violating our rights as individuals, groups,and organizations. This is inhumane!

      Kennise from Laughlin, NV

    • Americans have enough problems the last thing we need is to worry about how much we will pay for something that technically is not even physical and only accessible if you pay for it, the internet must stay free or else the US will be run into the ground, we are a free country. Keep it that way.

      Alejandro from Humble, TX

    • Don't let these companies have another leverage over us while they already do with cable, satellite. Keep Net neutrality.

      Joseph from Milwaukee, WI

    • Leave the internet alone . So many of us business owners depend on th Internet . You guys already control enough , now you want to control the internet . It’s absurd . Let the internet be free for all to use .

      Suldwina from Lithonia, GA

    • I use the internet to watch TV, read news sites, stay in touch with friends and mainly to connect with my office as I work from home. I expect to be able to access what I need quickly and without interference so I can provide for my family and stay connected to current events. I need protection from companies who only want to serve their own interests.

      Courtney from Sioux City, IA

    • The Internet is to be unbiased and equal. Millions of people depend on it for everyday life. We stand up for what we believe in, this won't go without a fight. Net netruality is important to every one of us, it's part of our rights as humans, as citizens, we pay to have it already, we've earned the right to have net netruality. Don't disrupt what everyone works so hard to have, and depends on.

      Shannon from Bellwood, PA

    • For everyday living. This is is absurd living in a country where we don’t even have free access to the internet.

      Mirna from Lynbrook, NY

    • Hi Congress. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'd like to tell you why you shouldn't end net neutrality. I really need the internet to connect with my friends across the world as well in my home town. I also would like to continue doing youtube without having to worry about paying even more money with all the equipment I'm trying to upgrade to ect I cannot afford to lose Net Neutrality. Please don't do this.

      Mooshroom from Bridgewater, MA

    • I depend on the internet for work. I'm disabled don the internet allows me to work from home to support my family.

      Chontell from Houston, TX

    • I use the internet several hours a day. I use it to keep up on the news. I live in a remote town with limited shopping opportunities so most of what I buy is on the internet. I handle my financial affairs on the internet. I use gmail to make long distance calls and participate in Facebook to keep up with my relatives and friends. Medical services are limited here so I use the internet to research my medical conditions.

      Joan from Intl Falls, MN

    • You see I use the Internet for a lot of things, things that I wouldn’t like random people to know. So stopping this rule is just like spying on someone’s phone which is not ok. There was a reason why the Neutrality rule was made to keep people from people knowing personally things. So stop and if you don’t imagine all the people who might betray the United States Of America who has this power

      Dylan from Garden Grove, CA

    • Net neutrality is important to me because I use it to research for school and I also use it to talk to people in other countries if it were to be taken away I would not be able to afford the right packet so I could continue talking with friends. If I lose international connections I would be very sad and disappointed in what the US has become.

      Audrey from Hillsboro, OR

    • Most of everything I do involves the internet. I use it for entertainment purposes, I use it as a means of contacting friends and loved ones, and even more importantly, without it I wouldn't have a job. I used a job board to submit a job application to my current job, I couldn't have done it without access to the internet, and I may not have found that job posting without net neutrality. With net neutrality I can go on the internet and know that I can reliably access everything that I may need, without net neutrality that may not be possible. I plan to start school soon, what if my isp doesn't like my school of choice? Will I be able to complete my online assignments? Without net neutrality that question will forever haunt me.

      Jeremy from Hampton, GA

    • I am a teenage photographer who uses the internet to share my art, and if net neutrality is taken away, I will not be able to do what I love.

      Jeremy from Ithaca, NY

    • I use the internet not only for entertainment but also to do research on illnesses, medication, among other things that interest me. Like another person mentioned, I've learned more on the internet than I did in school. Please keep it open and free.

      Lisa from Fargo, ND

    • I use the Internet for entertainment.

      Sean from El Cajon, CA

    • I use the internet for information and entertainment keep it free and open.

      doreen from Wallingford, CT

    • Net Neutrality is essential for our democracy - it gives everyone equal access. Corporations should not be given priority over people.

      Mariette from East Troy, WI

    • Net neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech and democracy on the internet. I support Title Two net neutrality rules and strongly urge you to oppose the FCC's plan to repeal them. Specifically, I'd like you to contact the FCC Chairman and demand he abandon his current plan. Control over the internet should remain in the hands of the people who use it every day. The ability to share information without impediment is critical to the progression of technology, science, small business, and culture. Please stand with the public by protecting net neutrality once and for all. If we don't stand with Net Neutrality the lines between poverty and middle class will be drawn vastly more apart especially when it comes to education. Students in poverty will not be able to afford the internet they need to succeed in school with its growth in technology and research and will fall behind their peers making them have an even bigger gap in privilege and opportunity. Not standing with net neutrality is not standing with the American People but standing for large corporations to continually and consistently damage life as we know it for their own greed.

      Kelsee from Fort Worth, TX

    • This is not partisan. This is the future of our democracy, which depends on democratic access to information. Trusting telecom companies to have our best interests at heart is trusting the fox to guard the henhouse. It's an embarrassment to our country that we are even debating this issue.

      Meagan from Tallahassee, FL

    • I personally am reliant on the internet for my personal business. A fair and free internet is not only essential for businesses to operate, but for innovation to occur. Removing consumer protections and putting more power in the hands of monopolies will cripple the economy, stifle innovation and increase class separation. The fact that this is a partisan issue baffles me... how can the party that stands up for small business owners possibly stand for this? How can the party that boasts about being “fiscally conservative” possibly think it’s a good idea to do this. Here’s why...$$$... this is not how democracy works. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

      Tim from Tallahassee, FL

    • I need the internet to keep informed on important issues in my field. I am currently trying to start an online business and with these new bills being put forth in Congress I will never be able to. Please stop this bill.

      Lyman from Meigs, GA

    • I rely on the internet to keep informed about world events, community activities, and to research and compare products before buying. I need my internet to be reliable and neutral. I want to make decisions about the websites I visit and consider it an invasion of my rights to lose the strict title II oversight of internet service providers.

      Kathy from Woodstock, GA

    • I have been using the internet for research and communication since before it was called "the internet". With a 300 baud modem, when it was the DARPA net. Where if you had graphics, they were ASCII "graphics." I still use it for research and communication. Since its inception, internet communication has been regulated like a utility, like water or electricity or telephone service, and it should continue to be regulated that way. People's lives depend on a reliable supply; indeed increasingly phone service (my phone service!) and household operations like thermostats are dependent on it. All users need to have equal access to everything available on the Internet. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot be allowed to increase their profit margins by creating fast and slow speeds for sites of their choosing and charging consumers premium prices for upgraded access. Without net neutrality, small businesses, low-income individuals, and much of rural America would lose access to affordable, reasonably fast internet service.

      Georgia from BRATTLEBORO, VT

    • I've learned more from the internet then school. It's an awesome learning tool and educates the masses. It gives also gives entrepreneurs a means to compete and that is capitalism

      Gabriela from Baltimore, MD

    • To slow the internet down for millions of users is going to be a strain on all of us. It will have a derogatory effect on our psyches and on society in general. I feel very strongly on this.

      Alison from North Fort Myers, FL

    • The internet keeps me connected with family and friends. As well as keeping me up to date on current events.

      Kristen from Palm Harbor, FL

    • Choose the needs of people over corporate greed.

      Beth from Saint Louis, MO

    • The Internet has changed all our lives for the better: communication, access to information. The changes proposed will certainly change my life for the worse. Keep the Internet free and open for all our sakes!

      Mary from Cedar, MI

    • With strong net neutrality protections, the Internet is an open marketplace where any business can compete, please keep it that way.

      Michelle from Portland, OR

    • My job relies largely on online use. I'm already paying my first born child for service. This does not benefit me one bit.

      Kayla from Bozeman, MT

    • Imagine the internet without all of the community creators and service providers that can't reach their market without a charge or clearance. Without net neutrality you are destroying what these creators have dedicated their lives to. Stop picking winners and loser and for once pick the consumer.

      Connor from Tuscaloosa, AL

    • I use the internet daily. It is a fantastic resource for looking up information, and I rely on the internet like a quick and easy encyclopedia. The older I get the more I realize there are myriad varying interests among people. No matter what floats your boat, you can read about it on the internet. It's the ultimate tool for lifelong learning. Whether connecting people with common interests, or as a research tool, or communication device, equal access to the information available on the internet is an American value, and any attempt to promote some content over others is decidedly un-American. My interest in Celtic music will be frustrated if I have to wait lengthy periods of time to see the sheet music I search for, and should not be given the back seat to somebody else's data on growing African Violets, or checking the stock market. We are all equal, despite having varied interests, and variety is the spice of life, as they say. Let's make sure our American Mixing Pot can be spiced by each of us as we like.

      Janet from Rochester, MN

    • Please don’t let the large corporations choose what gets priority on the internet. Keep net neutrality

      Jeff from New York, NY

    • I use the Internet every day for news, politics, shopping, research, to stay in touch with others. It is essential in my life.

      Lorrie from San Bruno, CA

    • I work for a university and in order to keep costs down we are actively working to put as much as possible into the digital realm versus paperwork that can get lost. This is saving planet resources and making sure that students are viewing the same publication of a book and have access to the library regardless of time of day. As an individual my hours of work vary and the hours that the news is on in our area are not always when I am home. Being able to log on check the news that pertains to me at my convenience is important. Not to mention I live states away from the rest of my family and being able to communicate easily with them is important for all of us. This includes being able to play games online that keep us tied together and allow our extended family to keep connected. With the cost of living in the area I live being as high as it is the option of travel or even going out for entertainment is not an option, but for a limited amount entertainment from home is possible and not just watching local tv.

      Ann from Belgrade, MT

    • I'm trying to start a business and brand and the net is absolutely a public utility. I'm already paying $100 for wifi and $120 for phone service. What else do Verizon and ATT need to control that requires the end of net neutrality? Nothing. The net is a public utility and enables independent business. By turning it over to these corporations you stifle growth.

      Layla from New York, NY

    • Net Neutrality is very important in my life becuase I use the internet for everything including school work and using social media.

      McKenzie from Minneapolis, MN

    • The Internet was always intended to be open. Its best use is the open, free flow, of ideas. Do not allow major companies and corporations to regulate the free flow of ideas.

      Andrew from Tyrone, PA

    • I use the internet several times a day for personal and professional use. Personally, I stay in touch with my family and friends in good times and in times of need. Professionally, I access the internet to obtain well researched information that keeps me up-to-date on key areas of my field of expertise. As I also conduct educational conferences for other professionals and the public, I rely on the internet to create these events without needing to meet in person each week with my Advisory Group. Everything can be accomplished through the internet. Lastly, I use the internet to stay connected to happenings in our country and the world. I do not want any company to dictate what sites I can access and at what speed. I definitely do not want to be charged to use the internet.

      Kim from Springfield, OH

    • As a senior with limited income I rely on the internet to help me keep in touch with the world, family and friends. I use the internet to purchase goods and medications because of difficulty driving. The internet is more than a link to the world. It has been a life line of sorts. To rescind Net Neutrality laws discriminates against the home bound and seniors on fixed incomes - not to mention it bringing the country closure to CENSORSHIP.

      Suzanne from Sandy, UT

    • I am concerned about lack of access to real news and affordability of access to the internet.

      Teresa from Bend, OR

    • The internet is how I shop too as I have health issues which make it a problem to be in stores for extended periods of time.

      Wendy from Old Bridge, NJ

    • Internet to me is a way to message my relatives if i dont have a messaging option in my own, example, messenger, it requires internet, but you can call,text,face time, you can do all these cool things, without internet, how would I talk to my family?

      Micabren from Temple, TX

    • My family's business is dependent on growth via the internet. Larger websites like Google already control a vast amount of advertising for a lot of different companies. We rely on an internet connection to communicate our product and business information to customers, business partners, and family members. Net neutrality could be the end to a budding business that provides the majority of employment in this small county. People rely on their work and continued employment to create families, pursue their passions and further education, and daily needs such as food and clothing for themselces and their families. Net neutrality would take too much of their advertising and communication ability to gain more customers. The family business would hardly be able to sustain itself if one of their biggest communication tools was taken from them. They would no longer be able to sustain the employees, the current client list, or be able to stay open during the slow season. This would leave a county without its largest employer and many people unemployed. I believe Net Neutrality should be reinforced and continue people's ability to communicate and create connections, share knowledge, and allow small companies like my family's to network with people across the country.

      Mimi from Henrico, VA

    • We need to keep the net neutral. We have enough outlets that spin the news. Let me find the site that I judge are right for me.

      Paula from Winter Haven, FL

    • My outlet is writing fan fiction on tumblr and reading it

      Gwen from Vestal, NY

    • I am a student and researcher working internationally. Without the internet I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with colleagues, loved ones or learn about projects and ideas I use to inform my work. With the internet I am able to live where I choose and still have access to the information I need - that is the freedom it is important to protect.

      Nora from Lee, NH

    • I just don’t understand,why now to do this? When everything is starting to progress you guys decide to try to slow everything down. doesn’t make uch since to add unnecessary expenses to little things ; especially of this sort. College students like myself really rely on the internet to actually get things done.

      Chazlynn from Atlanta, GA

    • The internet is already expensive and I use it both in and out of school for my classes. I use hundreds of sites a week just for class, and if this get sectioned off as "entertainment" or "research" and the school or my parents don't pay extra for them? How will I get my work done? There's no problem with the way the internet currently runs, so why change it?

      Luka from Portland, OR

    • I love that my generation has the ability to access information and entertainment that has shaped my values and opens my mind to differing oppinions. My home life, work life, and social life depends on a free and open internet. Like freedom of speech all ideas are available and uncensored and great ideas can thrive in such and environment. We do not need a middle man to authorize what information can be accessed and at what speed. This just opens up the door for service providers to have the ability to take advantage of a system that will allow them to do this. The conflict of interest here is a recipe for disaster. Please don’t do this!

      Stefan from Sterling Heights, MI

    • I struggle with severe anxiety and depression. I rely on the internet for help with my mental health because my family can't afford healthcare. If net neutrality is taken from us as well, my mental health will plummet, and I know others who are in the same boat. This repeal is classist and cruel.

      Kenna from Nashotah, WI

    • I rely on the internet as a way to stay informed about the world around me from multiple rescources. Killing net neutrality just goes to show that you only care about the needs of the few greedy organizations who have stuffed your pockets and not the needs of the people you we're sworn to help. Please do the right thing and kill this vote Thanks, a registered voter

      Charles from Columbia, MO

    • To whom it may concern, I am a concerned high school student, please don’t get rid of net neutrality. As the internet is used for most of my daily work and for lots of my research outside of school. We can’t afford to pay extra for research websites to work. We just wanna use the internet like it should be. Would you want to pay extra for electiricty just cause your toaster is using it? What makes toasting cost more than your fridge running? Seems silly is it not? So please, stop trying to erase net neutrality and to give these humungous companies who own these ISPs more money. They don’t need it. We don’t need extra fees to live what is now a normal life. In this age, where the internet is more and more used for things like talking to friends, organizing events, work, and so much more, why would you tax it?

      Skyler from Las Vegas, NV

    • I utilize the Internet for various reasons. It has been working. We already pay to play and it provides a vast amount of information of what we may be searching for. It is not conducive to have just one viewpoint, or the viewpoints, brainwashing or programming of the highest bidder. You are providing another avenue for corporations to bleed average users and this is incomprehensible and immoral. This will make the vast information and knowledge on the Internet available to only the wealthy and is creating an environment of Sensorship and control. Why is our county so willing to become a dictatorship, strangling it’s citizens and destroying what this country was to stand for. You are no better than the inhumane countries you point your fingers at. But you don’t care. All of you have been elected and or worked hard to begin a position. And now you are so disconnected from the people, that you have lost your soul. You may want to control the people and the information we get, but you will never control. Why would you want to. That is just plain evil if you do. What’s next, locking up books and burning down the libraries. Don’t do this!

      Linda from San Ramon, CA

    • The open internet matters to me because I am an educator in a rural area of Texas. Having unrestricted internet access is one of the FEW equalizers my students have. To take that away from some of my students because of their socioeconomic position only widens the gap between the privileged and those less so. It only tells thise students and their families that opportunity is reserved for those that can afford it. Dismantling net neutrality limits access to a valuable educational resource for all students.

      Taylor from Beaumont, TX

    • I went to college, earned a B.A. and am now working in the field I had studied. I'm not totally crazy about it anymore and so now I am teaching myself computer programming and web design using the endless resources to which the internet can connect me. My first degree would have been unnecessarily difficult not having fair and open and access to the internet and my future severely depends on this. The internet was made by the people for the people, not by big cable companies for big cable companies. It needs to stay that way.

      Michael from New Orleans, LA

    • Cmon now. Let me be free

      Connor from Simpsonville, SC

    • I'm unable to work or attend college because of various health issues but the internet being a free & open place because of Net Neutrality, allows me to take free online college courses. It also allows me to connect with other people who are in the same boat as me. We are able to share our experiences & not feel so alone being sick. The internet allows us to not be so alone anymore & to have that taken away from us, would be soul crushing to many people. Not just those who have health problems, the internet allows people of all walks of life to connect & not feel alone. I'm also looking at working from home because of my health issues & the internet is how I will be able to make a bit of money. I don't qualify for any financial assistance so any bit of money I can generate working online would help.


    • It is vital to access to free information in a world and society that is so intent on providing ill education. As someone who cannot currently afford to go to school I use the internet as a means of self-study so that I can continue to keep updated and be a helpful contributor to my community. These large corporations only have one thing that keeps their interests-how big their pocket book is. When that is influenced by policies of corrupt officials in hierarchy, the two make devious plans behind closed doors in an attempt to rationalize their greed. Pair that with corporations attempting to control information via ignorant media? All you're doing is contributing to the oppression of millions. You should be ashamed that you are trying to find ways to distract your scarcity and fear rather than facing them head on and finding creative solutions to the many problems our planet is facing. Leave net neutrality alone, be a positive contributor to society and help make this world a better place.

      Heather from Clinton, WA

    • It is so important that the internet remains as free and easy to use as possible for as many people as possible. Please keep net neutrality.

      Emmett from Charleston, WV

    • Everything about the internet is important. These days, families don’t have generic TV and it’s so much easier to just look up things on the internet. Things like petitions, websites like this, and even social media cites can be crucial to people’s lives. I’m just a teen, and my parents totally supportive of the person that I am. I am trans non-binary, and pansexual, and without supportive people on the internet, that I wouldn’t have access to, I wouldn’t be here today. So many inspiring and loving communities can be built off of the internet and if we had to pay for that, people wouldn’t be able to create these. It’s also important for places like schools, where they would have to pay more money for websites when they could be spending it on things like better facilities, staff, and students, which are all needed. For me, being a graphic designer, the last thing I want to have to do is pay any more money than I already am for the programs I use. Without the internet, I would be nowhere near where I am now.

      Jadann from Germantown, TN

    • I'm a political news junkie. Nothing has saddened me more than watching media outlets fall into polarized reporting. I try to balance my media consumption with outlets across the spectrum ranging from the venerable institutions on news to small outlets operating on a shoe- string budget. Working for a non -profit the internet is such a vital way to communicate with members and disseminate information. We already know without net neutrality some of this will be blocked.

      Eli from Charleston, WV

    • I don't understand why this is happening. There is no benefit to anyone other than big communications corporations - some of which already charge to much for this public utility. So many scary scenarios of things that could be shut down, things we see that we don't want to see. Like - ATT-owned DirectvNow: when you open the program, it is on Fox News. I can't figure out how to change that, even tho I NEVER watch that channel. Are we going to be force-fed BS like that? JUST SAY NO.

      Debra from Charleston, WV

    • Our culture is so dependent on the internet that turning control of it over to corporations and lobbyists will be the start of a great downward spiral for this nation.

      Christopher from Liverpool, NY

    • Net neutrality is a critical part of how the internet remains available to everyone, impartially. I strongly disagree that ending it is a good thing. It is a terrible idea, and will not serve the free exchange of information across our country.

      Cade from Long Valley, NJ

    • I support a team of System Engineers, supporting scientists doing cutting edge genetic research for cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, as well as a host of other vital research, at a world renowned, genetic research laboratory. In the past, we have run into peering issues with ISP’s between collaborating institutions. When this happens, it literally grinds research to a halt until it gets resolved. Science depends on an open and fair internet, enabling collaboration at a distance. A threat to net neutrality is a direct threat to this vital research and the collaboration it needs to lead to the breakthroughs we desperately need.

      Darian from Northport, NY

    • The internet is an invaluable resource for information, entertainment, and even staying in touch with our friends and families. It has caused a paradigm shift in the way business gets done and has opened up entire new sectors that didn't even ecist a few years ago. Yet as important as it is, we've allowed access to it to be controlled by a few mega corporations, corporations who have shown they are anticompetitive, have been caught time and again cheating their customers while making record profits. Do you trust Comcast and AT& T to do the right thing without someone forcing them to? Me neither. That's why we need net neutrality.

      Scott from Clifton Park, NY

    • I want to able to choose where I get my news from. I prefer independent news outlets over corporate sponsored media. I want to be on all sides on a story, not just the acceptable narrative. Small independent news outlets will be hammered by the destruction of net neutrality, due to the vulger imbalance of media monopolies. The net should be impartial and give us freedom to us our free will to access information from where we see fit.

      Luz from East Elmhurst, NY

    • I understand that the ISP’s are set to make a killing by altering the existing laws around net neutrality. What I do not understand is how that makes sense for the rest of us. I’m worried about the detrimental effects this attempt to fractionalize the open internet. It will allow for an even greater division in our attempt to understand current world affairs by forcing us to choose where we get our information, and paying to be corralled into this package OR that. I don’t want the ISP to have any control over what I see or hear. That is not their role to have. They have their agenda. I don’t want to be influenced by their motives. How can this even be considered at this time if not for sheer greed and the advancement of our current administrations war against “truth?” Aren’t we as the greatest nation better than that? Don’t we need an informed populace to defend against tyranny. It’s becoming so hard to have faith in anything with this level of malevolence. I would argue that an open internet is more important than the telephone at this point and telecommunications have such protections. It’s heartbreaking.

      A from Berkeley, CA

    • Having Net Neutrality is a right of the people by the First Amendment. It is unjust for policy makers to enact such a restrictive policy when so many people rely on the information that an unrestricted internet access has to offer. As we advance into the future, we also advance further with technology. For anyone to restrict these advancements would also be restricting years of hard work and dedication by millions of Americans, business-owners, and overall content creators who rely on the internet to further their daily lives. Personally, I am a University student that is majoring in Computer Programming and Chemistry. I, along with many other people, rely on the internet in order to pursue our goals in life.

      Ann from Tallahassee, FL

    • Net neutrality is important in many ways. For those in school, for those who have a business especially an online business, or just someone who simply wants to try to connect with a long lost friend. Taking this away is taking away human rights and that’s not what America is supposed to be about! This is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. Taking away our rights says otherwise. I will not be controlled!

      Chelsea from Sparta, NC

    • The internet is the only thing that helps me do literally everything.

      Teanna from Tucson, AZ

    • I am a senior in high school that is planning to go into politics and I rely on the internet to stay politically engaged. As an active community member at age 17 I inform lower class families about the given rights they have since most of the families in my community are immigrants from Central and South America. I use the internet to be informed about our ever changing politics and policies and that is why net neutrality is so important not only to me but for everyone in my community.

      Abigail from West Chicago, IL

    • I am a young programmer. It would be very easy for programming course a to pay money to Comcast to slow down programming course b, even if pro programming course b is better and the one that I like more. Don’t let companies get payed for speech.

      Aden from Cedar Hill, TX

    • The internet allows access to friends I couldn’t stay in touch with without, and allowed me to find a support group online. Please don’t take that away, online gives so many people resources.

      B from Seattle, WA

    • Until the government also decides to help this will be an unwinable battle. Because most people won’t care until it happens, if it does there will be enormous outrage and it will do more harm than good and this world needs to be more positive. Please help out and do something, the people will recognize you for it.

      Logan from La Vergne, TN

    • You taking about our amements you will die slow death

      Aaliyah from Tampa, FL

    • Let it be. Do not change the internet as we know it!!!

      Nancy from Vienna, GA

    • We currently have unfettered access to the internet. If we give ISP companies power over that they will use it for profit. That is what any responsible business would do. "We the people" will pay more for less in the short term. In the long term our information may be censored depending on who owns the ISP and what their agenda is. This is why ISP companies must be regulated. "We the people" need our elected officials to look out for us. Do your research. Killing Net Neutrality does not encourage competition, it does encourage consolidation. Just look who supports it.

      John from Bellevue, KY

    • For people like myself, who can't afford to pay too much money out of pocket, I enjoy sites that aren't blocked, that aren't required to pay to sign up. It makes it convenient for me as others to have no Net Neutrality.

      Kay from Oklahoma City, OK

    • I am a full time college student that rely on the internet to learn and succeed. Net neutrality has given me the ability to learn and understand not just at school, but about the world around me.

      Lisa from Birmingham, AL

    • The net neutrality is important because with out it you can't talk to friends on Facebook unless you paid for it and if you try to take net neutrality away your take people private away and limited people who can't afford to pay for Facebook or other website


    • News sources & newsletters from NGOs are an invaluable asset, a cornerstone of information throughout any day. Net Neutrality is key to this cornerstone being affordable.

      Donna from St Louis, MO

    • I believe that Net Neutrality is the one of the key elements of our first amendment rights! Repealing net neutrality and giving control of the internet to major corporations will increase inequality AND undermine the U.S. Democracy. I strongly oppose Chairman Pai's plan and ask that Net Neutrality be protected at all costs!

      Helen from Silver Spring, MD

    • I rely on the Internet in order to stay connected with my family, connected with my community. I use it to run my business. If you remove net neutrality, small businesses across the country are going to tank and only the rich will be able to use The internet. You will effectively be putting half the country back into the 1980s. The Internet works because everyone can use it, it is a utility.

      Chele from Bellingham, WA

    • I am an artist with social anxiety. I’ve been blessed to be able to use the Internet to form and run a successful home business. If net neutrality is ended my business is dead my livelihood is over. And the net neutrality is basically making the Internet only affordable for the rich. You are going to have way more homeless people if you do this.

      Michele from Bellingham, WA

    • I find the direction that the CEOs of Verizon-Comcast- and TimeWarner are heading to de despicable. Their action limits the competition from any sort of small business-any voice that may have an opinion that differs from theirs. As an American citizen-I expect that this will be stopped with a vote that will allow the continued pursuit of truth and freedom in the United States. Not certain when thie man-Trump-has been able to manipulate the newscasts to favor him. As a nation we are on the brink of losing the rights what were ours since the beginning of the USA. Please listen to the people who are asking you to resist this direction.

      Paula from Manahawkin, NJ

    • The internet is used for my work as well as to keep me informed and stay in touch with family

      Nancy from Citra, FL

    • I am able to acces vital information through the use of social media. As an African-American our community needs to be heard since the media tends to leave us in the dark. But when media decides to leave us out the the dark they potray is in a negative light. Through the use of social media, my community can create the real image of am African- American individual. But the end of met neitealoty also affects the process of our expression. If there’s an end to net neutrality artist can not have a voice if they don’t meet the FCC’s guidelines. This is NOT okay, the only reason why some people have sanity is because they are able to create or find music, poetry, and art in general that defines their reality. The end to net neutrality ends our freedom of expression which works against our first Amendment. I am seriously asking the FCC to continue net neutrality for eternity, for this is the only way to obtain sanity in the sick cold world!

      Miah from Laughlin, NV

    • I am currently a student in high school and I know that the internet is very popular amoung our youth. However, it is important to keep the internet neutral for everyone because of education and the new era that is arrive to us. The internet manages to keep people connected and helps people learn from so many different sources of knowledge. If America decides to get rid of this, then schools would have even less money, America would be more poor amoung it’s people, and the connections others have made will be lost. Please, we don’t need to think about having the internet being put at a cost, we have to think about the what will make America better and stronger together.

      Yuvia from Elk Grove, CA

    • With the policies of net neutrality going out, you are restricting freedom to move about the internet. You are disabling the poor from finding jobs and food banks. You are destroying e-commerce as we know it. Worse, this will effect the world in a negitive manner, not just the US. Think before signing this into place. It's disastrous!

      Rebecca from Southport, NC

    • Net Neutrality is important to all people of different walks of life. It allows an outlook to creativity and freedom of speech and allowing our voices to be heard. Taking that away will be detrimental.

      Seneca from Columbia, SC

    • Net neutrality is the last bastion of freedom. We've already seen what happens when we have false information from bad actors on the internet. Without net neutrality our ISP could decide what content we see. I want to be able to choose for myself and assess the validity of the information I get not an ISP who is only interested in prioritizing information. Otherwise, we are no better than N.Korea, China, Russia, etc. with a third party, the government in their cases, determining content.

      Sheryl from Reston, VA

    • Net neutrality is important to me being sure that the sites I want to see are curated by no one but myself.

      Cody from Nashville, TN

    • Net Neutrality rules allow the internet to be the bastion of creativity and entrepreneurship for people of all walks of life that has allowed our country to innovate. Revoking these safeguards only ensures that entrepreneurship and an open venue for communication and commerce is lost. Please help us declare the internet a utility and maintain net neutrality rules.

      Alberto from Reston, VA

    • I am a politically biased person, if the net neutrality laws are repealed, people from the other side of the aisle may not be able to voice their opinion because ISPs don’t allow their political parties views. I also partake in videogames, and don’t want to pay an extra charge just because my ISP says I need to. The internet is a service, not something I should pay for in packages, like TV.

      James from Florence, SC

    • Net Neutrality is the last barrier between free speech and oligarchic tyranny. I expect you to do your part to oppose the dismantling of net neutrality!

      Alicia from Duluth, GA

    • I am on a fixed income and can't pay for cable, internet and phone packages...They are way to expensive. I rely on the internet for everything, news, entertainment, communication, etc. Furthermore, I could never have joined the Peace Corps in 2006 as a 60 year old without access to the internet to maintain my finances and communication with family.

      Carolyn from Orinda, CA

    • Please keep access to the internet free and neutral for everyone. It is the last bastion that exists for a level playing field to provide the opportunity for all to access information equally. Repealing these laws would continue to separate people by class based on income.

      Christopher from Nashville, TN

    • The internet is how I get all my information, how I learn and grow. It’s how I keep in touch with friends and make new ones.

      Racquel from Lafayette, NJ

    • The internet is not some game that should be ruled by a few people. It is the bloodline for daily life and engagement. It must stay open and not manipulated by billion dollar companies.

      Lauren from Chepachet, RI

    • The internet as we know it today has become a public good that is essential to every day living. People rely on the internet to run their private businesses, look for jobs, sell property, look up information for work or school, stay informed about current events, and the list could go on. The idea that ISPs could now potentially tether sites or charge people even more money to access the information they want is horrible. Taking away title two rules does nothing to help the average citizen. Instead, it paves the way for more price gouging and could essentially make the internet a tool of corporate propaganda.

      Mary from Eugene, OR

    • Without the internet I would have never been able to complete college or finish my senior thesis. Even now I depend on the Internet to keep in touch with friends, connect with other writers, and stay politically informed. My boyfriend and other artist friends depend on the Internet for book and art sales and as a space to advertise their creations. Please do not take Net Neutrality away from us.

      Roanoke from Cary, NC

    • I use the internet everyday for about the same reason as the majority of citizens in the United States, for entertainment, research, and news. These three categories are not only important for internet usage, they are intrinsic to everyday life. The internet itself is not just a luxury resource at this point, but a necessity to many people. If Net Neutrality rules are repealed, internet service providers will force consumers to buy their way to websites, a feature which is otherwise free today. These internet service providers will not hold back, despite what they say. This will effect anybody who uses the internet currently, which includes government chairmen too. So I urge everybody to oppose chairman Ajit Pai's plan.

      Alexander from Clayton, NC

    • Whenever there is something I am interested in learning more about, I use the internet to fully understand it, meaning all of it's pros, cons, and everything in-between. I go to the internet for the facts about all sides to arguments. However, without Net Neutrality, I will only see what my ISP wants me to see. No more will I see any cons to their services, not any services that pay them enough. This could easily be used to sway customers' political opinions as well by only presenting positives of one side and negatives of another. This would be disasterous for all research.

      Matthew from Trenton, NJ

    • I use the internet everyday if one or two company's own the works of the internet what I read everyday I am only getting what they want me to hear. Leave it alone as it stands . Do the right thing.

      Linda from Absecon, NJ

    • More and more oligarchs are usurping control of this country. In industry after industry we're seeing a consolidation and monopolization that stymies innovation and consumer protection that have unfortunately resulted in rampant wealth and income inequality and political apathy. The freedom of the internet remains one of the last great equalizing forces that allows for the dissemination of dissenting viewpoints, grass roots protests and organization, self-education and chances for upward mobility and financial security. Please stand with net neutrality. The FCC's decision to rollback the regulation serves no one but already huge telecom corporations, who've abused their market monopolies in well documented occurrences already. We cannot give them the cart blanche ability to decide for themselves which internet traffic is more valuable than others. This is blaming prioritizing their earnings per share over the continued economic, personal and political wellbeing if the average American.

      Tamar from Woodbury, NJ

    • I use the internet for my business, taking client interviews. If I did not have it available, or my clients have it available, I could barely run my business at all. I have clients on several continents.

      Denise from West Orange, NJ

    • I make music. I need the internet to publish songs and EPs so I can make a living for myself. This is all I've ever wanted to do and without the internet, I'll never be able to get my name out there, and even if I do, it will be so much harder for people to find it.

      Talin from Edwardsville, IL

    • I am the owner and sole proprietor Grace Amandes Design. My clients are currently spread over five states. The vendors I use are even more spread out over the country. Without net neutrality, my ability to communicate with my clients, to share files with them and with the vendors who produce my work, to do research and planning, and indeed my entire livelihood would be severely impacted. The same goes for my ability to interact with my family and friends spread across the globe. Handing it over to the telecoms is an egregious act of hostility to all Americans.

      Grace from Chicago, IL

    • I use the interent to stay informed, gather information that helps me in my daily life, to entertain, to enjoy, to seek comfort and to engage in activity that benefits me and my community, taking this away from me will be very harmful to the community that could not afford internet and those struggling like myself. Please. Do. Not. Revoke. Net. Neutrality. Please for the love of god.

      Tylor from Sheboygan, WI

    • As a student, internet is crucial from research to registering for classes. As a citizen, it's even more important. People use the internet to connect and share ideas with others. It's the largest open platform we have and to silence those that can't afford to pay extra to access that platform is beyond unfair. Honestly, repealing net neutrality laws would effectively kill the internet as we know it. Social media would essentially die out because the reason it thrives is that anyone can join and speak up. Open forums for story tellers and poets would die out because, suddenly, this platform is restricted to people who can afford it. Our ability to freely connect with people via internet is worth more than extra money in bureaucratic pockets.

      Belle from Albuquerque, NM

    • I depend on the open internet for so many aspects of my daily life, I don't know where to begin. Work, economic opportunity, social communication, current events, entertainment & leisure... Please. Do. Not. Revoke. Net. Neutrality.

      Josepha from Minneapolis, MN

    • I have a growing podcast that would die if net neutrality is taken away.

      George from Lakewood, OH

    • The internet provides everyone the opportunity to connect globally without corporate greed and censorship. If net nutrality is repealed... welcome to the age of communist America - where information is controlled by the oligarchs....

      Paul from Raleigh, NC

    • I am a homeschooler that uses the internet everyday for my children’s education. I’m also trying to build a photography business for which the internet is a crucial element. Packages that nickel and dime you would price me out of the internet, that’s why we don’t have cable. This would inhibit my ability to pursue as quality life for profit of already huge businesses in a way that does not build any real job growth. The internet is such an integral part of our society it should be treated as a utility.

      Peggy from Florence, SC

    • I grew up in section 8 housing with a very poor public school education, but with the encouragement of my mother and the daily 2 mile walks to our public library and free internet access I was able to educate myself beyond my current situation. I was able to apply for grants and scholarships and because of that I am graduating college wih a bachelors and a minor certificate next spring. Don't take away this opportunity for future generations! The poor are already marginalized enough.

      Kelsey from Cincinnati, OH

    • Net Neutrality is beyond important. The internet is a service that provides a near limitless source of information and knowledge to any and all who seek it. Regardless of who they are, what they do, or what they look like. I can go online, connect with someone across the country, and debate with them on politics, morals, ethics, religion, anything that comes to mind. In a society that is growing technologically as fast as we are, we need the freedom that net neutrality provides to progress and evolve. If this freedom is not only taken away, but controlled by the few, then they have the overwhelming power of censoring information. I fear many things as a human being; pain, loneliness, death, but one thing I, or any other person on this planet, should have to fear is a restriction on knowledge. Knowledge is far more valuable a thing that any other, I for one am not willing to let people control what I choose to learn, and neither should you.

      Justin from Stockton, CA

    • The internet shapes my, and many other's lives because of the education system we rely on. Could you imagine how much schools would have to pay just yo get on websites, let alone the computers the children use them on. Just a few years ago the education board in Atwater, California almost cut out all the buses due to lack of money. Imagine what this will do to places like this, and many others.

      Nayeli from Atwater, CA

    • Without the internet being free how can us students do any work or learn without internet? The internet is what we use 7 hours out of the whole school day even after school for project/homework/etc. How are we supposed to better improve this society/knowledge/spread creativity/share our voice if we have to pay? Why even start charging for internet even though the companies makes billions off of it in the first place? It’s not fair to the people who have to pay for bills/food/etc. to support? If this happens WE THE PEOPLE will stand up and have our voices heard and all those little companies/government will loose millions of dollars for taking away this.

      Felix from Clarksville, TN

    • I feel that net neutrality shouldn't be messed with because it has a lot of impact on YouTubers and it helps them generate Revenue and I don't think that my internet service provider should have the right to throttle my connection and make it to where videos load slower. I believe that the internet should remain free and not have any regulations against it. Leave the internet alone please

      Jacob from Bloomington, CA

    • Imagine a city in which you have to pay to access different sections. Not gated communities— imagine you’re walking down the street, and you turn the corner, and there’s a toll booth saying you have to pay a fee to pass this point, and then you have to pay another fee to go another block, and another to enter the store; imagine you live on one end of the city, and the grocery store is on the other end of the city, and you have to repeat this process just to get a lousy gallon of milk. So why don’t you just move? But here’s the catch: every city on earth is like this, and there’s no escape. THAT is what the end of net netraulity would be like. THAT is why net neutrality is so important t. People use the internet for so many things: paying their bills, researching for projects, connecting with family, meeting new people and expanding their view of the world, growing their businesses and livelihood— and that’s just a small part. It’s so much more. And no one, NO ONE should have the right to tell you, “you can’t visit that website because I personally don’t like it”, no one should be able to make certain sites slow just on a whim. Ridding net neutrality is going to ruin small businesses and students. It’s going to take internet out of the hands of the people. It’s SO important to keep net neutrality. This issue is EXTREMELY important to me, and it should be important to everyone else who uses the internet.

      Briana from Everett, WA

    • The internet is where students do research for projects and papers, if Net Neutrality is taken away, the research process will take much longer than usual. Also, having to pay for certain plans just isn’t possible for many people, including students, who are students full time with homework, but we also work part time jobs on minimum wage which is barley getting us food, the cheapest phone and internet plans out there, not including the dept us students are already in. Having Net Neutrality is very important. The internet is the most diverse place in the world. People can get into contact with one another, we spend most of our time on there with websites allowing us tickets watch television on our computer screens, and it’s how many people learn and get information for homework.

      Makayla from Canton, GA

    • I’ve made a lot of friends through the internet and they all are there for me 24/7 so please let us keep our internet free

      Nichole from Guthrie, OK

    • You can’t get rid of open access to the internet. What if people can’t afford it? But, that doesn’t matter does it? As long as there’s money coming it doesn’t matter what you do or what the people think, does it? What happened to the first three words of the constitution; “we the people”? The internet is important, it keeps us informed, it inspires us, it gives us information we can’t find anywhere else. I need the internet for school work, to help to further understand the lesson and to know what’s going on around the world. Which, for geography, can be really helpful. But, it won’t If this continues on. I don’t think this will work, what are you hoping to gain out of all of this? The internet helps me know what I need to know, because free and easy to use. What are schools going to do? Some people won’t be able to pay for this and can’t get schoolwork done because all of it seems to be online know-a-days. This is not a good idea, and I wouldn’t go through with this if I were you.

      Hope from Broken Arrow, OK

    • Due to health issues, I don't get out much. The internet is my connection to the world. It's how I get my news and pay my bills. It's how I stay in touch with friends and family. Since I can't afford cable TV anymore, it's even how I watch my shows. I don't want my lifeline to the word held hostage by corporate greed.

      Diane from Willow Grove, PA

    • I called my senator and congressman to let them know I support net neutrality and Title II. I encourage all others who care about keeping the Internet they know and love to do the same.

      Jason from Columbia, SC

    • I use the internet to assist me with school, daily life, upkeep and other things that make life a lot easier. Ending net neutrality ruins a possibility for me to expand and grow as an educated individual. It ruins the opportunity for me to establish commerce and become a more beneficial member of society.

      Philip from North Bergen, NJ

    • Net neutrality is essential to maintain our democracy. I use the internet to read news and I want to choose which sources I have access to. It is also the only way to maintain a free market online, instead of allowing the largest monopolies to reduce consumer choices to only benefit their products.

      Gregory from Knoxville, TN

    • the internet helps people in many different ways.

      Mia from Jewell, IA

    • Getting rid of Net neutrality is a backwards step towards a more unified worldwide communication network. We need the freedom to access what we want, when we want because that is our right. The internet is resource no one should be without, especially since our whole lives are connected through it. We need to save net neutrality for the sake of our future as a society.

      Matt from Austin, TX

    • I rely on the internet to stay connected with family and friends, to be informed and educated, and to conduct my work. Net neutrality keeps these things open, affordable, and current. Do not repeal what keeps the internet what it is.

      Nix from Austin, TX

    • Net neutrality needs to stay!! As a future business owner,being able to promote my independent business will increase my chances of being successful in the business world. Please Protect net neutrality . Thank you

      Chi from Savannah, GA

    • My ability to learn new concept's in a varied and rapid manner is dependent on the internet. Being able to find various sources, research, and debate are necessary for a credible democracy. My hobbies are also facilitated by the internet, to slow/meter/inhibit any site or source for any reason directly effects my personal life and restricts my freedom to pursue happiness. Please do not forfeit this utility's fairness for monetary and momentary gains.

      Gus from Lees Summit, MO

    • Ending net neutrality would be an enormous blunder by the FCC. For years now it has functioned to keep the world informed about anything and everything, and for the last few of those years anyone has been able to freely decide what they believe. Without net neutrality, ISPs will be able to coerce those who can't pay for special privileges into believing only what those ISPs will share. Fight for net neutrality and for freedom of personal opinion!

      Jordan from Holland, MI

    • You expect net neutrality to be givin while using the internet. Which is supposed to be a free space to do what you need to whether it being promoting your business or sharing and reading about certain important aspects in this world. That being limited wouldnt just make the internet futile but just a place shrunk to where no communication can be freely transmitted throughout. No new innovations, just a marginalized playing field where no one but big companies have a say. We cant let that happen.

      Hakeem from Brooklyn, NY

    • Revoking net neutrality sets a dangerous precedent . A democracy cannot afford to trust corporations to do the right thing. Protect the people.

      Samantha from Maspeth, NY

    • The internet is the life blood of freedom of speech. It is the soil in which future businesses will thrive or founder. Do we really want the ISP monopolies deciding what new business succeed or fail? Do we really want them censoring speech? No, we need strong Net Neutrality rules. Stand up for the people not the ISP monopolies.

      Doug from Austin, TX

    • I don't want to have my access to information restricted to how much money I can spend monthly on my connection.

      Ben from Akron, OH

    • Without these laws, it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it.

      Jonathan from McAllen, TX

    • Revoking net neutrality sets a dangerous precedent . A democracy cannot afford to trust corporations to do the right thing. Protect the people.

      Sean from Milwaukee, WI

    • The companies are already monopolizing certain areas to only offer their crappy services, this will just be another way for them to charge us for what should already be included.

      Xavier from Ridgewood, NY

    • No explanation is needed for keeping the internet neutral. This is ridiculous and shouldn’t even be negotiable.

      Maggie from Powell, TN

    • My family relies on internet to have a career. We need internet to stay engaged in what is going on in this world. Getting rid of Net Neutrality is a mistake. Chairman Pai must reconsider. The freedom and openness of the internet is what makes it such a useful tool. It is used everyday and is now a necessity to people aroind the world. We can not have this, and our rights, taken away.

      Braeden from York, PA

    • My job relies on internet m how can i care for myself if in broke

      Haylie from San Bernardino, CA

    • Please listen to what everyone here is saying!!! The internet is a public communication utility, not something that can or should be controlled by big businesses and the major Internet Service Providers. • Net neutrality has persisted to be an essential tenet of the internet since the time it came into existence making it accessible to everyone. • Net neutrality protects and secures improvement and major change in our society. If major companies such as like Google and Netflix, or ISPs such as AT&T, Comcast, or Verizon are able to spend a few extra dollars to be receive special treatment, more bandwidth, the ability to block aspects of the internet, and being allowed to have those faster speeds, new start-up ISPs and tech companies would have a great drawback. • It will also negatively affect freedom of speech. The internet has been a major tool in the aspect of the 1st amendment in recent years. Without net neutrality, major companies would show favoritism to specific networks, pages, sites and even the videos it owns and slow down the signals from others who may have a different message. • Net neutrality supports competitive marketplace and provides chance to every firm, from big companies to small start-ups to take part in it. • Without Net neutrality, Google, Facebook or Amazon, would not have been able to have grown to what they are today. Curbing our right to a neutral net will be a big blow for the budding entrepreneurs. I am not saying that the government should rules the internet, I am simply saying that everyone who is paying to be a part of it, should have the ability to use it accordingly and not have it controlled by a select few who would monetize it, and simply use it as a way to gain control to be able to grow larger than they legally should.

      Richard from Spokane, WA

    • The internet is and should remain completely neutral. It is a violation of our constitutions 1st amendment to limit our ability to communicate therefore it is also a violation of our 1st amendment right to limit a platform which we use to communicate.

      Joseph from Middle Island, NY

    • I use the internet to pay my bills, talk to my distant relatives, look at my finances and I use it for entertainment. I go to my office and use web based programs to do my daily work. This isn’t just a luxury thing for me to use, the internet is involved in most of my daily activities. It’s a utility and should be treated as such. Repeal of Net neutrality is nothing but corruption in our government.

      Adam from Dayton, OH

    • I believe in net neutrality.

      Elise from Haverhill, MA

    • Net Neutrality is very important to me from the standpoint of a average consumer and technology enthusiast, due to the vast amounts information and media outlets that we enjoy using completely at our leisure. Due to this reason along with the substantial amounts of information available on the internet, giving cable companies the right to control what we see is a unproductive, and backwards step. It does not make any sense and satisfies no ones needs, except for the greedy companies who obviously just want to milk the consumers for more money. Please take action accordingly to see that Net Neutrality remains.

      Ryan from Walnut, CA

    • As a college student certain things are a necessity. Internet is a very high one. Having unlimited access is key to securing my future. I just don't understand how these companies can be so greedy. Internet has become a basic human need and to exploit that is just evil.

      Joshua from Fort Myers, FL

    • It's just more BS from people with money that want more money. Taking it for the small guys or in this case everyone. Ever one will be at a loss if there is no net neutrality.

      Brian from Lindenhurst, NY

    • The internet is the only reasonable way to stay connected. Too many people and businesses depend on it to let it become the site of corporate meddling and malfeasance. Anyone who thinks it would become otherwise should look at what happened to the prices of Epi-pens.

      Evan from Lincoln, NE

    • My significant other and I use video chat every day to speak with each other since he lives so far away. We are planning to eventually live together in the next couple of years and get married. The internet has made it possible for us to meet each other, communicate, and plan our future. Making us pay to continue our future with each other is so wrong it hurts! I am barely making enough as it is as a Program Coordinator for a not for profit organization to help individuals with developmental disabilities. We are already subject to low wages. Why force us to spend what little we have after taxes and bills on our internet which we already pay for monthly to use in the comfort of our own homes. Please stop this and let us live in peace.

      Kat from Baldwin, NY

    • The internet is one of the few places where each individual's content is treated equally regardless of wealth, race, fame, or other status. I think this is a vital forum for a free thinking nation. Please don't ruin it.

      Stephanie from Brooklyn, NY

    • I meed the internet to stay connected to the world. Corporations should not be able to screw consumers juat for their greed. Net neutrality is a must in a consumer focused society. Thank you for your time

      Robert from Mahanoy City, PA

    • I live in an area with only three ISPs to choose from. While I prefer an open competitive market, without burdensome regulation where it isn't needed, you cannot have an open competitive market where there is no competition. Repealing Net Neutrality will only embolden the ISPs to take advantage in the name of profit and fight harder against new competition entering the market.

      Jason from Akron, OH

    • Well I called in to tell Rep. Costello that I wanted to keep net neutrality. It was rather saddening to get a voice mail system and I don't really think he's going to ever hear it, or anyone else; I have a sinking feeling that Costello has made up his mind and will throw away both this and all the other voice mails he gets from people who aren't funders.

      Ryan from Pottstown, PA

    • Listen here. What you are doing is humanely wrong. More than 5/6 of America want Net Neutrally. Don’t remove it. We all need internet. Almost all of America’s work is on the internet. Don’t shut it down. Oh, and by the way, Reddit and other media sites have conquered much larger groups of people with far more money than you. You think you can win this? If so, you can go back to hiding in your parent’s basement.


    • Blocking outside help, communication, news, information, media, and competition is exactly what an imperialship/dictatorship is made out of. This prop is a Non-American act. We already pay for service providers, why should we have to pay for free world wide information? So the rich can become even richer? We the people are reliant on Net Neutrality.

      Ama from Yonkers, NY

    • The internet can be a very wonderful place. I use it very much at school and at home. Net neutrality is a big reason why I am able to do this. I come from a family that is not very wealthy and can barely pay for my phone as it is. If we were to have to pay for the internet? Something that has been free and entertainment for so long? It would be awful. There are other ways to make money. Why make the internet one of them? If net neutrality was gone that’s basically taking away our first amendment. We have freedoms. Let this be one of them. Thank you.

      Emily from Elkhorn City, KY

    • The world revolves around using the Internet on a daily basis. For example, I use social media, along with my parents, to have access to news across the world, since we are immigrants and would like to know what was happening in our home country. Also, the school I go to utilizes computers for education purposes, for all classes on a daily basis. The Internet is important for those who wants to learn; it’s the 21st century where students can be able to access all information, no charge, for their own learning benefits. With removal of Net Neutrality, schools may not be able to afford such costs to keep education materials for students and teachers up. Additionally, paying for such costs will cause many people to not have Internet at all. For example, college students may need to utilize the information for research, however, once prices kick in, they may not afford it. The same goes for students who rely on the Internet for their own educaiton and can not afford to pay for it. The Internet serves as a place of communication in a general basis, and all should have that ability to have the Internet.

      Xiao from Piscataway, NJ

    • The free internet is important for college research and for free speech. A lot of people work online as well. By limiting the internet access, you are limiting the free exchange of ideas, free speech, and the access to knowledge. The fact that this was ever considered is unacceptable.

      Jillian from Spring Hill, TN

    • The net should stay the way it is, I've met the greatest people ever online, I've been accepted in several communities, I've had so many life changing experiences, this is the same to billions of other people, facts show that small and large businesses would crash. If this bill is passed it will change life in so many ways so please consider the pros and cons to net neutrality, thank you.

      Jade from Los Angeles, CA

    • Hi I’m josh and I’ll try to make it quick on why you should support net neutrality Simply put it’s a service and that infrastructure shouldn’t be in the hands of corporations that didn’t help build it I beg you to support net neutrality in this and future decisions

      Joshua from Oxnard, CA

    • I use the internet to stay engaged with friends I’ve made through the internet as well as to grow as a person. I’ve used the internet to help talk people back from suicide. I’ve used the internet for research about stock market prices and mental health. I’ve used the iterate to help improve my writing, share my writing, and strengthen my mind with interesting facts and anecdotes along the way. Cutting off access just to make a few more bucks will ruin all of this, not just for me but everyone. How are we to connect with just one more barrier in the way? How are we to learn if we must chuck up a few days worth of working paycheck just to use the local library website or see different news sites? Save net neutrality. Save lives. Save progress.

      Max from Woodway, TX

    • The internet is something that has become a basic utility in everyday life now. Everyone uses it. This shouldn't be something in which we have to pay for. It is used as a means to express ourselves and to stay informed. This is something that is way too valued to have a price tag put on it. This is a big deal to millions, if not, billions of people around the world. If this is repealed, corrupt actions from politicians will start to be ignored. This is already a problem, and will only get worse if this is put to rest. The internet is how I make my living and if it is taken away from me via a price tag, my future will be in major jeopardy. Please don't take this away from me and billions of people.

      Andrew from Apple Valley, CA

    • Many people consider the internet age to be the Information Age. This allows one to conclude that the Internet is nearly synonymous with Information Accessibility. If the internet can be blocked by service providers, then information will be blocked as well. If people have to pay extra just to regain the ability to access certain information, then this allows companies to control the information available to their users. Won't this be a gateway to corruption? If people have to pay in order to learn, then learning will be limited to those who can afford it. Please consider the long-term consequences of exposing of Net Neutrality. Thank you.

      Laura from Marco Island, FL

    • I am speaking on behalf of the thousands of students Kentucky, many of whom already live with limited internet. The benefits of a free, neutral internet are imperative to the growth and survival of Kentucky's youth. Many rural Kentucky students depend on the internet for their classes, especially those too advanced for the classes offered at their local school. Limited access to the internet stifles these bright young students and their opportunities. Without net neutrality, Haley from Danville can't take her Advanced Placement Calculus, Vada from Perry County can't prepare for the ACT, and Chris from Cumberland County can't apply to colleges. There are so many brilliant kids here in the state of Kentucky that need your help. If you want to ensure the survival of our state, I and the students of Kentuck beg you to vote against this plan.

      Marie from Lexington, KY

    • I am disabled and low income. I rely on the Internet for many things, including appointments and shopping.

      James from Altha, FL

    • I am an online student and earn money from my connection to the internet. Please do not take this away from me.

      Heather from Orlando, FL

    • Rich or poor this would effect everyone, people would not be able to use the internet for important things like info on current events,entertainment,etc.for a few months people would buy the subscriptions for different sites,then we would stop.we would down grade as a soicety,reading news papers and playing chess Like in the 1900s. It would cripple us as a growing country,and as a growing world because guess what? we’re America we are like role modles to the un and the rest of the if this happens to USA, it happens to everyone.


    • My family are not rich at all. we can barely pay for the WiFi and if we have to pay for the other internet uses, we will obviously be out of this world.


    • As a high school English teacher, I often research through a large domain of databases and I assign research assignments to my students who need access to a variety of websites. Without net neutrality, my students who are our future, will not be able to get the education that they are entitled to. Our future depends on these students being able to freely access all kinds of information to build their own foundations to become a successful individual in our society. Also, as a curious person, I often find myself researching about anything that catches my eye; I won't be able to keep on adding to my own encyclopedia without net neutrality. It is important to all of us that we have net neutrality.

      Nicole from Staten Island, NY

    • I am an artist and to expand my audience I need an equal platform. Without net neutrality, the unknown will stay unknown. It is monopoly. To give an example, it’s like how Instagram changed the timeline for everyone’s feed. The popular comes first, then the lesser. It eliminates the ability to rise up.. kind of like the current tax situation.

      Jessi from Birmingham, AL

    • Net neutrality is important to me because I can browse the internet for help with college assignments, then immediately afterwards go to a forum where I can learn about cars since I am a car enthusiast. Do not threaten my freedom of access to information.

      Zachary from Columbia, SC

    • I use a variety of different sites and sources every day for homework. This ranges from Google to Wikipedia and I don't want to have to fear not being able to access some of these crucial sites.

      Kenton from Fayetteville, AR

    • As a college student and a young adult, I have grown up with the internet. It has been apart of my upbringing, from learning basic typing skills as a child to researching political topics, or even posting a photo to my Instagram. These are only a few examples of how I use the Internet, and I know that most people my age today can say the same. That being said, we rely on the Internet not only to look up items, but to stay informed, and learn. As I continue my college career, I will have my fair share of essays and research assignments. Without a fair and open Internet, my options for research will be limited, and my opportunities to learn hindered. In addition to scholarly uses, the Internet can be used to stay connected with the world around me, and is my main source of news. I appreciate being greeted with local and world news when I open my browser. If my Internet is to be slowed and limited, I, as a young person who will soon be contributing to the community, cannot be as well informed. Finally, with the removal of Net Neutrality, our basic right as Americans to free speech will be hindered. I will be unable to be informed, to stay connected, and we will be unable to maintain an open flow of information. How will forcing people to pay more for information they have a right to, make things better in our country? Do not remove net neutrality. The gain will NOT outweigh the losses, and I know that because I was able to look up the bill with my free and open access to the Internet.

      Keira from Kalamazoo, MI

    • Net neutrality is essential. It allows me to stay politically engaged and to stay updated on global events. Don’t destroy the global connectivity that the internet has managed to create.

      Genna from Brighton, MA

    • Without internet I wouldn't be able to keep up on current events or sell my art. Net neutrality is important for everyone

      Sam from Royal Oak, MI

    • Stop being greedy. Support the people, not selfish greedy companies. Leave net neutrality alone and keep it free for all.

      Shad from De Soto, KS

    • I am 15 years old. My family is struggles financially. (Of course, big corporations don't care about that if it makes money...) I rely on the free internet to do my homework, and do research for my science competitions. I also have family who lives overseas, and without the free internet I wouldn't be able to contact them easily. I need Net Neutrality. Please help keep it.

      Cheyenne from Moberly, MO

    • As someone who works for and is also trying to start a small business, the internet is a key tool for engaging with potential clients. Ending net neutrality would hurt small businesses and their web presence.

      Kt from Silver Spring, MD

    • Net Neutrality is extremely significant for me in terms of being able to see what I want and need to see on the Internet. I catch up with friends I can't see every day, I check the news, I browse through social media for interesting topics, and I share my opinions on such topics of interest. It is extremely significant for me to be able to have these freedoms, as I am entitled to them by the U.S. Constitution.

      T from Los Angeles, CA

    • The Internet is my most common area of leisure. I utilize it to see what's going on in the world, to view what's going on within the media, and to catch up with my friends. As you can imagine, it's a pretty happy chunk of my life. Of course, I know my limits. I use the Internet when I have free time, and it helps me relax. I know it may not seem like anything significant, but trust me, it means more to me than anything.

      F from Los Angeles, CA

    • So, I use the internet for many important things. As a member of my High school's drumline and football team, I need to be informed on when and where I need to be for practice. If I couldn't access certain websites, then I wouldn't be informed of important information. If my instructor or coach posts a public Facebook post about what time and place we need to be for a specific date, and I don't know about it, then I could miss these dates and get kicked off the team. I also come from a family that makes significantly less money than the average family does. If I had to pay large sums of money to see these sites, then I wouldn't have food on the table. Why should us as internet users, who already pay up to 70 dollars a month, have to pay more? We shouldn't. As a student who uses the internet on a daily to access information about specific subjects, I firmly believe that it would just be a nuisance for the schools who already have low amounts of funding to have to fund more. Making the schools pay more essentially makes taxpayers have to pay more for both internet access and school taxes. Now think of job applications. The majority of businesses that hire people tend to use an online application. If people can't access these online applications, then how do they apply? Also, think of the online students. What if they couldn't access their schooling? Would you deny a person of learning? I hope not. So, please, I urge you to vote for net neutrality and keep the internet an open place.

      William from Owensboro, KY

    • I work in a library and every day, students, graduates, and co-workers use the internet for researching topics and to learn about the world. If this passes, where are they going to learn about local news from? Half of our customers don't have a TV and we only carry one newspaper.

      Jessie from Morton Grove, IL

    • I am in college. The internet is a very vital source to my education. This policy completely henders my learning, and other students who do not make so much money. It henders the future of America's ability to learn, and be proactive in the community.

      Tevin from Columbia, SC

    • Your responsibility is to the PEOPLE, not companies.

      Amanda from Edwardsville, IL

    • I depend on the internet for keeping in touch with what is happening in the world. Do not sacrifice the internet to the interests of big business. What we have now woks well for everyone. Do not ruin it for the sake of more money for the Big business interests.

      John from Prescott, AZ

    • Two sentences: You cannot block knowledge, it should be available to ALL people, we should be trying to spread internet access to more people, not limit it. How do you expect it will go, kids won’t be able to access the internet to actually learn, business will die as it has to pay to have access, why are you increasing regulation?

      Prayag from Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    • A free internet is vital to my small business, and is my only access to medical and veterinary information needed for basic care and emergency care while waiting professionals. It's also my only means of connecting with others that share my medical disorder, providing me with a support network.

      Margo from Thief River Falls, MN

    • If net neutrality is taken away, one of our rights will be taken away. We should be able to visit our favorite websites without having to pay more to a company that only cares about money. Ever since the internet started the world has been moving closer and closer to only relying on such a thing. New businesses would fail before even getting the chance to start, and major ones would start to lose profit since not everyone would have the money to pay for amazon while having enough to buy off of it at the same time. Taking something like this away would have a number of effects on so many people. YouTube for example is where so many people have built names for themselves just to have it all taken away because some major companies want to charge you to watch your favorite videos. Not only would this hurt consumers who have to pay just for the service of watching, but it would effect the thousands of people who have created and dedicated their lives to making people happy with their content. Something like this can’t be put into motion. Everyone will be affected, the people who rely on the Internet to make their worth, the ones who use it for entertainment, ones that use it for educational or news purposes, and more. Everyone will feel the effect which is why net neutrality can’t be taken from us. It will only result in outrage from the public. Something we don’t need more of. We already have enough outrage about trivial things, let’s not add more by taking away our right to surf through the Internet.

      David from Clay City, KY

    • The internet is not America’s.

      Melissa from Tampa, FL

    • Maintaining net neutrality is vital to keeping my small business going.

      Deanna from Woodinville, WA

    • The internet is a major marketplace, educational center, and news source. It is where the people of earth share knowledge and culture. To willingly give control of that to corporations that openly admit they will use that power for their profit at the cost of peoples access is the worst decision you could ever make. When the United States of America became independent it was declared that the government was to uphold our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness and those are what are at stake in the battle for net neutrality. Allowing corporations to control and tax every aspect of our nation through unregulated control of the internet is to fail your duty to the American people to defend and uphold our values and liberty, and could cause a systematic collapse of our nation.

      Anna from Beverly Hills, CA

    • The internet ought to be denoted as a utility for the public in any circumstance and should be treated as such by those who administrate it. The destruction of Net Neutrality is a grave step backwards for this country that might take years, even decades to undo. I urge you; give the people what they deserve.

      Nick from Neenah, WI

    • I urge you to stop the FCC's plan to end net neutrality *before* the FCC's December 14th vote. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, split the Internet into "fast lanes" for companies that pay and "slow lanes" for the rest, or force me to buy special "tiers" to access the sites and services I choose. But that's exactly what the FCC plan would do. Blocking & throttling by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small. If some companies can pay ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. This will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created America’s 5 most valuable companies. Without strong net neutrality protections, Internet providers will effectively be able to impose a tax on every sector of the American economy. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard. If the FCC passes their current order, every Internet user and business in this country will be unprotected from abuse by Internet providers, and the consequences will be dire. Please publicly support net neutrality protections by denouncing the FCC's current plan. Do whatever you can to stop Chairman Pai, to ensure that businesses and Internet users remain protected. Thank you!

      Marvin from Yonkers, NY

    • My name is Michael, and I'm not here to yell at you. I hope you've had more civil emails than not, but I can only imagine the hate mail you have received thus far. Hate mail is not justified. The truth is, however, people are angry for good reason. With the potential loss of net neutrality, people are worried they might lose their basic rights to communicate and express themselves via the internet. I won't bore you with a long-winded message, because I'm sure you've seen all the valid arguments for net neutrality already. However, I encourage you to consider the millions of human beings affected by such a change -- people who will be unable to pay for their rights to expression and information. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      Michael from Allentown, PA

    • I use the internet to stay informed about current events. And in order for me to get a clear picture of what's going on, I need to see both sides of the story. That can't happen if people are able to control that information and censor parts they don't like. My family also relies on decent internet for their business, and it isn't fair to arbitrarily apply extra charges for good internet speed just because you can. Please keep the net neutral. Don't ruin things for everyone who uses it on a daily basis. Thank you.

      Charles from Elk Grove, CA

    • Please listen to the voices of Americans. Please do the right thing and protect the resource that keeps us so connected.

      Sarah from Wilmington, NC

    • I use the Internet daily and so do millions of Americans just stop because nobody wants this except greedy ceos

      Ethan from Teaneck, NJ

    • I could simply say that I don't want to have to pay extra for individual websites, services, etc., but that's the least of my concerns. My greatest worry regarding the removal of net neutrality is that it could allow service providers to essentially silence free speech and dictate what we, the consumers, are exposed to in terms of information. For me, the internet is a place for expressing ideas and sharing opinions. By limiting what people can access without the extra cost, you limit the spread of information. And I can think of plenty of reasons why someone would want to do that. A political candidate, for example, could pay service providers to require additional payment for access to an opponent's website or throttle the connection to the site (Please note that I am not making any sort of accusation here). Now, I will be honest and say that I do not know the full implications of discarding net neutrality. I have only the most basic understanding of the potential consequences. The above example, however, is where I see the internet going if net neutrality ceases to exist. Information and ideas are not things that should be blocked simply because someone won't pay for it. And if this happens on the internet, it will undoubtably set a precident for other media outlets. Newspapers, television, even radio may be in the crosshairs next. Please, do not hold information and ideas for ransom. William from Cheektowaga, NY

      William from Buffalo, NY

    • If we give up net neutrality our country will be no better than countries like Turkey, where President Erdigon took away his citizens access to Wikipedia simply because it posted historically accurate, albeit, damaging information about his governing. The way things are going for our country right now, what is to stop our president from going one step further and controlling what the internet providers allow. Please taking away the freedoms of the land of the free.

      Miracle from Valdosta, GA

    • The internet is fine the way it is. Don't add more fees to it.

      Eric from Portland, OR

    • Hello my name is Michael Zuniga and I and writing this for a simple request and that is to not go forward with the end of net neutrality this would give to much power to the companies and cause cause people with a lower income to be deniend the access to the the internet that they use on a daily bases In today's world to not have equal use in internet usage can be devastating in many schools the internet is used for most of what we do if the end of net neutrality takes place then it can cause websites for school to not be able to pay for the normal speeds that they would need to stay afloat and if it is unplayable it can damage there business it cab also damage research because the websites that are used to find information wouldn't be able to afford it either and the ffc say this will most likely not happen but how are we sure it won't to be sure we should just leave the way the internet works to how it is now there is nothing wrong with the way things are now to change it would be trying to fix something that isn't broken and we would be breaking it by trying to fix it

      Michael from Whitehall, PA

    • I urge you to protect the right to net neutrality. It is an issue that effects us all, as in this day and age it has become a staple of our economy and life. Allowing companies to have a monopoly over how people are able to access the internet is the worst possible thing to do. The internet was first created as a way for everyone to have access to data, not to be restricted from it. Just as a few countries should have not full control of the oceans, no few companies should be allowed to have the ability to control the sites we access. Doing so would benefit no one except these large companies, and everyone else, including our economy, would suffer immensely. As a student in high school, I have to heavily rely on internet access to get my work done. Removing net neutrality and allowing companies to control internet speed would hurt me and the hundreds of thousands of other students from being able to learn and be successful later on in life. If we are preparing the next generation for business and tech jobs, why would we allow a few companies to control something that so many innovative companies and start-ups rely on? The internet is a beautiful thing: it can give people new perspectives, teach new things, and help the world stay connected. Please do what you can to stop this from happening, as this will effect all of America and the world too.

      Ilse from Los Altos, CA

    • Please do not get rid of equal internet access (essentially what is labeled net neutrality). This act will be the doom of small businesses (the backbone of America), compromise citizens in rural settings, and widen the gap between the haves and havenots. There is nothing wrong with being greedy in a free enterprise system but too much greed can lead to detriment.

      Keith from Garner, NC

    • My "business" isn't in the adult workplace yet, but in the educational workplace. I am an adolescent student at Montgomery Village Middle School and rely on the internet's free accommodations for checking grades, learning and growing based on educational videos such as; Ted-Ed and Hank Green's "Crash Course" series and subjects. I also complete assignments for all of my classes on Google Classroom, use the internet for researching and homework aid. The internet which was brought into existence by God, who created us to advance in knowledge isn't life but helps convert life into an easier journey. I access it when I am gloomy, go to "Wiki How" for life changing advice and so on. The Net Neutrality regulations not only symbolize advancement, but a powerful democracy. To FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai, please be considerate of the people's thoughts and opinions and don't interfere in our online affairs (as long as they are appropriate). History has been witness to the fact that totalitarianism and authoritarian systems all met their demise. Don't ravage American democracy and set us up for such a demise by removing Net Neutrality! Ehi from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

      Ehi from Gaithersburg, MD

    • I am my has been like many seniors are dependent on the Internet for outside contact. It’s file for information, keeping in touch with family, shopping, and having groceries delivered. Buying things for home getting in the living room we have no way of Mannings delivery. To restrict our Internet would be totally restricting our lives. It could be detrimental to many seniors to require medication, Internet medical visits. Why should one group of people get better Internet service or cheaper Internet service then others. Societies come to where we are all dependent upon the Internet. I don’t feel like to be restricted , Our preference given to anyone particular group

      Dana from Norman, OK

    • I am a small business owner and rely on on the internet for my day to day operations. Please support net neutrality and contact your local congress person by phone. You can make a difference and it only takes 2 minutes of your time.

      Trevor from Corona, CA

    • My name is Emma, I'm a highschool student and Neutrality is very important to me I use the internet to watch the news, communicate with family and friends, and take a lot of my classes. I need the internet to remain neutral because I also make a living on it, selling my artwork and cartoons. In a mostly online world, many Americans young and old use the unfiltered internet for variety of reasons. I feel that repealing Net Neutrality would dampen the right to freedom of speech as an American.

      Emma from Denton, NC

    • Everyone should have equal access to the internet--it's a question of fairness.

      Mari from Wilton, CT

    • I'm a college student studying to be a part of the IT crowd. Net Neutrality gives me more chances to work for someone that is not a greedy corporation. I'd like to be a part of something that helps the people, not tries to make a dollar off them. Support the voice of the citizens that help elect you to Office. Net Neutrality helps the people bring their ideas to the table. It helps me do school online, it helps people to do great things. Charging for access is what it is, it shouldn't be charging for access, and then charging us to use it again and again. These corporations have huge profits already, how much more do they need. Look out for Americans, not corporations. There will be other ways to work with Neutrality, not just a large corporation and nothing else. Keep the net free and fair.

      Gabriel from Kansas City, MO

    • The open internet is something that belongs to every american. The poor and rich should be able to access i‎t. I, a high school student, should be able to access i‎t. Do not sell my right away.


    • I am a Hispanic American student here in the U.S. and my family immigrated here to give me and my siblings a better life. I rely on the internet to help teach my parents and grandparents English. I also use the internet to take classes and study to become surgeon. Because of the internet I am fluent in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Japanese. I am currently learning German. My dream is to be a surgeon and save hundreds of lives. Without Net Neutrality in place my parents and grandparents will not be able to learn English and get better jobs to support my siblings and me. Without Net Neutrality I wouldn't be able to learn all these languages for free. Without Net Neutrality I wouldn't be able to graduate college early at the top of my class. Without Net Neutrality I wouldn't be able to live out my dreams. My family didn't immigrate to the U.S., leave there family and friends behind and risk there life to just come here for my siblings and I to not be able to do all the amazing things they wished us do just to have the government stop us from doing all the amazing things we are capable of. If any of you cared at all about thousands of families like mine who rely on the internet to talk to other people, to go to school to become helpful member of society and to live normal lives, you would keep Net Neutrality.

      Abby from Key West, FL

    • Rolling back net neutrality regulations is a major step backwards and only hurts U.S. citizens. They are effectively killing innovation to small start ups like mine that rely on a level playing field online.

      Andrew from Omaha, NE

    • Ending Net Neutrality will severely disadvantage those in rural communities.

      Courtney from Kansas City, MO

    • I am a service member. I know the harm that will be caused by regulating the internet. Domains are free for all use and it was once called a god given right. Once it becomes pay to play, their will be no god and no rights.

      Andrew from Kansas City, MO

    • As an intelligence analyst for the USAF I rely on access to the Internet to perform my duties. Limiting the Internet stands to have us lose out on a wide variety of critical information necessary to ensure the safety of our national security.

      Jennings from Knob Noster, MO

    • It's about the free flow of ideas and keeping small businesses on an even playing field

      Kirk from Davenport, NE

    • When i get older i want to be a digital artist and in order to do that alot of people and i need the internet to be fully accessible.

      Jesus from San Mateo, CA

    • My name is Darren and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm basically just a broke college student majoring in Economics 7-12 education. Net neutrality is something we already have and something we need to hold as a fundamental right in a world that is increasingly reliant on the internet. The mere idea that a few large companies controlling something this fundamental isn't new, when it happened in the 1800s the federal government stepped in to help its constituents by breaking those companies up. (Anti-trust acts) The thought that same government would side against its people to aid these regional monopolies bothers me as someone it will directly impact and as a proponent of market competition. Please support net neutrality and keep the internet available for everyone, not just the highest bidder.

      Darren from Lincoln, NE

    • I own my own fully-virtual business, if the internet were not freely accessible to me I would lose the ability to perform my basic job functions and my business would go under.

      Angela from Georgetown, TX

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