Dear Federal Communications Commission:

Companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon want to sell information about their customers' online activities. But the data we transmit over the internet doesn’t belong to our internet service providers.

I urge you to adopt the proposal before you and safeguard customers' privacy.

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    Tell the FCC to Pass Real Privacy Protections

    Who knows the most about you? Your friends? Your family? Your partner?

    Try again: It’s probably your internet service provider.

    These companies can see anything you do unencrypted online. They know who you talk to and when you do it. They know which movies you watch. Every email you send, every tweet you favorite, even where you are at all times — if they can see it, they’ll store it and can sell it to advertisers and data brokers. And even with encryption in place, they can often still figure out the names of the websites you visit and when.

    Right now there’s nothing stopping companies like Comcast and AT&T from sharing or selling your private information. They don’t even have to tell you they’re doing it. But we have a chance to change all that.

    Tell the FCC: "I don’t want my personal information shared or sold without my knowledge or consent."