To the U.S. Senate:

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a historic emergency. Our communities need you to take swift and decisive action to get and keep people connected during the pandemic.

We’re calling on you to include the following provisions in the next stimulus bill — which you should pass without delay.

  • Offer low-income households, people in the FCC’s Lifeline program and those who have lost jobs or income due to the COVID-19 crisis a $50 monthly benefit that they can use for any broadband plan of their choosing.
  • Institute a moratorium on internet providers terminating service for customers who cannot pay their bills due to the economic crisis.
  • Cap the high price of phone calls between incarcerated people and their families and return authority to the FCC to oversee rates in the future.
  • Require the FCC to collect data from internet providers regarding the prices they charge for service.

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    Phone & Internet Should Be Affordable For All

    Demand That the Senate Take Action in the Next COVID Relief Bill to Keep People Connected

    The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to cause historic levels of upheaval in our communities. Many states, cities and towns that have reopened are looking at closing again as their infection rates have skyrocketed. People are being evicted because they can’t attend online eviction hearings since they can’t afford an internet connection. And we are looking at millions of schoolchildren attending classes virtually this fall.

    Phone and internet connections are more important than ever as the pandemic rages on and people are doing their best to stay home and stay healthy. But to access affordable services people need their elected officials to look out for them.

    And yet the Senate has done next to nothing to ensure that constituents can connect and communicate during this national emergency.

    Demand that the Senate take swift action to get and keep people connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.