To Members of the U.S. Senate:

I urge you to support the Save the Internet Act.

This legislation would restore the robust Net Neutrality rules — which have overwhelming support across the political spectrum outside of Washington, D.C. — that the Trump FCC destroyed in 2017. These protections also passed the 115th Senate in a bipartisan vote.

Saving Net Neutrality is crucial to preserving civil rights online. The open internet is where movements are born, where communities often ignored or stereotyped by mainstream media can tell their own stories, and where families, friends and people who otherwise would never connect can join together.

The House passed this legislation — now the Senate needs to step up and heed constituents’ wishes. Pass the Save the Internet Act.

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    Tell the Senate to Save the Net.

    Tell the Senate: Pass the Save the Internet Act

    The House has passed the Save the Internet Act — a bill that would restore real Net Neutrality protections and take a huge step forward in the fight to protect civil rights online.

    Now it’s up to the Senate. Unfortunately, the Senate’s obstructionist-in-chief, Majority Leader McConnell, declared the Save the Internet Act “dead on arrival” in the Senate before the bill even passed the House.1

    There’s overwhelming public support across the political spectrum for real Net Neutrality. And this legislation would do the same thing as the Net Neutrality Congressional Review Act resolution — which the Senate passed in 2018 in a bipartisan vote.

    It’s unacceptable for senators to outright ignore their constituents’ wishes.

    While McConnell holds a lot of power over the Senate, that power isn’t absolute. Senators need to hear loud and clear that Net Neutrality is one of their constituents’ top priorities — and failing to act will carry consequences.

    The internet — built on and powered by Net Neutrality — has always been special. Without it, we risk an online experience that looks nothing like what we have today — one where companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon can block or slow down whatever websites or content they feel like. And this isn’t hyperbole. These companies have done it before2 and — in the absence of strong open-internet rules — will do it again.

    But this Congress can take bold action to keep the cable and phone companies in check.

    Tell the Senate to pass the Save the Internet Act today.

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