To Members of the U.S. Senate:

I urge you to pass the Save the Internet Act. The need to do so is more urgent than ever in the wake of a recent D.C. Circuit Court decision that failed to restore strong Net Neutrality protections and leaves internet users at risk of abuse by cable and phone companies.

The House passed this bill earlier this year. Now it’s your turn.

An internet with strong Net Neutrality protections is critical to safeguarding our civil rights online. The internet is where movements are born, where communities often ignored or stereotyped by mainstream media can tell their own stories, and where families, friends and people who otherwise would never connect can join together.

The only place where Net Neutrality is up for debate is Washington, D.C. The nation is watching. Stop listening to industry insiders and instead listen to your constituents. Pass the Save the Internet Act.

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    Tell the Senate: Pass the Save the Internet Act

    Tell the Senate: Pass the Save the Internet Act

    Net Neutrality lost a critical case in court but there’s still hope.1

    The Save the Internet Act passed the House earlier this year. It’s the gold standard of Net Neutrality legislation and represents a bipartisan solution to protecting your rights online. It would restore rules that the vast majority of people support (in fact, in 2018 people from across the political spectrum successfully pushed the Senate to pass an earlier version of this bill in a bipartisan vote).

    Now, in the wake of the court decision, only Congress has the power to ensure that everyone across the country has Net Neutrality protections. But we need the Senate to act.

    Net Neutrality is more important than ever. It’s the backbone of every single social-justice movement happening today. It protects our ability to organize online for immigrant rights, racial justice, economic justice, reproductive freedom, environmental protections and so much more by ensuring that ISPs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon can’t block or throttle content.

    Net Neutrality ensures that movements designed to directly challenge the power of leaders in all industries and branches of the government can organize freely online.

    There’s no reason for the Senate to continue sitting on its hands. Tell the Senate to heed the will of the people and pass the Save the Internet Act.

    1. “Court Defers to FCC on Dismantling Net Neutrality for Now but Opens Door for States, Higher Courts and Congress to Act,” Free Press Action, Oct. 1, 2019: