Dear President Obama:

Two years ago you promised to veto any bills that would threaten our online privacy. Now Congress is once again considering dangerous legislation that amounts to online surveillance.

These cyber-sharing bills would allow surveillance at the expense of our privacy and undermine network security. Please make clear that you will veto any cyber-sharing legislation that fails to protect our fundamental rights. Mass digital surveillance must end.

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    Tell President Obama: Veto Any Bills That Threaten Our Online Privacy

    Congress is pushing hard to pass so-called cybersecurity legislation. But it would move us well beyond cybersecurity and into a world of cyber-surveillance.

    There's a slate of troubling bills circulating but the two most prominent are from the House and Senate Intelligence Committees: the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA) and the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA), respectively.

    Both bills authorize private companies to hand over massive amounts of our personal information to a variety of government agencies, including the FBI and NSA.

    President Obama has the power to stop these bills from becoming laws even if they pass in Congress. Tell President Obama to stand up for our rights to privacy.


    Coalition Letter from 55 Civil Society Groups, Security Experts and Academics Opposing PCNA: